Wolfpack Wednesday: Alex Meraz Artistic Autographed Photo

There’s a bit of a story that goes along with this one.

If you remember, the other day we told you about a tablecloth that Alex Meraz doodled on and created a work of art that both Laura (pel) and Chaske Spencer said would be fabulous on tee shirts. Laura had also mentioned to Alex how much people on the Lexicon enjoyed his original art, especially the print entitled “Faith”. You can find prints on Alex’s website.

Well, before our blog story covering what happened in detail, Laura did a short tweet about it and put Alex’s Meraz’s twitter name in the tweet. So, lots of people retweeted the info and gave positive comments about the art, and because Alex’s twitter name was in the original tweet, he got lots of feedback and he really enjoyed that.

So, after a really long convention weekend, Laura went into the room where the actors wait until they are needed. She saw Alex at one of the desks in the room embellishing a bunch of his signed headshots. Laura asked him what he was doing thinking he was going to donate the items to an auction or put them on his website. Alex replied, “You really made me think about taking my artwork into other mediums. I’m doing these for you to give away on your website for being so supportive about my artwork.”

Laura was stunned. This was after Alex had been at the convention for two days, had done long photo ops, private meet and greets, and Q & A’s, AND in like 10 minutes he was doing another signing for at least 100 people before he had to run to his flight. She stammered out “Thank you so much!”, amazed that Alex would do one of those for us unsolicited let alone three of them.

So, we are giving away one of Alex’s special embellished autographed photos and we’ll give away the other two down the road.

So in the comments tell us what you think of Alex’s doodles and we’ll pick a random winner on Friday at 11:59pm est. The winner gets the headshot of his or her choice as seen in the above photo.

TY to Aryana for reminding us that we forgot to post this giveaway this morning!


  1. jeanine bachmann amato says:

    I find his artwork to be fresh and inspiring. I just ordered “Faith” from his website and am anxious for it’s arrival. After seeing some of his drawings at the convention this past weekend, I am sure these photos do not do them justice. I took my 13 yr old daughter to the convention as she is a huge Twilight fan. Alex sat with us for a few minutes at the silent charity auction/breakfast. He spoke of his artwork with such heartfelt passion, I knew I had to look into it further. I bid on the artwork at the auction but it went a bit too high for me. I would love to own another piece. Thank you for offering this.

  2. heather cowdrick says:

    Alex’s work is fabulous. I was at the convention in parsippany when these were auctioned off but did not have the winning bid. I would love to add one of this to my collection.

  3. love the top left one with the circular spiral, looks amazing, such a talented artist

  4. Thank you Alex for sharing your work with us. Your passion for art really comes through in your work! ^_^

  5. Angela Graves says:

    Alex is extremely talented. His artwork is beautiful; his acting astounding! He’s done a wonderful job on those pictures and I love his tablecloth ‘doodles’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tiffani Sanford says:

    The detail and creativeness of his artwork is amazing. Every time I see something of his, I’m blown away. His “doodles” look so well thought out and lightyears away from my own doodles.


  7. radiowidow says:

    He is definitely multi-talented! But what impresses me the most about Alex and his co-stars is how they use their fame to bring attention to good causes that might not be noticed otherwise.

  8. His artwork is beautiful! I would love a picture. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Wow!!! He is such an amazing artist. I don’t know what else you can say just Wow!

  10. Seriously, I really love Alex’s art! And I would love to have one piece of it with me! I wish I were as talented as him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Everything I’ve seen on his website or in person is very interesting and makes me really think about the art itself. He has an interesting mind. I’m glad to see him blossoming!

  12. Alex is a talented artist with a unique style, I wish my art was as good as his. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I think Alex is a super talented artist not to mention a really great guy (no never met him personally) and I support one of his causes Defenders of Wildlife especially the wolves.

  14. he’s so incredible talented! he should put the design from the table cloth on a shirt and make a bunch of them and sell them for charity! i know i would buy it! and i would love to own one of the headshots with a design on it, it would be incredible and i’d frame it! haha =]

  15. That was so sweet of him! He’s such a talented artist. The two that he’s not working on looks like background too the picture especially the one with the sun he drew. I hope to one day meet him, so I can tell him how talented he is in person.

  16. I love Alex’s doodles!!! They’re awesome!!!

  17. Alex’s doodles are amazing!!! They’re so detailed and intricate for doodles and that’s why they’re so great.

  18. Alex is so talented and being able to own a one of a kind piece of art by him would be awesome!!!

  19. I love his art! He is so generous and talented!

  20. Amanda M. says:

    He’s such a cool guy. Great artwork, I’d love him to draw me a tattoo design!

  21. I really think he needs to have a Twilight design tshirt. Can you imagine the money made from that alone. He is a really cool guy.

