Taylor Lautner At Steelers Game

Taylor Lautner is still filming Abduction in the Pittsburgh area. He has some downtime on Sunday where he took in a Pittsburgh Steelers game.  According to Just Jared:

“Taylor Lautner snaps a pic with Pittsburgh Steeler Dan Sepulveda just before their game against the Detroit Lions held at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on Saturday (August 14).

Posted on the Steelers blog: “Taylor Lautner, who starred in the Twilight series and is in Pittsburgh filming Abduction, enjoyed his time on the field, talking with Steelers players, coaches and even saying hi to some excited young fans.”

See the rest on Just Jared.


Taylor is a long time football fan. In between takes he and the other guys in the wolfpack often pass time throwing the ball around. Taylor also demonstrated his football skills by playing in last year’s Celebrity Beach Bowl and by throwing passes on the Jay Leno show to one of his personal football heroes, Jerry Rice.

Most of the reports on Taylor’s film shoot have been pleasant. The only one we’ve stumbled upon that indicates any strife is this one, and from the sound of it, it looks like the film shoot brought already brewing problems to a head.


  1. Great to see Taylor stopping by to see the best team ever…Go Pittsburgh Steelers, and go Taylor..Love them both..

  2. AliceKikiCullen says:

    YAY! GO STEELERS! Heeeheeheee come Taylor join the steel nation 😉

  3. wikivicky says:

    i see chuck bass!

  4. Kristen filmed “Adventureland” in PGH, Taylor is filming “Abduction”… all we need is some Rob, and we’ll have had the whole set! 😉

  5. Gee and I keep telling my husband to go see them on pre-season, and he says it’s not worth it. DAMN! OTOH, GO STEELERS!

  6. regencygirl13 says:

    Oh lord….I was AT that game!!! I had a feeling he would be in the city for his movie but to think we were seeing the same team?! Tot

  7. regencygirl13 says:

    Oh my god, I was at that game! To think Taylor and I shared a stadium! lol 🙂 But, then again he’s a Lions fan, and of course the (incredible) Steelers won!

  8. i was at the pre season game the steelers won!!!! he was there!

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