Robert Pattinson: Paparazzi Sink to New Low

Back when then Twilight movie was first cast we used to cover various shots of the stars when they weren’t working, things like them going for coffee, out on the town, greeting fans, etc. After awhile we stopped and got really picky about what photos we ran because we realized a couple of things 1) you can only see a star going for coffee so many times and you realize there’s not a story there, 2) even though one shot may seem fine you have no idea if they were hounded before or after that shot, 3) it’s not just the matter of pictures or aggressive in your face pictures, it’s often the matter of having vile things said to the star to provoke a reaction. Questions like so “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?  Does you daughter do Ecstasy naked in the hot tub with you?” Things that there are no answer to and are aimed at provocation so that then can then write a story with a reaction photo that talks about what a jerk the star was not wanting to talk about their day. 4) The same guy who was taking legit behind a barrier  “actors working photos” up in Vancouver was the next day tweeting out Stephenie Meyer’s flight info when she wouldn’t give him the time of day, and he has a pattern of this type of behavior.

Some people think, well you’re famous, can’t you put up with a few photos? In our opinion, it’s not just the matter of people putting up with a few photos it’s a constant invasive hounding. It’s never being able to have a single private moment without your every word and action being warped for a sensationalistic media site’s economic gain. Anyway, we knew we’d never stop it from happening, but for us we just didn’t want to add any more into the laws of supply and demand, so we stopped covering things that made us uncomfortable. We’ll still cover fan encounters that don’t seem stalkerish (ie You bumped into a star on the street rather than you camped out on their kids school.), stars working if photos were taken behind barriers at a premiere or at a publicly visible movie shoot, but after that we decided it was just too hard to tell the manner in which photos were obtained.

Robert Pattinson had an episode of exactly what we are describing above. At first they were just photos of him out on the town in Malibu, then it was a constant stalking with a fabricated car accident. The grand irony is in the middle of the chaos, Rob actually signed some autographs for some teens who stumbled in the situation, so it’s not as if he isn’t appreciative of his fans. Every time a celebrity who is C-list at best comments on stars being divas for not being able to take the attention, they ought to walk in Rob’s shoes for a month and see how much they appreciate it.

Both E! and Gossip Cop have covered the story.

The E! version:

“Did Team Edward have a run-in with an age-old enemy?

Robert Pattinson is trying to shoot down reports that he slammed into a dude’s car in Malibu and then sped off without as much as exchanging insurance information.

Instead, the sparkly Twilight star is blaming his bad press on a pack of werewolves shutterbugs.

“Robert was pulling out of a parking space after a quiet day in Malibu and was relentlessly pursued by paparazzi,” his rep tells E! News. “He has no knowledge of having bumped or damaged another car in the process. The story has been manufactured for headlines.”

Gossip Cop version:

“The problem is: The media often portray events as they didn’t happen, in order to fit the narrative their readers been instructed to follow.

Robert Pattinson — like hundreds of other famous people — is hounded relentlessly by paparazzi. Surprisingly, just like everyone else, he doesn’t care for it.

Some celebs have handled their frustration with violence.

Others scream and carry on.

It’s not the best route to go, and it surrenders some of the moral high ground to the predatory photographers. is pretending that Robert Pattinson made similar mistakes when pestered by paparazzi over the weekend. He supposedly “yells” at a photog after committing a “hit & run.” He got “pissy,” sneers the site.

It’s a total misrepresentation.

There’s no hitting and running. There’s no yelling. There’s no prima donna hissy fit. He barely even raises his voice.

Pattinson looks frustrated and exhausted, and he repeatedly — politely — asks the paps not to follow him. The outlet even provides video of the incident, and it shows Pattinson being completely civil.

You can even hear a photographer praising Pattinson as “such a nice guy.”

X17 asks viewers to ignore what they see in favor of a more dramatic, sensational confrontation. Consider that Pattinson is literally forced to pull off the California Pacific Highway to ask for some privacy and to ask nearby police officers (presumably) whether they can help. When the harassment begins, it’s still light outside. By the end, it’s dark. It’s ridiculous.

Yet X17 wants the takeaway message to be: If Pattinson can’t handle harassment, he shouldn’t be a celebrity. And if he does handle himself like a gentleman, just misrepresent events to make it look like he didn’t.


So thank you to Rob for making movies that we love, and sorry that the price of your instant fame is harassment because like the drug trade, unless the demand stops, the supply never will.


  1. The Paparazzi won’t be happy until they put Robert Pattinson in his grave.

    For the love of god they need to leave this man alone. Yes he wants to be an actor but no one deserves to have the Paparazzi stalk them.

