Bella’s Bedding On Sale Today Only at Target

It’s a major one-day Internet only sale at Target, and guess what is going at a steal?  That’s right the bedspread that is the same one as Bella’s in Twilight and New Moon. Don’t miss out! Get it at Target while supplies last!

And as long as we are plugging items, the original Bella’s engagement ring (the one that Stephenie Meyer actually designed back when the novel Eclipse first came out) is also on sale at Infinite Jewelry starting at $35.00.


  1. so is it on sale tod only? or does it just start today until supplies run out!

  2. Claire Hill says

    Do they ship to the UK? I really want one but they are not selling this in the UK 🙁

  3. Thank you so much for the heads-up on this! I just ordered my comforter set!

  4. the ring is beautiful. much better than the movie version…

  5. Bummer, no Cal King 🙁 boo.

  6. I wish they shipped to Canada,were not that far!

  7. I know, the ring in the movie looked like it was set with diamond chips. Just do not understand why they changed it from what SM designed and what was described in the book. It was huge and ugly.

  8. Andrea D says

    My husband is going to kill me! I got the comforter. 😉

  9. gogirl808 says

    Mahalo Twilight Lexicon for the heads up on this! Got my order in ontime ^_^.
    (Unfortunately Target won’t ship to Hawaii for free, but this bedding can qualify for free shipping to the 48 contiguous states ~ enjoy the sale and free shipping everyone!)

  10. Stupid American shipping policy 🙁

  11. I finally broke down and bought one at the beginning of this month and it was $100 but then when I saw this, I called Target and they said return mine and order another! So I did! haha

  12. Bought the bedding!!

  13. Kayla Griffith says

    THANK YOU for the link! I really need to send you guys my version of what the movie one looks like!

  14. The ring is so beautiful-so much better than the one in the movie.Why did they change it?sigh…

  15. So, it looks like I missed this. What was the queen on sale for?

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