Wolfpack Wednesday: Alex Meraz Artistic Autographed Photo

There’s a bit of a story that goes along with this one.

If you remember, the other day we told you about a tablecloth that Alex Meraz doodled on and created a work of art that both Laura (pel) and Chaske Spencer said would be fabulous on tee shirts. Laura had also mentioned to Alex how much people on the Lexicon enjoyed his original art, especially the print entitled “Faith”. You can find prints on Alex’s website.

Well, before our blog story covering what happened in detail, Laura did a short tweet about it and put Alex’s Meraz’s twitter name in the tweet. So, lots of people retweeted the info and gave positive comments about the art, and because Alex’s twitter name was in the original tweet, he got lots of feedback and he really enjoyed that.

So, after a really long convention weekend, Laura went into the room where the actors wait until they are needed. She saw Alex at one of the desks in the room embellishing a bunch of his signed headshots. Laura asked him what he was doing thinking he was going to donate the items to an auction or put them on his website. Alex replied, “You really made me think about taking my artwork into other mediums. I’m doing these for you to give away on your website for being so supportive about my artwork.”

Laura was stunned. This was after Alex had been at the convention for two days, had done long photo ops, private meet and greets, and Q & A’s, AND in like 10 minutes he was doing another signing for at least 100 people before he had to run to his flight. She stammered out “Thank you so much!”, amazed that Alex would do one of those for us unsolicited let alone three of them.

So, we are giving away one of Alex’s special embellished autographed photos and we’ll give away the other two down the road.

So in the comments tell us what you think of Alex’s doodles and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday at 11:59pm est. The winner gets the headshot of his or her choice as seen in the above photo.

TY to Aryana for reminding us that we forgot to post this giveaway this morning!


  1. He is an amazing artist! It would be awesome to own one of these!

  2. His artwork is amazing! I love the design that he drew on the table at the convention. That really would make a great shirt and he could have some of the profits going to a charity of some sort if he wanted to.

  3. Juliitwiswift13 says:

    wow, Alex is an amazing artist! =)

  4. Surferchick says:

    Alex’s art is awesome!

  5. Alex is a such a sweetheart. Also is a great actor and an amazing artist!!!

  6. Alex meraz’s art is amazing! He should def design tshirts or something!!

  7. OMG!! He’s a phenomenal artist!! When he auctioned off a few of the pics I was totally and completely broke, or I would have bought one there!!

  8. Melissa E says:

    I really love Alex’s artwork.He’s an amazing artist!

  9. His Artwork is amazing. He is so talented and to do that at the drop of a hat is so aw inspiring.

  10. His artwork is amazing. I can’t wait to see where he takes it next. I like the whole t-shirt idea.

  11. Alex’s art is awesome! Just found out he won’t be at DragonCon in ATL anymore, and am pretty disappointed about it.

  12. I loved meeting Alex at the Toronto Convention and I LOVE his artwork. My husband bought me the signed posters of his “Faith” and “Big Bad Wolf” prints for Christmas. They are totally going in my living room.

  13. OMG!! He’s a phenomenal artist!! When he auctioned off the three photos at the convention in Parsippany, I was totally broke or I would have been bidding on those!! They were AMAZING!!!

  14. Alex is an awesome artist. His artwork is so original and creative. I love it!

  15. Alex’s art is amazing! It looks so complex, yet effortless. Almost like something you see in a dream. It really fits with the whole mysticism of the Twilight Saga as a whole and I am glad that he is seeking out new mediums to display his art. I would love to win one of these photos, thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Alex Meraz is such a wonderful artist! This is shown to anyone who has seen his amazing website. My favorite is his art titled “Faith”. I love Alex!

  17. Hmmm… Didn’t mean to put up two posts. The first one didn’t show up for a while, so I posted again… Please ignore one, lol!

  18. Honestly, I think it’s so sweet he would do that! I’ve been to these conventions and I know the actors are always busy! He is such a talented artist ๐Ÿ™‚ I’d love to have one!!!!

  19. Alex is so talented in so many ways! We met him in Boston and he was so down-to-earth and so truly appreciative of the compliments he was getting on his artwork. We <3 you Alex!!!

  20. I love Alex’s doodles! They’re incredible and I had no idea he was so talented! He’s great for doing this and I really hope to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I checked out Alex’s website after your initial post about it. His work is beautiful. I, too, love “Faith.” I met him at last year’s NJ convention. He is so solid, literally. I put my arm around him during the wolfpack pics and his side/abdomen was rock-hard! He is truly a talented person!

  22. He is great artist! I love how detailed and intricate his artwork is! If he put it on t-shirts, I would definitely buy it! He’s hot and talented! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. TheMerazEffect says:

    I don’t know what to say about this other than – it’s AMAZING! I don’t know where he gets his inspiration. I would love to know how he could draw this right on the spot. It’s an incredible intricate design that I haven’t seen anywhere else but right now on his photos. I look at them, and even though they’re just doodles they make me think about things. At the convention in NJ they selled for alot of money, imagine if he took this up a level and started doing more artwork? He’d become famous in other ways than acting. I’m definitely planning on buying his artwork when I have the chance. Not even because he signs it, because of the story each painting tells us.