    I am one of Mr. Pattinson’s fans and I love to see him at work. It upsets me to see him unhappy being stalked by the Paparazzi when he is trying to enjoy his life off set.

    Does anyone remember Lady Diana???

    Are you a fan? Then help Rob.
    Don’t buy the pictures the Paparazzi take.
    Don’t put them on your websites.
    Only view/watch/use the pictures from his engagements and pictures released from his management team.

    Put the Paparazzi out of the Robert Pattinson business. The Paparazzi stalk him because “Fans” show an interest in them. Don’t be responsible for encouraging the Paparazzi.

    Maybe if Robert Pattinson had an official website to communicate directly to fans they wouldn’t need to look in other places for info on Rob.

    A Concerned Fan

    • I totally agree with everything you said up until the last statement. Rob having an official site wouldn’t help anything. The market for this type of thing would not be satisfied by that.

    • jenny Piepoint says:

      I feel so sorry for Rob getting constantly harassed, I have stopped buying these magazines and I am only interested in seeing piccys that are on sites such as this. I totally agree it is like the drugs trade and as with that there should be laws and restrictions put in place. These people are stalkers and should be arrested.

  2. AliceKikiCullen says:

    hisssssssssss. I hate those guys soooo much. This is why I do not buy OK or People magizine. Jerks just because everyone knows their name doesnot give them freedom to encrouch on the celeb’s freedom!!! grrrrrr….curse x17online, hope u realize you will pay for being mean someday.

  3. I would just like to make the distinction between “media” and “paparazzi”
    I am a reporter for a local newspaper and we wouldn’t do something like this, even if Robert Pattinson showed up in our city. We would want to do a story on him, sure, but we would try to go through the normal channels. We wouldn’t stalk him and we certainly wouldn’t make up something that didn’t happen.
    So let’s be careful about using the term “media” because the type of people you are talking about here are not journalists. They are sleaze.
    I’d be happy to interview Robert Pattinson, Stephenie Meyer or anyone in the Twilight Universe in a professional setting any time.
    Forget these other jerks.

    • Twilight_News says:

      Absolutely, we couldn’t agree more. The “media” statement is via a gossip cop direct quote and they should have been more clear. There is a complete difference between legitimate journalistic photography and write up and the drivel that X-17 put out.

    • Saphire1231 says:

      Hi Stephanie
      I was excited to read your comment because I had begun to believe there are no real reporters left in the media.

      I have read so many inaccurate and flagrantly manufactured reports regarding Robert & Kristen in the last 2 years from many sources that I have come to believe that misrepresentation & sensationalism is the new way of reporting (thereby diminishing my respect for all reporters).

      Perhaps reporters such as yourself may carry more power (have more contacts) to be able to start a movement which brings back honesty to all reporting. Something based on truth rather than aimed at “sensationalizing”, aimed at the might dollar!

      Whilst I realize everyone has a right to making money, I do not see where lack of integrity, honour and honesty should play a part in how a story is presented… ultimately it becomes the “Boy who cried wolf” syndrome. So many lies are reported that when truth is reported it is not believed.

      Thank you for showing up as an honest reporter and going someway into restoring my faith in journalism. I wish you well now and in the future.
      Cheers Chrissie

  4. An absolutely incredible statement about the state of things. It’s horrible that people think this is to be expected and should be accepted.

  5. stephanie says:

    I feel bad for Rob, he is a human being that deserves privacy!! He has does not deserve to be stalked by papz every time he leaves just because he is famous!!

  6. Its getting too crazy. I’m sorry that Rob has to go through all the hoopla. I don’t buy gossip mags or even read anything but Gossip Cop occasionally. A lot of people are obsessed with it all though. I don’t think it will ever end, until the next person comes along…Maybe?

  7. Olympic Coven says:

    How would the paps like to be hounded with every move? It would get old really fast.

  8. I know everyone has to make a living even the disgusting paparazzi but really how low and unethical can you get? Leave the poor guy alone he just wants to enjoy his day! Kudos to Rob for being the gentleman!

  9. Thank you for posting this. RPattz is such a nice guy, he doesn’t deserve this type of bad publicity. It makes me think of KStew in Australia when she gave the Paps *The Bird.* IMO the paparizzi deserved a lot worse than that.

    We love you guys.

