EW: Semifinals Sexy Beast 2010

Edward Cullen as portrayed by Robert Pattinson is in the EW Sexy Beast semifinals.


  1. Ok Rob is winning now *happy sigh*

    I was worried there for a minute when I voted earlier & Rob

    *swallows hard & whispers*

    was loosing.

  2. No brainer, ROB!

  3. switzy4ever14 says:

    wooo! what a relief.

  4. so edward beat jacob yayy

  5. Edward is a SEXY BEAST! Haha I am so glad that he beat Jacob/Taylor who by the way has an abnormally large nose.

  6. i agree taylors nose is big and wide and ew

  7. DaniBrook says:

    Can’t wait till the finals…

    Damon Salvatore is gonna CREAM Edward!

    (I love them both but c’mon….. have you SEEN Ian Somerhalder?!?!?!?1)

  8. Jennie BB says:

    Yes, Ian Somerhalder is HAWT. Don’t watch his show but I know who he is & he is FINE.

  9. Ian Somerhalder=Yummyyy

  10. Twilight based vamp / werewolf game. http://www.forsakenclans.com/index.php?REF=9529 (Go team JACOB)!!!

  11. Edward is winning, yayy!!I voted for him,he is the sexiest beast for me,definitelty!!

  12. vampbball says:

    Is it terrible of me to have voted for Summer, especially when I haven’t even watched the Terminator show? I had to vote for River (from Firefly)!

  13. alwaysedward says:

    i don’t like ian’s eyebrows

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