MTV: Kellan Lutz vs Henry Cavill

For those of you who remember Twilight history, you know that Stephenie Meyer had cited Henry Cavill as an actor she had in mind for Edward Cullen back before there was ever a movie script. There were countless avatars, forum signatures, and YouTube videos featuring Henry as Edward back in 2006-2007. Incidentally, the Bella in all those graphics was usually Emily Browning.

Anyway, Henry is now in the movie The Immortals with Kellan Lutz. MTV’s Hollywood Crush asked Kellan Lutz whose god would win in a battle,”Kellan’s Greek God of the sea or Henry’s Titan Theseus”.


  1. Well I may could fathom Henry as Edward but there is definitely NO other bella and definitely not emily browning!!!!! no way! and the more i think about it hell no, definitely no other actor for edward either!!

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  3. vampbball says:

    I think of Henry as Edward, down to the genteel manners (just watch him as Stephen in “I Capture the Castle,” and you’ll see plenty of Edward-like behavior), so yeah, I think Henry could take Kellan. ;0)

  4. eternitys_charm says:

    ahh henry :] he definately still is my edward haha. titan henry can take kellan…i think lol

  5. Rob takes a minute to adjust to (like your eyes in the dark) as Edward but Henry it’s just–POW–straight in the kisser.

  6. Henry was my #1 choice for Edward. But I agree, no other Bella but Kristen – she is perfect for that role.

  7. Man, I absolutely love Henry, so that’s a no-brainer for me. Henry all the way!! Sorry folks.

  8. HENRYYYYYYYYY…….god I love him…He totally was my choice for Edward, but I guess robs amazing too =)

  9. LatinStylzGirl says:

    Henry is and will always be my Edward. Even though Robert’s performance in the last movie (Eclipse) was a MAJOR improvement. And Henry can totally take on Kellan. Henry! Henry! Edward! Henry!

  10. Definitely Henry! Not only is he ultra hot, but he’s such an awesome actor. I always picture him as Edward when I read Twilight because he effortlessly and believably transitions his emotions when playing a scene. When I saw the first Immortals still of Henry as Theseus with his 8-pack, I thought, well, it’s a good thing he isn’t Edward, he would make Taylor Lautner’s Jacob look so puny. But the acting interaction would have been interesting to see as Cavill and Lautner are skilled actors. Anyways, my friends and I are looking forward to seeing Henry in Immortals in IMAX a couple of times come November 2011!

  11. I can’t wait to see this movie. I agree! Henry as Edward would have been SO awesome. I know I’m going to get bashed for this… Rob has his moments, but he has never completely done it for me as Edward. And Kristen gets on my nerves with her stuttering. But, with all that said, the movies would have been a zillion times better if Melissa Rosenberg had stuck more to the storyline from the books. I know they can’t include all details from the book, but some things are absolutely necessary and they left them out. For example, they never acknowledge in Twilight that Edward is playing Bella’s Lullaby that HE wrote for her. Lots of stuff like that throughout all 3 movies that would have taken a few seconds to include. They took too much of Edward’s romance out of the movies. Sorry! I’m getting down off my soap box now.

  12. Henry Cavill vs. Rob Pattinson aside (and sorry to be the weird greek mythology geek here) but theseus is the son of poseidon, making him just a greek hero, not a titan. Not sure why they’d get in a fight, either. Anyway, no opinion on the HCavill & RPattz thing.

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