EW: Semifinals Sexy Beast 2010

Edward Cullen as portrayed by Robert Pattinson is in the EW Sexy Beast semifinals.


  1. Ok Rob is winning now *happy sigh*

    I was worried there for a minute when I voted earlier & Rob

    *swallows hard & whispers*

    was loosing.

  2. No brainer, ROB!

  3. switzy4ever14 says

    wooo! what a relief.

  4. so edward beat jacob yayy

  5. Edward is a SEXY BEAST! Haha I am so glad that he beat Jacob/Taylor who by the way has an abnormally large nose.

  6. i agree taylors nose is big and wide and ew

  7. Can’t wait till the finals…

    Damon Salvatore is gonna CREAM Edward!

    (I love them both but c’mon….. have you SEEN Ian Somerhalder?!?!?!?1)

  8. Yes, Ian Somerhalder is HAWT. Don’t watch his show but I know who he is & he is FINE.

  9. Ian Somerhalder=Yummyyy

  10. Twilight based vamp / werewolf game. http://www.forsakenclans.com/index.php?REF=9529 (Go team JACOB)!!!

  11. Edward is winning, yayy!!I voted for him,he is the sexiest beast for me,definitelty!!

  12. Is it terrible of me to have voted for Summer, especially when I haven’t even watched the Terminator show? I had to vote for River (from Firefly)!

  13. alwaysedward says

    i don’t like ian’s eyebrows

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