    • I totally agree about what happened to Kristen in Sydney. I was walking by and saw all this comotion, paps were almost haning off balconies/windows SHOUTING at Kristen. I was disgusted to think this was happening in my city. So shameful. Rob, Kristen and any other celebrity should have their LIFE respected. There should be laws in place to protect them from being STALKED like they are. Princess Di DIED because of a car chase instigated by the paps. Does the law need someone to die to do something? I wish the ppl in power would get a real good dose of this STALKING and I’m sure something would get done. What these paps do is basically the same as what “Stalkers” have done, they just didn’t have a camera in habd and id that says they work for a sleeze mag. Why should they be free just because they hide under the cover of ‘it’s my job’? So a hired assassin could do the same right? ” I’m not a murderer it’s just my job” THIS is how ridiculous the situation is getting… I REFUSE to buy any mag that has pap pics in it I refuse to click on anything online that endoses paps ‘work’ I suggest anyone that is outraged at what has been happening (an escallating) do the same. Congrats to the sites that refuse to market pap pics and videos I take my hat off to you.

  10. If stuff like this happened to a “normal” person then it would be called stalking and the law could get involved. It’s ridiculous that just because someone is deemed a “celebrity” that this kind of behavior is allowed and even promoted. Especially when it becomes dangerous i.e. tailing the famous person in his/her car. The paparazzi would not last a day in Rob’s shoes.

    • switzy4ever14 says:

      exactly. people need to realize there is no difference between what the paps do and stalking. it’s the age old “if you wouldn’t do it to a nonfamous person why would you do it to a celebrity.” we’re all people and we deserve respect. i despise the people who say “well he decided to be an actor so he shouldn”t be surprised.” acting is what these people love and they shouldn’t lose valuable rights for doing it. it just disgusts me.

  11. Mrs Lee says:

    I can’t even watch, it makes my stomach turn. Shameful doesn’t even cover it. I just feel terrible for him.

  12. LoveMeSomeRob says:

    It makes me so unbelieveable sad to read this. Those roaches really just need to leave Rob alone or someone is going to end up hurt.

  13. The thing that bothers me most about the x-17 video — besides their lying that they won’t continue to follow him, and how the videographer turns the camera on discreetly while holding it low (as if he isn’t shooting)(which Rob notices anyway) — is the police’s non-response.

    As I understand it, in many other states, if someone is following you, and you ask them to stop, if they continue to follow you… then that’s stalking, a felony. There doesn’t have to be a threat involved; the unwanted following itself is illegal because the threat is implicit. It doesn’t matter if it’s an ex-husband or store security, a person being followed by persons unknown may reasonably suppose that this is threatening behavior.


    However in California, there needs to be a threat included:

    “Any person who willfully, maliciously, and repeatedly follows or willfully and maliciously harasses another person and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place that person in reasonable fear for his or her safety, or the safety of his or her immediate family….” (

    I suppose that is why the papz continue to lie in the video, saying that they won’t follow him and then obviously do, so that they haven’t verbally threatened him.

    Yet it appears from the news coverage of “Rob’s Very Bad Day” that they apparently did follow him to his home, from which he will now presumably have to move. Verbal threat or not, that is material damage, setting aside the obvious psychological toll.

    I believe that is why the papz are so bad in California, because the stalking law is poorly written. Not every stalker will issue a documented verbal or written threat. And any reasonable person may well conclude that when someone is following you, that they intend to harm you.

    It is absurd for policymakers to ignore the implicit threat and harm caused by stalking in the State of California. It is high time that legislators bring California law to the same level of safety citizens of other states enjoy.

    Why aren’t celeb’s agents and legal representation lobbying for a change in this obviously illegal and dangerous activity? Too much work for their 10 percent?

    • Very well said. I’m in Australia and I was disgusted to see what happened here with Kristen and other celebs, because we usually let them be (so I thought) but to think of what happens in the US… I had no idea the laws in CA are actually so different from other states! It’s terrible to think that they have no protection from the law and to think that he asked the police for help and was basically told to go on his way!!! That needs to change.

      • I agree Jessie. I was ashamed that Kristen was harrassed in Oz. I thought we were above that. I think she is a wonderful young lady who just gets bad press for speaking her mind – and being Rob’s girlfriend. Give me straight up, honest people any day to the fake, nice to your face, stab you in the back when you’re not looking people. THAT’S why Rob loves Kristen amongst many things. I feel so sorry for them especially when Rob has said many times how much he abhors conflict…..

      • If you check on Robsessed – one of the posts gave it – there is a site where you can e-mail a Californian senator who is trying to change the papp laws (sorry, I don’t live in the US). If word is spread, maybe – just maybe – something will be done. I have seen Kate Moss’ video at LAX and it made me sick especially with children involved….this has to STOP! And Rob has stated many times he hates conflict, yelling, etc and don’t the papps know it; damn low lifes. 🙁

  14. The law needs to step in when situations get like this. How many times have we read of accidents caused by the paparazzi and how bad does it need to get before the industry wakes up and does something about it?