  24. Alex is an AMAZING artist, and an AMAZING person! This just shows how awesome he is. To take time out and do that for fans, without even being asked to just shows how great of a person he is! You can tell that he genuinely cares about his fans, and really values their feedback! Thanks Alex for such an awesome prize, and thank you TwiLexicon for having this contest!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. He is an extremely talented artist. Who wouldn’t want a photo of him with his awesome artwork on it! You get great art and a hot photo all in one.

  26. Angela Veach says:

    His artwork is beautiful. I would be honored to have a piece of it!

  27. Alex’s artwork is truly remarkable. They’re louder than unspoken words and probably represent many different emotions and feelings of not only himself, but for others who are touched by his craft.

  28. alex’s art is amazing. it comes so natural to him and it flows so well once finished. I watched him continuously draw on that table cloth and his ideas just kept popping out. I’ve never seen someone create such amazing works with a sharpie. his end results are one of a kind and he should definitely embark on a journey of marketing his drawings to shirts an such. Alex is such a nice person whn you meet him and I can’t wait to see what else Alex has in store!! keep up the good work Alex, your fans love it!!!

  29. Alex is an awesome person! I got to see his tablecloth drawing & I thought to myself it would be great if he pushed his artistic abilities. What a triple threat…make that quadruple…he acts, draws, is smoking hot & a family man!

  30. Sian Harper says:

    Alex is such an amazingly talented all round artist and an amazing person, and it’s so nice to see him gettin such amazing support not only for his acting ๐Ÿ™‚ xXx

  31. Cynthia P. says:

    ๐Ÿ˜€ FAB-U-LOUS! :O Alex’s Doodles are like his expressions & insight brought forth through a sharpie. ๐Ÿ˜€ absolutely Exquisite! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Alex is such an amazing artist, talented in so many ways. And now to hear how kind, giving and gracious he is to his fans is wonderful. His wife is a truly lucky woman!

  33. His artwork is so amazing!

  34. SavyTwilighter says:

    you have to be truly talented to have those shots we saw of the table cloth, be “doodles”. Alex is so amazing to his fans and I’m glad that he hears about how much we love him. would absolutely LOVE to get one of these pieces of art that he’s so graciously given^-^

  35. Alex’s art is incredible, especially on these doodles where it mixes the beauty of his other art with designs similar to those of a carefree scribbles of a bored high/middle schooler (though with far, far more care and talent) to create a beautiful piece of art to compliment the basic picture. In short, his work is truly terrific, no matter what medium he uses.

  36. Amazing raw talent. I hope he goes far with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Wow! Alex is an amazing artist. Love the use of color in his work and the detail in the black and white drawings is top notch!!

  38. Looks really cool!

  39. Alex is a great artist and actor. Love his work. Hope that it does become a t-shirt. Lots of love for Alex and Twilight Lexicon. Keep up the great work guys!

  40. Alex has amazing talents as an artist!! I loved his tablecloth drawing!! I also love all of these drawings

  41. He is such an artist. And I love the fact that he responded to all of the praise and is thinking of other mediums. I would adore a photo

  42. I love that all of the Twilight actors are so talented in aspects other than just acting. Alex really is extremely talented and I would lov e to see more of his work!

  43. I would agree with the posts… fabulous! Love them!!

  44. Love to see this! I always love knowing other talents possessed by people. I find an artist is just an artist–if you paint, it’s likely you dance, or if you act, you probably play an instrument, etc. I sing, write, compose, play piano, and write poetry. So cool of him to do this art for you! I think they got the most amazing, humble, gifted, kind cast for these movies–it’s like it was all meant to be.

  45. I had an opportunity to speak with Alex re: his work and let him know he’s amazing this past weekend. He was so completely humble. Absolutely humble. To look in his eyes and hear him speak about his work and to hear him speak from the heart, you know when he puts pen to paper, paint brush to canvas, you know you’re getting something from the heart. To me, that’s more than some autograph or some photo op. You know what you’re getting when you receive art from Alex. He does it for the love of the art.

    To me, they are not doodles, it’s more than that. They’re strokes, strokes from his mind, from within his world and he’s just letting us a peek in. That was obvious when he did his artwork, at random on his pictures and on the table cloth. It was unreal.

    Alex talking about his art, knowing where it comes from…a good place. Alex made us laugh teasing us about his handsome picture on the wall. But he’s truly a humble man. To hear him speak about his art is what he’s about. That’s why, I would be honored to own a small piece of his work.

  46. I saw Alex Meraz at the LA Twi-Con in March. He impressed me so much with his talent as an artist. He lay down on the floor and signed several huge posters of himself they were auctioning off at the end.

  47. that is so coool!!! he seems really nice and caring to go and do so many extra autographs!!! it is cool that he is going above and beyond for the fans!!! IN LIKE 1 HR IT IS MY BIRTHDAY AND IT WOULD BE SOOOOO AWESOME TO WIN THIS!! IT WOULD BE A BIRTHDAY THAT I WOULD NEVER FORGET!!!

  48. His art is great. It’s so awsome that he took time to this for the fans. That speaks volumes about him. I’m so glad that he shares his talent with us. One of these would be great for my Twilight collection.

  49. I love Alex’s art work he has so much talent and I just love going to his website to see if and when he puts new art work up on there.

  50. Wow. He is such a great guy and a very talented artist!!!!!

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