  22. He is do gifted and really really sweet! I love him x x x x

  23. Kassie Yates says:

    faaar out hes amazing!!
    being at a convention for 2 days then doing these!
    gotta love him ;]
    hes such a talented artist, and has inspired many of my art projects!

  24. WOW!! I got to admit his artwork on the tablecloth was amazing but after a long convention he was still thinking of his fans is amazing!

    I love the artwork on his website as well! He is one very talented person!

  25. little-freak says:

    he such an amazing artist!! i love his work!! i’d so love having one of this pictures!!!!

  26. I love being able to see/hear about other things the cast are great at.It’s awesome to know that they are following all of their talents and not just forgetting about them because they can act.Thank you Alex for sharing your talents with us all,your work is phenomenal ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Awesome. He is very talented and generous!

  28. Awesome. He is so talented and generous.

  29. Awesome. So talented and generous.

  30. Alex has so many of these hidden talents like drawing and martial arts. He is incredibly cool

  31. I LOVE Alex’s art work. If I had money when he auctioned those pictures off I would’ve bought one. He is really creative and is just so amazing. I go to his website everyday to see if there’s more work on there and if not i’m ok but i love to see his artwork. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Fantastic Artist love his work so talented. His website has amazing pieces of artwork on that he’s done ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Alex’s artwork is beautiful from what I’ve seen here. I’ll have to go look at his website to check out more, but I really love the “phoenix rising” drawing he did on the table cover.

  34. I had the pleasure of seeing some of Alex’s drawings over this past weekend at the NJ Convention and have also seen his drawings on his website. Faith is actually my favorite. It would be amazing to own one of Alex’s drawings. So it would be great if I get picked.

  35. Alex can seriously make anyone jealous with how talented he is. His artwork just puts me in awe. It’s so amazing.

  36. Alex’s art is amazing! I love how each piece speaks to something that’s influenced him or something that’s personal to him. Makes it all the more special!

  37. Wow
    He’s really good. I love he’s work.
    Alex is really talented and he should definitly share he’s talent with the world.
    It’s like each picture tell a story.
    You can see that he’s drawing come from within him.
    Very impress.

  38. Nicole Bache says:

    Alex’s art work is amazing. That was so nice of him to take the time. That just shows how much he appreciates all of his fans. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet but hope to some day. I would love to win one of his photos.

  39. So much talent…..so little time!!!! What a GREAT guy!!!

  40. Seriously, I love Alex’s art. Well, some of it probably has to do with the fact that I’m pretty bad at it, so I admire those who have talent. But also, his paintings and drawings are so simple and complex at the same time. He just focusses on one or two objects, but he puts so much into each one! And then of course he has his unique style, which no one can copy. So yes, I’m really enthralled by his work right now.

    Also excited that he liked all the feedback from that one tweet. As soon as I saw his name was tagged in it, I new I had to RT and comment. It’s a great feeling to know that amid all the crazyness, he noticed and appreciated our appreciation!

  41. i love his doodles! i hope to meet him soon. those who have had the chance to meet him always say such great about him. i cant wait till twi-con comes to hawaii!

  42. How amazing–the art as well as his generosity! The doodles around the head shots fit with the mysterious vibe of Twilight and have a tribal feel as well. Very cool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. I think its amazing that Alex would do something like this. His art itself is always beautiful, but him offering this up shows just what a wonderful person he really is. I’d love to have one of these prints.

  44. Angela Brasher says:

    Alex’s artwork, whether it be on table cloths, pictures or anywhere else, is amazing. The story of him offering the pictures to Laura brought tears to my eyes. To offer something as personal as what his heart creates – just to say ‘Thank you’ – WOW.
    Thank you Lexicon for sharing this story, picture and artwork!

  45. He’s an amazing artist and such a great person for sharing this. What a wonderful story!

  46. I imagine Bob Ross (the “happy little clouds” painter who inspired a very young Alex) is smiling somewhere.

  47. Alex’s artwork is amazing. The colors he uses are beautiful. That kind of creativity is something I’ve always admired. I would be honored and ecstatic to have something so amazing!

  48. I love Alex Meraz’s artwork. He is such a diverse artist and seems to be very appreciative of his fans.

  49. wow he is such a great guy and us the fans appreciate when they do extra stuff like this. He is such a talented artist(and actor), i’m jealous I paint but nothing close to his great work. I would love to add some of his artwork to my walls with my stuff, please pick me ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Alex is an amazing artist & i really hope he turns the phoenix or well the bird he drew on the table cloth into a shirt TY twilight lexicon for inspiring alex & sharing it with us. but mostly TY to alex juz for being an all around great guy & an amazing artist.

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