  15. Jennifer says:

    I think, as usual, Twilight Lexicon is setting the standard and the good example to how things should be done.

    I agree that to a point, celebrities have to accept a certain amount of loss of privacy, but the paps frequently cross the line, break laws & endanger peoples’ live – and not just the celebrities they’re chasing. I think laws need to be passed but it is a fine line and some in the media will cry that their “freedom of the press” rights are being stomped on. As long as there is a market (people buying the magazines and going to sites like TMZ and Perez Hilton – which generates MILLIONS of dollars of income for these companies & papparrazzi) the practice will continue.

  16. WOW….seriously! the Paparazzi are ridiculous and the cop wouldn’t even help…those are some great cops there what asses!
    Seriously any other man would have punched them in the face but Rob is too good for that.

  17. Seriously, I feel bad for celebrities in general. I love to watch their movies and I may swoon if I were to meet them in person, but they are just people after all. I met Peter Facinelli at the Twicon here in AZ. Such a nice guy. I was all shy at first, but he’s just real like me. And he’s really nice. What happened to “Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”? It’s rediculous! Take pics of them, that’s your job, don’t hound them to the point of violence. They would be a whole lot nicer. I would. I’d rather be a makeup artist behind the scene, that’s what I have always said. I don’t envy their lives, or lack there of, for this reason.
    Rob as had instant stardom. I think he’s fantastic! hope he can keep himself with all of this.

    • SavyTwilighter says:

      thank you for stating the golden rule because i font think anyone actually remembers what it is anymore! i live by that myself not only when it comes to meeting the cast (ive gone to conventions as well) but in everyday life. the world wuld b a better place if people wuld just remember that fact

  18. Jesus, serious one day they will harrass him into an accident… I’d hang these bastards, all of them. Did these not have mothers and families? Money makes the world go around? Jesus… I’m afraid they’d happily kill him just to have a juicy headline! God may give him patience and strength!

  19. I really had not given it a thought when buying OK mag or watching stuff like this on video but YOU ARE RIGHT I was part of the problem. But no more, I believe that celebs have the right to their privacy and from this point on I will stick to being a real fan. Not buying the pictures the papz take, nor posting them on my webpages and I’ll view/watch/use the pictures from his engagements and pictures released from his management team. So here’s to wishing Mr. Pattinson a papz free day.

  20. vampbball says:

    Kudos, TL, for helping to set the record straight. We appreciate your integrity! Poor Rob.

  21. I feel so sad for all of this nonsense… Rob is such a nice guy really. I can’t believe what some people are capable of just to show him in a bad light. Big thanks for Twilight Lexicon for posting this. I agree with Jennifer that you guys are really setting the standart and the good example. Shame on all OKs, PEOPLEs and ect…

  22. Well stated Lexicon, thank you. No one should have to deal with that kind of abuse or slander. I wish there were enough of us that hated these paps to put them out of business.

  23. I found this video hard to watch ….he clearly had a long day and politely asked them to go before he left because they had gotten their photos. We all love seeing our favorite celbs in photos and I’m sure he expects it also (it’s good publicity) but we (as fans) do not like to see our favorite celebs hounded into submission.

    • I have not watched the video and I flatout REFUSE to. I will not give this crap the paps call ‘a scoop’ the time of day EVER, no matter which celebrity is involved.

  24. Thank you Lexicon! You are the only Twilight site I go to because I know you don’t print photos obtained objectionably or repeat gossip unless it is to set the record straight. Thanks for doing this. As distasteful is the gossip and papp vermin are, I am so surprised how they are still in business. They are disgusting. Thanks again.

  25. I think the fans should seriously consider a petition for law enforcement against paparazzi who go too far!

    • If only a petition was all it took, I’d be on it in a flash even from the other side of the world 😉

  26. Unfortunately, I think Rob learned a very hard lesson as a result of this and I hope for his sake that he takes it to heart. Of course, the papz are scum and Los Angeles is the scum capital of the world. But the reality is that Rob’s celebrity status is such now that he can no longer venture out in public without a contingent of bodyguards and/or a huge entourage. I also think that, in the future, he may turn down movies that will put him in Los Angeles. Thanks Lexicon for printing the truth, I always come to you when I want to know what really happened and for legitimate and ethical stories.

    • yes yes papz are scum, absolutely. let it be known that i totally side with rob in this whole situation, and i have never bought a people/OK/any of those magazines in my life, nor do i ever visit any gossip sites, or watch gossip shows, etc and TL is the only twilight site i ever visit. so i feel like i can honestly say i do not add any demand to fuel the supply. but come on, don’t you think it’s a little harsh to call LA the scum capital of the world? i live in LA and i love it here! there are sooooo many really nice and awesome and “real” people here who have nothing at all to do with the entertainment industry. hate the papz, not the city!

