Essence Magazine: History of Black Vampires

Essence magazine has a retrospective of Black vampires throughout the ages. Edi Gathegi is featured.


  1. The Cullens are still my favorite vamps, but I hate someone always has to be make everything into a black / white thing. Its just a vamp thing.

    • Maybe you don’t realize that it is almost always a “white thing”, and you get upset enough to comment when people point that out. Insecure, much?

      However, Blade, the Aaliyah in Queen of the Dammed and Octavia Butler’s Fledgling let’s us know that there is a long history of black vampires.

  2. as a minority, i understand the issue. i want to see more ethic characters from all backgrounds & cultures in the supernatural world, whether vampire, werewolf, ghost, witch, angel, etc. i think it’s a good thing b/c more people need to see characters that look just like them. i ask that question myself. perhaps, i’ll write my own…

  3. I think Edi Gathegi should have been included in the Entertainment Weekly Online “Sexiest Beast” vote off – they included Cam Gigandet (James) but for sheer beauty and sexiness, Edi Gathegi is way ahead of Cam Gigandet. Edi takes my breathe away he is so beautiful and his slightly French (?) accent as Laurent put him over the top for me.

  4. And I think by mentioning it here the Lexicon shows how fair and progressive they are. Further kudos to the person here who wants to write her own story. u have to write your story and hope it resonates with the human experience. You have to trust that-I think that’s what SM did. It’s not a black/white thing at all.

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