Jamie Campbell Bower to Be In Xcerts Video

Jamie Campbell Bower tweeted about this the other day and now we have more information.  Jamie, who has a band of his own called The Darling Buds, is also a fan of  the band in the band Xcerts. Well the guys in the Xcerts found out, and to make a long story short, Jamie appears in their new video that’s scheduled to make it’s appearance on August 25th. The group sent over some screen grabs of Jamie in the video.

According to the press release:

‘The Xcerts new video for new single ‘Young (Belane)’ will be premiered tomorrow 25th August at 5pm exclusively through http://www.thexcertsband.com. The video features famous actor and fan of the band Jamie Campbell Bower who has starred in Twilight, Sweeny Todd and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I and II to name only a few of his films!… Speaking of his involvement in the video Jamie has said “being able to be involved with a band who are striving for greatness and have genuine musical talent was an honour. Lets face it, how much more of Pixie Lott can we take?”.”


  1. Can’t wait to see it. Jamie Bower is amazing and very funny!

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