Final Day to Vote EW’s Sexy Beast and Edward/Rob is TIED With Damon/Ian

It’s been ramping up to this ever since EW started this year’s contest. The only real challenge Edward Cullen as played by Robert Pattinson received before this was when he was pitted against Jacob Black as played by Taylor Lautner and Emmett Cullen as played by Kellan Lutz. Edward/Rob pretty much obliterated all other match-ups. It’s now down to the bitter end and Edward/Rob is up against the only other person to dominate his side of the bracket and that’s the Vampire Diaries’ Damon Salvatore as played by Ian Somerhalder.

So with twoย  hot vampires making it to the final round. The votes are in a dead heat and they have been that way since they opened two days ago. The poll closes at midnight tonight. Get voting and make sure your favorite wins!

Alphie is being torn apart because she loves them both. She’s been know to get this misty look in her eye about Ian, and she just about passed out when there was a rumor (sadly untrue)that he’d been cast in the Host movie. As for her Edward love…’re kind of looking at it. Without her this website wouldn’t be here.

So vote, people! VOTE!


  1. Linda, Houston, TX says

    Come on guys, it’s TWILIGHT. Edward has to win. All Damon does is go around trying to ruin his brother’s life. VOTE EDWARD, VOTE EDWARD, VOTE EDWARD, VOTE EDWARD VOTE EDWARD VOTE EDWARD VOTE EDWARD.

  2. please vote!!! if you havn’t!!! Twilight and Edward can’t lose!!!! please vote!!! Twilight fans!!!

  3. Edward’s losing!!!! he’s only 49.75 atm!!!!!! please vote!!! he’s dropping slowly

    you should check this link :

  4. yes, pls vote 4 Rob/Edward, but get the champagne ready for an IAN SOMERHALDER WIN. LOL.

    • He will WINNNN! No one cares about Ian Somerhalder!

      • rapid_reader says

        Hello? I’m standing right here with a whole fandom behind me.

        I’m both a Vampire Diaries and a Twilight fan, and I’ve voted Ian/Damon, but there’s a reason Edward is losing right now. Believe it or not, there are other vampire books/series to celebrate.

        • Agreed. I love Twilight, but I am voting Damon.

        • Well, why the eff are you here then? Go back to your Ian fanboard and tell them how much you prefer Vampire Diaries and stop pissing off Twilight fans by coming here to bash the most beloved character in the series.

          • I love twilight and all but I am also a fan of VD and I voted Ian bc I actually think he is cuter than rob but don’t get me wrong I still love rob and think he is sexy it is that I think Ian is a tad bit sexier

          • I don’t think anyone is “bashing” just because they have a different opinion. And I am here because I have been here for more than two years. I am one of those crazy people who goes to Twilight conventions and flies to California for the release of the movie. But that doesn’t mean I am not allowed to have my own opinion on things. Get a grip.

          • LoveMeSomeRob says

            Umm, no one was bashing. Chill. I’m here because I’ve been coming to the Lexicon for almost 4 years now and I’m a huge Twilight fan. I love Rob to pieces, but I happen to think Damon is the sexier character. Sorry. That’s just my opinion.

          • I don’t care if you think Damon is sexier than Edward. My point is that this is a Twilight fansite so why do you feel necessary to say here that you prefer a character from a different series? Sorry, IMO that’s just rude.

          • No, I am sorry, it’s not. And, IMO, overreacting to someone who expresses a different opinion than you is exactly what gives fuel to the Twilight haters who believe we have no life or interest outside Twilight.

            I think I am a huge fan. I have read the book 12 times. I have seen the movies at all the midnight showings. I flew to California for New Moon and had guest from California, Washington, Florida, and DC come to my home for a one week Eclipse extravaganza. I own all the books (including movie guides, manga, and Bree)and DVDs as well as the books in Spanish. I buy Twilight merchandise. I flew to Dallas for Twicon. I have framed, original movie posters from the theaters in my living room. I don’t believe I am less a fan than anyone else here.

            So, for you to imply that – because I think Damon is sexier than Edward – that I am less worthy to be here than you, you are way off base. I am quite allowed to express my opinions, thank you very much. I have been here over two years, and I don’t feel as if I need to go someplace else because I have interests other than Twilight. The original disenting poster did not put down Twilight at all. She simply said she was a fan of both. And others feel the same way. I would totally understand your feelings if someone came on and said how stupid the movie was, or how they hate Rob, but no one did that.

          • LoveMeSomeRob says

            Bravo higgin704, VERY well said ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Higgin704, you don’t have to tell me how good a Twilight fan you are, I’m not accusing you of being a bad one or questioning your right to be here. You’re missing my point. All I’m saying is that if I was a fan of both VD and Twilight, I wouldn’t say on a VD site that I find Edward sexier. Why? Because it would annoy the VD fans there. Just like it annoys people here. And no, I’m not a crazy Twilight fan who has no life or other interests, I just like to keep my interests seperate.

      • I can’t believe this Ian dude is even in this poll…Please…Rob all the way…woohoo!

