Stephenie Fansite Junket:Part 2 Volvos, Angryedward, Reshoots, and more

In another release of the fansite press junket with Stephenie Meyer today, Twifans has up some additional information about the picking your battles on a movie set and how thing get in, get cut, and get reshot.

“Kim: Okay, we have a question about the Angry Edward, and how hot he is. When he gets angry, he pulls up, and he’s like…ya know……if you ever touch her against her will again. All the fans just love it. We all love it and everybody went crazy. The members, our members, we all wanna know about angry Edward.

Alison: Why do you think the fandom thinks Angry Edward is SO hot?

SM: Ya know it’s funny about this scene, and Meghan’s giving me the eye. That’s the one I walked out on, on the dailies because in my head that scene was so much different. In the movie Edward is quite separate motivation-ally from the book Edward. At this point in the film in the story for me he’s gotten past this. Like he’s realized “I can’t act like a teenage boy anymore. I have to give her space. I have to be the mature one here.” And in that scene in the book, he has, icy calm control. He is very gentle. He is very soft spoken. He is very mature. So when I see him….and plus ya know, the movies are unable to bring to life some of the elements in the mythology. If Edward had, in anger, grabbed Jacob by the shoulder, his arm would have come off. And the fact that Taylor is uninjured, and that he just kind of sits there…..bothered me. So I’m like…wait! If we are gonna go for it, tear his arm off. Ya know. And it’s hard for them, because blood puts you over the limit and stuff, and they would not tear off Jacob’s arm. I’m like….if we want angry Edward, I wanna see some blood. They had already filmed that day, so we couldn’t redo it but, people have responded really well to it.”

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  1. I have to say, I was disappointed with the whole ‘Angry Edward’ stuff in the film. He was supposed to be deadly calm and cool, to the point where it was subtly menacing. I thought the hole point was to reflect his maturity and control, versus Jacobs blatant immaturity and lack thereof. I was also disappointed with how Bella reacted to Jacobs kiss. She was supposed to be the one fuming in that scene, not Edward. It’s annoying because the people who only watch the films, and don’t read the books, are getting the wrong idea about all the characters. This misrepresentation must’ve really annoyed poor Stephenie! Ah well, at least I still have the books to re-read over and over!

    • Olympic Coven says:

      Agreed, the movies pale to comparison with the books but at least they are being filmed. Hope BD is the closest to the books. Bummed they didn’t mention the Denali Clan which sets up Irina in BD.

    • I completely agree. This is one of my favorite scenes in the book and did not like how the movie changed it

    • radiowidow says:

      You have both summed it up exactly how I would have. I worry that the final scene in BD is going to turn into total bloodshed to appeal to a broader audience instead of being the intellectual battle it is in the book.

    • Amen

    • Jennifer says:

      Amen! And not only that but how Taylor play Jacob as ashamed, with the whole downcast face, etc. In the book Jacob was positively GLOATING about having kissed Bella. He was cocky and self-assured – the typical Jacob response to anything. I love Taylor as Jacob, but have to say he played this scene wrong…or a least inaccurately.

  2. I bet it was hard for Stephenie. But… it was a cute scene with Charlie. At least Edward did calm down in the end during the tent scene and when Jacob kissed Bella. He was the calm Edward then. So it kind of worked itself out.

  3. Im a huge fan of the books, just read them over and over again and cant get enough of them! The Twilight and New Moon films are ok, I have watched those over and over again too, but obviousley the books were much better.
    Eclipse is my fave book and I was so looking forward to the film. There were so many scenes out of the book that I was looking forward to in the film, but they never happend, and I was left feeling really disapointed. Edward was portrayed totally different in the film to what he is in the book. Im now left not feeling very optimisitic about Breaking Dawn, am worried that that film (or those films lol) will not live up to the book either and that Ill be left disapointed again :O(

  4. the Angry Edward scene may have been off…but I still found it enjoyable. for me, the book charactesr and movie characters are totally different. Except maybe Jacob. He’s just hotter in the movie. But the Book Bella isn’t like Movie Bella and Book Edward isn’t like Movie Edward. But I have to say that I adored every single one of Charlie’s scenes…Billy Burke was SO awesome…for a cop/dad…:P

