Deseret News: Profiles Kiowa Gordon

Utah’s Deseret News interviewed Kiowa Gordon, who will be appearing at a number of events in the Utah area. (Photo credit: Camile Nighthorse, AKA Kiowa’s mom)

“Gordon, a newcomer at the time[of the casting search for Native Americans], got the much-coveted part due in part to a lucky break. He is a member of Meyer’s LDS Church ward in Arizona, and “when she told me they were casting for the movie, I jumped at the opportunity.”

And he said he has enjoyed the chance to play a “strong” Native American character in the film. Gordon is a member of Arizona’s Hualapai tribe, which is probably best known for maintaining and operating the Grand Canyon’s “Skywalk.”

“I love being able to honor my roots and my heritage, especially in movies that are so hugely popular,” he said by telephone from Los Angeles.

Gordon said his mother and manager, Camille Nighthorse, has been responsible for his cultural upbringing.”

See more in the Deseret News.


  1. Wow! That is so cool. I didn’t know any of those things about “Embry.” Thanks!

  2. PamelaC says:

    Right on for Gordon! It’s always a good feeling when you can be true to who you are & honor where you come from.

    I must say, though, he’s looking pretty yummy in that picture!

  3. WOW!! O.o MODEL STATUS! Hottie!

  4. “On July 24, Pioneer Day, he’s appearing at the 16th annual Intertribal Competition Powwow in Liberty Park [in Salt Lake City]… noon-10 p.m.”


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