Twilight Fans Flock to Tennessee

Much like what happened in Pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago, Twilight fans came to Tennessee hoping to catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson as his filming on Water for Elephants moved from the Los Angeles area to Tennessee:

“Cheryl Hagan spent 10 hours in the car Thursday, driving up from Orlando with her 12-year-old daughter just for the chance to get close to a vampire.

Her trip to West Cove Road in Walker County, Ga., where “Twilight” star Robert Pattinson is filming his new movie, “Water for Elephants,” is her first visit to a movie set. But she has attended 11 “Twilight” conventions, including one in Boston two weeks ago.

“We drove to Boston, so 10 hours is nothing,” she said Friday morning. “I know that I’m obsessed, and I’m OK with that.”

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  1. Where in Tenn are they filming?

  2. Amanda Stinnett says:

    They are here in Chattanooga Tennessee (that’s where I live). You can’t throw a rock in downtown Chattanooga without hitting a Twi-hard at the moment. I mean it is craziness right now!

  3. I live in Chattanooga too, was out Sat having a beer, and he was upstairs at the same bar! So exciting!
    Some of my friends went to a bar he was rumored to be at, and he was there!!! I managed to miss that portion of the evening!

    Sunday night I was out with my husband, & we thought we would try to catch a glimpse. In talking to a bartender, who became our new friend, my husband makes friends with everyone, he said other bar tenders/restaurant folks who have had run ins with him said he is super nice, but just wants to relax. Our new friend told us what bar he was at right then, & said he knew there was noone else there right then. We drove past and we going to nonchalantly have a beer.
    However, it looked so peaceful there, I just couldn’t do it. I don’t look down on anyone for trying to catch a glimpse, I was trying sat. night, but I just had this feeling come over me that I should just leave them be. I hope he enjoyed his time in Chattanooga, I will be interested to hear what he thought of our town.
    From what I could tell the fans all seemed to be very self controlled, except a group of 12-15 year olds who started yelling and chasing cars.
    I do have to mention they are filming right down the street from my house this week, at the railroad muesum!

  4. What I like is in the picture above, it shows a MALE fan taking a picture. People (who are not fans) don’t understand that men, too, are fans and not just women. Jackalyn, I am glad that you said “we” as in you and your husband went to catch a glimpse of RPattz.

  5. I live near birmingham, al and could just kick myself for being just a couple of hours away and not even have known!! hope he enjoys some southern hospitality while he’s down here and not just the crazies!! lol!

  6. Man, I wanted to go over today. Atlanta is only about 1 1/2 hours away. It’s drivng me crazy, but I didn’t have a sitter for my little boy and he’s not going to sit in the heat all day the way I would. Arrggghhh!!

  7. UGGGGG I live in the upper Eastern part of TN. I wonder what would happen if I just left right now.

  8. I honestly think they are going to be so busy until they leave, no one is going to see anything. Got a tweet from the director at sunset, saying they have a few more hours of filming tonight. They had been at it since early in the day. Earlier he said today is not the last day of filming here.
    I am sure they are all wiped out, this heat we are having is so draining, I can’t imagine working in it, plus the costumes are hot, I am sure. Besides the fact they are filming with a real working steam engine.
    Nobody can claim these actors didn’t work hard on this film!!

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