  5. *side note* rereading bd right now…straight quote from the book that makes me rethink Jacob and his…weirdness level. “The sound of the motor’s purr might have made me moan any other day…” Maybe it’s just me…

  6. I completely agree! I did not like the way the movie Eclipse potrayed some of the characters…especially Edward. I also thought the fighting scene was a bit on the cheesey side. I think they could have done a better job with all the technology at their disposal. I wish they would stick to the book and I am really hoping the director of BD will do that. I love the books and so far the only movie I felt did the best job keeping close to the book was New Moon. I really hope they read what the fans have to say and stick to the book with BD. They will have to change the rating to R in order to do that, since I don’t see them pulling off so many of the scenes without it.

    • TammyAZ says:

      I’m sure it’s been said before but it cannot be rated anything other than PG-13. When Stephenie signed over the movie rights, it was in the contract. And if it stays “true to the book” like everyone is screaming about, then it doesn’t need to be rated anything higher. All of the “bedroom” scenes are fade to black, so technically there is nothing to see:) She leaves it all to the imagination.

  7. An Angry Edward ripped Victoria’s head off…. who cares what he looks like arguing with a dog…errr Jacob.

  8. After seeing Eclipse, I was really looking forward to what Stephenie thought of how it turned out. I’m glad to hear she feels the same way alot of us do. Don’t get me wrong-I enjoyed the movie, but I too missed seeing the difference between mature, cool Edward and angry, sarcastic Jacob. I wish Stephenie could’ve been the screenplay writer as well! 🙂

    • I agree 100%! That’s how I felt. I’m glad Steph wasn’t happy with this change either.

    • mek mek says:

      this is the first time i’ve seen somebody hit the nail on the donkey (SM being the screenplay writer). i think the movies would have been totally different had she wrote the movies. with that being said i still love twilight and eclipse (new moon just ok) even though the characters are somewhat different. i too hope which has been my biggest concern that they dont make BD ending a blood bath just to entertain those who are not true fans who spend their money on everything twilight saga inspired.

  9. It’s funny that I thought that particular scene was very un-Edwardlike, and glad that Stephenie mentioned that it bothered her as well. Yeah, he would have torn Jacob’s arm off if he grabbed him like that. Then we’d have to go through the rest of the film with a one-armed Jacob (and a three-legged wolf!). Not to mention that a fight would have immediately ensued, Jacob being the hot-head that he is. It’s one thing to show Edward being angry, but they shouldn’t have shown him grabbing Jake’s arm like that. That, for fans, was obviously wrong.

  10. It’s such a relief to see tht SM agree with us! and I’m really glad she’s gonna be on the set of BD. now i’m not worried about breaking dawn anymore! Go Stephani!!!

  11. yes indeed, that scene with icy Edward calmly telling Jacob that the reason he doesn’t kill him is because Bella would regret it in the morning is GREAT. Also, that snow scene with Victoria was a similar mashup: first, the snow was the sort of place you might see Bing Crosby coming over the hill, warbling… very fake… and then, in the book Edward ‘croons’… he is so vampire-like then, and in the movie, he is merely violent and angry. The Book Edward is above anger. He is cool. And he tears both Riley and Victoria apart into little bits. Very effective and unforgettable. Thanks for the books. Stephanie! And if you ever feel like it, I want to read about Fred. What a great character.

  12. Oh, this is such a relief. I hated that scene in the trailer. Also, that scene has one of my favorite lines from the whole series – “Sounds about right, pup!”

    And, the whole thing with Bella’s reaction. Totally agree.

    I’m glad to hear that SM walked off the set that day because that scene is totally wrong in terms of it’s energy. Also, a hoodie? Why is Edward in a hoodie? Wrong outfit.

    The only thing you guys haven’t said is that this is the scene in the book where Jacob realizes who he’s dealing with … and that he’s outmatched. He wants a fight – he’s a teenage boy! Charlie expects a fight. Edward knows all of this and just breezes past them both and really belittles Jacob in the worst way by taking total control. So much worse than a punch would have been.

