Original Art by Alex Meraz

We’ve featured Alex Meraz’s original art before. Alex, aside from being a talented actor, is also a dancer and a painter. To break up the time while doing autograph signings, the guys in the wolfpack have been known to doodle on the table covers. Well, this past weekend, what Alex created went beyond a doodle into a full blown work of art which Laura told him he should put on tee shirts. Chaske Spencer looked at it and agreed.

Check out Alex’s artwork on his website, and tell him what you think of his art on Twitter!

Tomorrow, for Wolfpack Wednesday, we have some very special Alex autographed photos to give away. Be sure not to miss it!


  1. Nicole Goldstein says:

    I asked him what it was and he said it was a cross between a Peacock and a Phoenix. Then I said it looks very Alice in Wonderland-esque and he said it’s more Alex in Wonderland!

  2. twilighttwin2 says:


  3. I love this drawing, its really really good and if it was put on a t-shirt i would definetly buy it 🙂

  4. I agree that the design would look awesome on a shirt. And I love the comment about Alex in Wonderland lol.

  5. Fantastic so talented 🙂

  6. I so love this! It would defiantly make a great shirt.Alex’s artwork is amazing,so talented! 😀

  7. Was that an alpha command from Chaske?

    Very clever design. Brilliant.

  8. Missa2005 says:

    Alex is mega-talented! Would love it if he would put the design on t-shirts and sell them to support his favorite charities.

  9. This is just amazing, but what is more amazing is that I was there to see him draw this!!! By the time I got my autograph, he was doing the detail on the wings…just amazing!

  10. Wow, that’s really amazing that he can also draw! I’d totally buy it too!

  11. Amandeep kaur says:

    love twilight

  12. i love the design

  13. i love twilight,the movie rock

  14. nice creation!!!!!!!

  15. amanda830 says:

    looks amazing very talented


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