      • I have never been to LA and I don’t think generally speaking the city is scum but unfortunately the paps and their craptitude overshadow the good LA has to offer. I think LA should get behind ridding themselves of the roaches that are giving the city a bad name…

      • You misunderstood me – “scum” = despicable paparazzi, “scum capital of the world” = despicable paparazzi capital of the world. I know for a fact the fans in LA are some of the best in the world.

  27. I think the paps should be so ashamed of themselves. I feel for those celebs. They’re out there doing their jobs – which is to entertain us!!! and all people (paps) can do is slag them off when they don’t get there own way, god damn, the worse part about it is we all still read the codswallop they write and look at the pictures they print. I just hope that Rob and his fellow celebs can put up with this bad behaviour long enough to actually be able to enjoy themselves!

  28. Where were you guys when Kristen got slammed for giving it to the paparazzi?? Not many of you defended her actions. It is no different for her than it is for Rob. She may be more vocal about it but still that does not give the right for the paparazzi to invade their privacy like that. They need to get laws set in place against these people like there is in England. It is starting to wear on Rob and even though he is a nice guy and all I have heard him yell back at the paparazzi. THEY ALL GET SICK OF IT!!! So, get off of Kristen and start supporting her just the same.

    • Twilight_News says:

      We have no problem supporting Kristen. In fact when she and Rob were hounded into an elevator we posted about that, and we talked about the situation that resulted in the rape controversy. If you have mistaken us for Kristen Stewart haters, you’ve got it wrong.

      We don’t post on every single paparazzi incident, if we did, we’d close for all other business.

      If Kristen had been chased by cars and begged the Malibu police to no avail we’d be covering that too.

      • Thanks, TL, you do hold a very high standard, and have been consistent in that position for years. You set a great example for everyone else to follow.

        I’ve been wondering if the point of the papz’ efforts was to try to incite Rob to some sort of outburst, violence, etc., all for a better scoop. And when they didn’t get it, they posted what they had anyway. Sickening.

    • SavyTwilighter says:

      ok I’ve never met you but I think you might just be my new best friend! Kristen does need more support! You know how some fans created the Nikki Mafia so that people aren’t mean to her just because she plays Rosalie? Well you and I should be Kristen’s against all the haters^-^

  29. SavyTwilighter says:

    poor Rob:{ this kind of stuff really pisses me off! I’m with you Twilight Lexicon, I don’t feel comfortable looking at pics of ANY celeb unless it’s at an event of some sort because then they know they are gonna be photographed and signed up for it. Also personally I could really care less what Rob does in his personal day to day life because it doesn’t affect or influence what I’m doing (although I wish I was part of his his life^-^).

    He’s begging the paps to leave! I got to that part in the video and had to turn it off because it hurt my heart! I know it sounds sappy to say that but it did. I wanna give him a hug and apologize for all the crap he goes through. There’s no way this obsession with celebs is ever going to stop so I take comfort in the fact that I don’t “add any more into the laws of supply and demand” just like this site and how some of the commenters have said they don’t either. I feel horrible because I watched ANY of that video!

    It also sucks that police can’t step in and help him. Because of freedom of press the paps get away with a lot more than someone who would be considered a stalker. Sure he could get restraining orders on some of them…if he could get the proper amount of evidence needed on all like 10,000 paps!

    Also love how you guys wrote about how some fans or something came up and even in the middle of all that he talked to them! Dude is amazing! Even at wit’s end he’s still appreciative of his fans.

    Last of all next time something like this happens (and let’s face it, it will) Rob give me a call! I got a supped-up fast car that goes from 0 to 140 in like in instant! No one could follow, not even the cops to give the speeding ticket. Escape in true Cullen style^-^

  30. It makes me cry to hear this for Rob and previously for Kristen and all the others. Wanting to be an actor does not necessary mean you want to be a celeb. Wanting to be anything in public eye does not mean you want to be a celeb. They are people and deserve some privacy.

    Thanks to Twight Lexicon for setting a high standard. Thanks to the actors for bringing to life a beloved saga and having to endure the scum bags in the process. May they be richly blessed with patience.