    This is when Jacob, I think, changes his strategy, which ultimately results in him manipulating Bella to kiss him at the end. Something that surprised me because I never thought Jacob would be that clever.

    He learned it from Edward, beginning here.

    • exactly!In the book there were many times where jacob got suprised by Edward’s attitude, which MR so easily ignored.

  13. I loved Angry Edward!!! I am glad that SM was not lov’in Bella leaving Edward to go on a bike ride with Jake.

    Gonna go see my Angry Edward tonight.

  14. vampbball says:

    I love you, Stephenie! Don’t worry – all we fans were also wondering why Jacob’s arm didn’t come off. I’ve just accepted that the cinematic Twilight-verse is a pale imitation of the one you created.

  15. I said the same exact thing when I saw the movie…Edward would not have reacted that way….anyway…the books are soooo much better than any of the movies!

  16. There is a very good discussion going at under the blog “Motorcyle Ride Off, Angry Edward…” Basically many fans are furious at the way Melissa Rosenberg puts Edwards in the scenes looking foolish, weak and as immature as Jacob. Espcially the motorcyle ride off scene, Bella loves Edward, she’s just got him back and would never, ever treat him so callously; the angry edward scene reduces Edward to Jacob’s immature teenage boy level, and Edward is so much more mature than Jacob that he knows he cannot and therfore will not fight with Jacob because it would hurt Bella if Edward killed Jacob and that is what would have happened. The last meadow scene where Bella stands up and backs away from Edward and gives that “I am woman, hear me roar” speech which is totally, totally wrong. She has said time and time and time again that the only reason she wants to be changed is to spend eternity with her love, Edward. Jeez. I did go to see Eclipse 4 times, the last 2 times just to see RPattz, but if MR/David Slade/Summit had not insisted on insulting my intelligence and that of many other fans, I’d be going several more times. So they need to get their agendas off the table and make the movie the fans want to see or there will be a big exodus of interest for the next 2 Breaking Dawn films. I’m hopeful that with Stephenie being a producer (which means she has real money in the project) she’ll have more clout.

    • Agreed! I know this isn’t mentioned in the interview, but your comment made me think of a line Bella has in the scene where she kisses Jacob right before the battle. Edward calls her “Mrs. Cullen,” and she says something to the effect of, “it’s the 21st century, I’m at least going to hyphenate my last name!” I know that in the books Bella has an aversion to marriage, but never once did she mention not wanting to take his name. In fact, in the beginning of BD, she specifically thinks, this is my last night as Bella Swan. Tomorrow I would be Bella Cullen. It connects her to him forever, just like her changing him. It was just one line in the movie, but I felt like it was really out of character and it put me off like the speech at the end!

  17. when i first saw that clip i thought the same – where is menacing incredibly cool edward…however having seen it….uummmmm….quite a number of times now:)i actually am also loving angry edward….LOTS….scene different from the book but i still thought it was great, would have liked charlie to have been a bit more pleased with jacob though.

  18. Vampire-girl says:

    I didn’t like it either especially as in New Moon it was stated that was cullen territory at Bella’s house.
    I think SM should have been more smarter at the beginning in what control she should have such as her say on the final script and then it would be how she wanted it.
    Its always the same with books turned to films look at JKR in HP 1 she had to fight so hard for the troll scene to be left in and that showed the basis of how they became friends.
    As someone else said on here I fear that in BD they will actually put the final fight scene instead of Bella shielding them

  19. I don’t think it was a question of SM being “smarter” at the beginning. At the beginning, Summit had all the money and they were taking something of a chance on Twilight – think back, no one foresaw the worldwide phenomonen that the Twilight Saga would become. Always follow the money! I’m sure SM was just happy that Summit was willing to make her book Twilight into a movie at all. She was lucky to get the concessions that she did, that were really important to her like PG-13. Now, Stephenie has some money, quite a bit, and that’s what producers do, they put up the money to get the project made and now she will have definitely have more say.

    • Vampire-girl says:

      Hopefully now that she is one of the producers on BD she can have more say its just a shame sometimes when scenes are not how she wanted especially as its her version, her baby

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