    • LoveMeSomeRob says

      ROB is definitely sexiest, but the contest is based on the screen character, and Damon is just flat-out sexier than Edward. However, I think the book Edward is sexiest of all, and if MR had written Edward for the movies the way he is written by SM in the book, there would be no contest.

      • Completely agree. MR totally ruined Edward in Eclipse – she turned him into a wimp – so not sexy. Read (or re-read) pages 436-437 in Eclipse and you will see what I mean. This scene in the book is exactly why we love Edward so much and, if you remember the scene in the movie, it was totally butchered – it didn’t even make sense. However, I still voted for Edward cuz I’m voting for the Edward in the book.

  5. VOTE EDWARD!!!!!! C’mon, he’s the original heart-throb vamp of this decade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I must have voted over 300 times today and the percentage hasn’t changed once.. Is it working!!!

    • I’m still voting got arm ache(LOL) still no change in figs!!!

      • LoveMeSomeRob says

        That’s because you can only vote once. The “poll daddy” site that is running this contest only recognizes one vote per IP address. If you have access to another computer, you can vote again that way. I made the same mistake myself earlier at the beginning of this thing. Felt like an idiot when I found out LOL. Sorry ๐Ÿ™

  7. I’m so sick of this thing. It’s so rigged. There’s no other explanation as to why the poll would be dead even for 2 days. In the real world, there would have been at least some fluctuation in the scores.

    • Agree, something stinks with this poll. I find it really hard to believe that it would get to 50/50 and stay there for more than 24 hours.

  8. How can it be 50/50?? It seemed so impossible…I wish it had happened when it was Rob vs Taylor. C’mon we have to make Rob win!!!

  9. Lily Cullen says

    Damon! Damon! Damon!

    Movie Edward is not sexy at all.

  10. sexy then damon,vote for robert.

  11. Yes I like twilight but I like vampire diaries and this is about the hottest guy and that is Ian / damon . Vote for Ian ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. This poll is now old news and I really don’t care if Damon/Ian wins. I was just thinking back to Twilight, the 1st movie and Edward.Is.The.Sexiest.Beast.Ever. When Edward enters the cafeteria and Bella sees him for the 1st time, Sweet Cheezits, he takes my breath away. Even tho Catherine Hardwicke got many things wrong, she sure got some things right. Then, when Edward goes to Bella’s bedroom cuz he “wants to try one thing” that kiss, oh my God, that kiss. And, when he walks back toward her after stopping himself – that smoldering look is the very definition of SEXY!
    And, think about the last scene at the prom when they’re dancing in the gazebo – Dear.God.In.Heaven!!! When he leans her back and is going to bite(?) kiss her neck – I have watched it, rewound and watched it again and again and again and again, times without number and why…cuz Edward is sooooooooooooooo damn Sexy!!!!!!!!!!! Are you Damon/Ian VD fans doing that? No, really please don’t bother to answer – I DON’T CARE ANYMORE. EDWARD IS THE SEXIEST BEAST EVER. PERIOD. END.

  13. Who won??

    • They aren’t announcing till next week. I think both guys are great choices. Can’t wait to see who gets the crown.

  14. Does Ian/Damon have hundreds of fansites devoted to him? Are there thousands of pix from his photoshoots, the next one sexier than the last? Are there amazing videos of him done by his fans on youtube that just exude sexyness (i.e. “I’m A Man – that youtube video alone would decide this poll in favor of Edward/RPattz!)? In addition to the Twilight Saga, does Ian/Damon have websites devoted to following his every step in 2 major movies, with 2 more coming in the next 2 years? RPattz is a phenomonen and his portrayal of the very sexy, hawt Edward is what started it and keeps it going. Next year, two years, five years from now RPattz will be an A-list actor and will always be remembered as the very, sexy, hot Edward. Will we even remeber Ian Somerholder? Let’s see what he’ll do if he can make the move from TV to movies but, even if he does, it won’t come close to the stature of RPattz.

    • rapid_reader says

      Yes to all of your questions, btw. I’m sure he’ll do some movies soon after the Vampire Diaries success, but yes, there are many fansites following his every move while filming TVD. He’s a model, so yes, there are thousands of pictures of him on the internet. Go search for yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ There are fantastic websites devoted to him, and many, many youtube videos about him in all the movie/TV shows he’s done.

      I’m not saying Rob doesn’t deserve credit for all he’s got, but don’t rule Ian out just yet ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s got a promising career ahead ๐Ÿ™‚ They both do

  15. i’ve been gone for a week. who won??

    • The winner will be announced on 8/26. Crossing my fingers that it will be Damon/Ian. He’s just so much sexier than Edward/Rob no matter what.

  16. Oh man Damon is steamy hot!

  17. rapid_reader says


    Congratz Ian, the whole TVD cast and crew, and everyone who voted ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Look i don’t give a damn if u where here 2 years or ur whole life that make you no more important than u already r and damon luvver i think that i’m on Higgin 704s side and we twilight/rob fans do have a life or at least better than yours

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