  31. This is heartbreaking, especially since it has happened to such a sweetheart of a man. I spend my time supporting only those media outlets who get the actor/actress’s permission to photo or write things about them.Pictures of real honest to goodness photoshoots with beautiful pictures of my favorite celebs. I don’t buy any mags with photo’s on them with goofy headlines, I don’t visit websites with papz pics, I most of all don’t watch that scum sucking show TMZ. I do not support ANY media that makes a profit off harrassing the PEOPLE I care about and I encourage everyone I know to do teh same and tell their friends too. They aren’t just stars or celebs, they are people. The papz aren’t the problem. WE, the fans who don’t stand up and say to these media outlets “take your filth and shove it”, are the problem. When the mags stop making money off these photo’s and video’s then the abuse of our favorite celebs will stop. I can only hope that day will come sooner rather than later and before one of these dear folks is hurt or worse. Thank you Twilightlexicon for taking a stand, your’s is the only site I visit.

  32. These people have taken it to far, it’s ridiculous!It makes me furious to think that these brainless creatures get paid to write that crap!

  33. I feel… very… protective.


  34. Thank you, Lexicon, for this detailed and insightful posting. I continue to appreciate how you and celebrities like Mr. Pattinson behave in a respectful manner, no matter what. Keep it up, all!

  35. Why are these scummy paps allowed to carry on behaving so appallingly???

    I am relieved to say that I have never bought any kind of tacky celeb magazine, they make me sick to my stomach, even if they photos were obtained in a much more civil manner they would still be full of utter drivel, there is just no reason to waste your cash and pay the wages of these crooks!

    When will people wake up and vote with their feet?

  36. It’s so upsetting as a ‘fan’ to know that the artists we love are being harrassed supposedly for our benefit. Sick and twisted thinking. 🙁

    I don’t want to see my favorite artists having coffee or driving their car. (I won’t even click on the links provided) If they want me to see that, they’ll do an interview or story with a magazine or TV show. I want to see their work and I want them to be happy doing it.

    It’s a very helpless feeling.

  37. I dont know the in’s and out’s of all this stuff so forgive my ignorance…but, how is paparazzi work LEGAL? You have to sign permission slips for people to take photo’s of customers of large organisations, schools, hospitals etc so how is this any different? and what can we as supporters and fans do to make a difference?BTW i check twi fans site and have never googled Rob, Kristen etc for that exact reason.

    • Anyone know if we as fans can drive a ‘Leave celebs alone’ campaign?

    • Twilight_News says:

      I could be wrong here and I’m sure a lawyer will correct me, but I believe there is a loophole in the law in regards to public figures. You can snap and publish their photos without releases.

      • I’m not a lawyer, but I suspect that (at least part of) the issue is whether a person is in a public place.

        When you are in public, then you consent to be seen — including in recordings such as your local television news, security cams, or unfortunately, papz photos.

        Shows like Cops are a little different because of the implication of consent to criminal behavior, so they blur the faces of bystanders who do not sign consent forms, largely due to the likely threat of lawsuits regarding slander (also illegal) — not because they weren’t in a public place and thereby could be photographed.

        If you are in a private area, that is in full view of the public (i.e., your front yard) where you can be seen by the public, then to a point, your image can be captured.

        However, if you are in a private space that is not in view by the public, then any photography, etc., is illegal (e.g., peeping toms). You see this from time to time in court cases. Did the papz climb past the hedges to get the photo(a crime)? Or were they just standing in the public alleyway (legal)? It’s a big difference legally.

        This is why I think the stalking issue is the one that needs to be pursued. If they are following, and a clear declaration has been made that any further contact (i.e., following) is unwanted, then further pursuit — at least in many states — is criminal.

        Why isn’t that the case in California? How many rapes, muggings, and other crimes — along with celebrity stalking –would be avoided if it were?

  38. Melanie says:

    i saw the video and it was really :(, they started filmimg him when the sun was up, and they stop very late in the night, and he was just asking them nicely to stop follow him, i almost cry, i don’t like seeing Rob like that, i need to do something or wacth something else, my mind is not right after wacthing that. please don’t wacth it or go to those horrible websites.

    • LoveMeSomeRob says:

      Against my extreme better judgment, I watched the video as well and it literally made me sick to my stomach. As I sit here I can’t even figure out why I did, I guess I wanted to see for myself what all the hoopla was all about. DO NOT watch, not worth it, I felt dirty afterward and need to throw an apology out into the universe to Rob for even looking at it.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Melanie I agree with you, poor Rob he was getting so fed up and rightly so he just sounded so desperate and sad. Heart-breaking and like he said you’ve got a million photos but no thats not enough is it to take photos and leave they have to hound and stalk the por guy all damn day long.

  39. ringergrl13 says:

    Paparazzi really need to take a damn hint already. Unfortunately I doubt they ever will though, seeing as their job is to antagonize others just to get a juicy story seems to be their main priority. Makes me wonder if they even have an ACTUAL life outside celebrity stalking.

  40. I read about this yesterday and decided to NOT watch the video; reading the comments was bad enough already…didn’t need to see or hear it.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to Rob and all celebs who have been hounded by papps and been subjected to such abuse.
    To be honest, I used to have a quick flip thru’ all those trashy mags previously but ever since I got into Twilight fandom two years ago, I came to realise how much BS there was in them and have since totally stopped doing so.

  41. liz raine says:

    thank you, lexicon, for writing this. it’s just another reason why i adore you all.

    also: after reading this, it makes so much more sense as to why i always see kristen with her headphones on. she’s a smart one, that girl 🙂

    • HAHAHA I actually thought the same thing about the headphones lol. Very smart girl, that one. It’s bad enough having to see the scum taking pics, at least she doesn’t have to listen to them as well 😉

      • LoveMeSomeRob says:

        LOL that’s brilliant!! I never really put it together (the earphones) but it makes so much sense now 🙂

  42. Oh my hannah!!! Peope leave him alone already!!! I heard about this yesterday & have decided not to watch the video. It’s just wrong what those trashy “media” outlets are doing & if they are making stuff up to provoke a reaction it’s even worse. I feel so bad for Rob (and all or any celebrities that have had to deal w/this.)

  43. julie boyce says:

    yep if no-one paid for the pics then none would be published

    • We also need to blame the magazines and news sites. These are the freaks that are paying the paps SO much money to get these shots.

  44. Twilibrarian says:

    I cannot help but think of the tragedy that occurred in a Paris tunnel in 1997, when the paparazzi chased a Mercedes, and in doing so, played a part in the death of Diana. Here we are, 13 years later, and what has the paparazzi learned? Nothing!
    If I was being harassed, followed, STALKED, baited into an argument/fight by another person or persons, I have the legal right to police protection. So does every single celebrity; I would urge them to start using that constitutional guarantee. They are entitled to their private lives. We have no right to invade that privacy, and torment them.
    It is downright disgusting when paparazzi try to pass off this behavior as being part of their First Amendment rights. Perhaps if Hollywood stopped allowed these pseudo-media types into the premieres, sets, etc., it could have the desired result. Let the idiots spend some money taking it all the way to the Supreme Court. When freedom of speech/freedom of the press were written into the US Constitution, I do not think the current paparazzi behavior was what the Founding Fathers had in mind.
    Back off Pattinson and the rest of the cast! Leave their kids, pets, parents, and homes alone. Thank you Twilight Lexicon for always taking the moral high ground. I don’t know if I can be that polite. I feel like the next time I see a paparazzi taking a coffee break at Starbucks, I might just have to trip myself over their camera bag and spill the coffee in their laps! See how they like it!

  45. Sorry but your defense of Kristen has not been the same. Where were you when she was followed in her car to the gas station and the cameras were in her face while she was pumping gas and close to tears? Where were you when she was photographed in the privacy of her hotel room with a high powered lense? Yes, you printed the story the media put out about her giving the paps the finger – oh wait, the media said she gave her fans the finger and thats what was printed. But there was no defense of her, just reporting the incident. Kristen is constantly being stalked and this began when she was only 18. How about the reports of her drinking and smoking pot? Yes I do believe you reported that also. And “fans” had plenty of comments regarding the smoking pot picture. Also plenty of negative comments about her smoking cigarettes, but no one cares if Rob does. Kristen has come out and said she is now afraid to drive because it is so dangerous with the paps. Yet all I hear is how she should give up acting if she can’t handle the “fame”. The difference between Kristen and Rob is that Kristen attempts to keep her private life private. In the past Rob has enjoyed being photographed with Camilla Belle, Emilie Deravin and Katie Perry, smiling for the photos. He has also chatted with the paps as he was coming out of clubs. This is such a double standard for you to have this defense only for Rob.

    • Hear, hear. I agree with you, Sara. We need to support both Rob and Kristen, not just one but not the other. That’s called double-standard. Thank you for speaking up for Kristen! She is a fine actress and I love every movie she made, especially The Cake Eaters.

    • Twilight_News says:

      I’m not certain of what you are terming the gas station incident. Had we been aware we would have posted on it. As we don’t routinely cover sites that run this coverage, unless it hits E!, MTV, Gossip Cop etc in a large fashion. we don’t know about it unless someone emails in. No one emailed in that episode. We commented on this because we could link to other media reporting on the story that was not sensationalistic and it was being widely reported by mainstream sites.

      We give Kristen plenty of equal time. When MTV Canada jumped all over her for being a B**()in a Adventureland interview we reported on that and gossip columnist Ted Casablanca coming to her defense stating that when fellow gossip columnists state you are over the line you know it’s bad.

      We have consistently gone to bat for her in regards to the media perception that she is difficult, cranky, hard to please, bored, etc because that has never been our impression. Rather we’ve always had the perception that crowds make her nervous and one-on-one she’s fine, and have consistently stated as much.

      We also did not cover any of the above stories regarding Kristen at all. We did not degrade her, if anything we have bent over backwards defending her consitently.

      We didn’t run the pot story in any fashion two years ago at all because it was private property and invasive we’ve done the same for Rob, Peter, Kellan, Ashley any of the actors.

      Sorry if you don’t like our coverage, but we believe we have been very equal with what we do for any of the actors as far as peripheral stories to Twilight go.

  46. I feel sick to my stomach for Rob (and Kristen). Rob kindly asked them to stop, making the point that they got their shot a million times over. What are they waiting for? Do they think that he is going to suddenly stop what he’s doing and start telling them about his relationship with Kristen.

    One of the first things I thought of was how someone is going to get hurt. I also thought about how much worse it would have been if Kristen was also there. Thank goodness she is in Canada right now. I agree he looked exhausted and exasperated.

    I get really angry with anyone who says this is the price of fame. I think any of those people put in that situation would regret feeling that way. There is a difference between doing press junkets and promotions for films and being stalked and harassed.

    Rob, Kristen – everyone. Your fans know the truth and we are behind you.

    I’m sure it was true that Rob was gracious enough to sign some autographs in the midst of that horror. Also, Kristen said the other night on George Lopez,,,, ‘fans can come up to me anytime’… It’s the disgusting paps who make their lives awful. And I hate that if they get upset with the paps then they are portrayed as ungrateful or annoyed with fame.

    • LoveMeSomeRob says:

      Well said! I agree, the price of fame is NOT getting harassed by paparazzi, having the constant flashbulbs, inane questions, and especially following a celebrity once they are in their vehicle and trying to drive away. The price of fame is going out to dinner or a movie and being approached by FANS for autographs and pictures, which Rob and Kristen have both been very generous and gracious about granting.

      There really should be some sort of law to prevent this, I find it so damn hard to believe that police can just stand there and ignore some poor guy getting harassed like this? Disgusting. Couldn’t they at least use their squad car and block the vultures exit so Rob could get away? Something?

  47. I watched about fifteen seconds of the video and I felt totally guilty. Rob, like the rest of the world, has a right to live his life without being constantly hounded by the paparazzi. I truly feel for him and any other celebs who deal with this on a daily basis. These photogs are brutal and should have some decency to leave well enough alone.

    I’ll step off my soap box, now.

  48. Thank you, Lexicon, for giving fans a site to go to where we know you care as much as we do. I want to know about my favorite stars but not at the expense of their privacy, sanity and safety!

    • vampbball says:

      You know what? All Lexiconers should make a pact that we will not buy any material featuring any member of the Twilight Saga movies cast unless it is clear that any pictures or conversations were obtained with the permission of the cast members. So interviews and photos are fine, and pictures of the stars willingly posing with fans are fine, but candid paparazzi pictures are out. Let’s take a stand!

  49. So sorry for Rob!I have never left a comment on a website till now!
    You can clearly hear the papps in a taunting voice saying to him “What’s wrong Rob, Is the Fame getting to you????” And at the end you can hear the cameraman say “Yes we are going to follow you all the way home..”
    The worst is when he is with the policeman for the 2nd time, he looks over to the police, and says “Please,It is not safe for me to drive, they are running red lights to get photos of me….” again they do not help or the papps stop filming. This video is not just about him being harrassed.
    He is clearly concerned that other people are going to get hurt because of him.
    This is the sign of a truly great man and not a celebrity.
    The first amendment and respect for a fellow human being should allow him to walk around without a bodyguard/entourage and be safe. If this is not possible then the police/law should enforce this basic human right.
    Or he should be getting a percentage/royalty of all the photos taken of him that is used to generate an income for someone else.(not a fan photo) As would any model in the world if a photo of them was used for the same purpose. Photograhers have to have a legally signed document allowing them to use a persons image. When did actors sign this document with the papparazi??
    Rob’s entourage should be the first to take this action on behalf of the entire acting world. Or other actors should unite to have the papps (not the media)controlled.

  50. What I find amusing is that these magazines and paparazi websites have NO IDEA how powerfull we Twi-fans really are. By powerfull I mean passionate. When we don’t like something, whatever that something is, it suffers.

    Having said that, I wonder how badly X17, TMZ, and OK will suffer when their sales and ratings go down. They will have no one to blame but themselves.

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