New Fan Junket Friday!

The four fansites that got the coveted visit with Stephenie Meyer have posted another clip from their four hour conversation. They’ve titled it “Leg Hitches, Freaky Fred, Edward, and More…” If that doesn’t grab your curiosity, here’s a snippit where the ladies from Twilight Series Theories got Stephenie to answer some questions about Fred from The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.

Twilight Series Theories: What is it about his human characteristics or his trait that caused him to have that ability when he is a vampire?

Stephenie: I see it as Fred’s backstory. He is in college, a little bit older like Riley and I see him as being – he is beautiful now because that is what happens, but him as being kind of a science nerd. Sort of quiet and sort of not liking other people’s attention. And of course when you live in a room full of newborns, that’s gonna be an even stronger need. So him, having that need to not be seen manifested in that way. And of course that makes him kind of cool.

Twilight Series Theories: Well, it is weird because he has got this ability to make people feel so repelled that they are nauseated. I think that is where they got the smell thing from.

Stephenie: I think so, but for me it was like completely a feeling in your gut. It wasn’t really a mental thing, more like a visceral and really, really potent. When you have to learn fast when you are in a group like that and so he is in an elevated learning program and he gets good really quickly. And, he is really, really smart. I liked to think about the newborns and what it would be like to be so unable to focus and all the time all you can think about is this driving need that you have and you are barely human. But if you can stop and slow down, you are able to think and you are really bright actually and he is able to do that on his own which makes him unique and special.

Read the whole transcript or listen to the audio over at Twilight Series Theories.


  1. He would be perfect for Tanya! I really enjoyed reading his story, wish there would have been more. Sad that Stephanie is kind of sick of the whole Vampire thing as there are so many tales yet to be told in so many ways. What I really wanna know though is about Leah, I haven’t been reading much about the after stories so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!

    • as far as i knw there are no writings on Leah so far…

    • okay i found this answer on Stephani’s web site under FQA.

      What happened to Leah?

      Leah is currently pretty satisfied with life. She’s free from Sam’s pack, which is a very happy thing for her. She’s the “beta” in Jacob’s pack, which she can’t help but be a little smug about around her pack brothers (its kind of a big deal in wolf terms). Jacob has become the reliable friend that she’s been needing for quite some time, and he’s a real comfort to her, though they conceal their fondness for each other with constant bickering. She has absolutely no romantic interest in Jacob, and the whole Nessie thing only bothers her in that it ties her to the vampires.

  2. okay i have one question. did bree has feelings for fred as well?? i remember she’s noticing how beautiful he is but tht didn’t mean she’s falling for him rite??

    and Edward!! awww I’m falling i love with him all over again!! **sigh

  3. THOSE WERE MY QUESTIONS!!! That is soooo cool!!! Thank you so much Stephenie!!!! And Twilight Series Theries!!

  4. Whoa!! I would do almost anything to be there with Stephenie.I want to meet her and give her a big hug for Twilight. Finally….there are some interesting questions.Fred’s backstory is amazing.I hope they publish more soon.

  5. Meredith Cullen (Twilight dreamer) says

    Ok, thank you so much for the backstory! I love when SM explains things it really brings everything full circle! Lol I also love the picture above! I also wish I could meet Stephenie and give her a big hug for twilight!

  6. I also have been enjoying all the back story stuff, I love when Stephenie elaborates, its almost like getting more book. I think if she reallllly knew how much we all longed for more she would just stop everything and continue the story….NOT…but I can dream. I would read the continueing story 4 ever. I believe Carlisle found Fred in that park and explained everything to him (after Edward explained what Bree told him) with an open invitation that when he was thru exploring his new life he would be welcome to join theirs for any amount of time. (and he will) I also agree with someone above who said he would be great for Tanya. Then he truly would be in the family forever. Then the Volturi certainly would have a hard time when they next mess with our Cullens…

  7. vampbball says

    So Stephenie has established that when she wrote Eclipse, she wasn’t considering that Edward could hear Bree’s thoughts, right? Because I really think it’s strange that Edward never mentioned that he KNEW the Volturi were involved with Victoria’s plan, especially in Breaking Dawn when there are people to convince that the Volturi are crooked. I wonder if Stephenie had finished Bree’s book earlier, whether she would have written Breaking Dawn differently (esp. the conversation with Eleazar).

  8. I figured that, since Riley’s coven is like hell — all that fire and smoke underground — that their repulsion to Fred was because he was a really good (god-like) being. Bree had to elevate herself to be comfortable around him. The others won’t elevate their hellish conduct, so they are sickeningly repulsed by him.

    And I have to say, I can’t handle that photo!! Please don’t hurt Stephenie, even in jest!

  9. I agree with you James about the photo, Stephenie should be treated like a goddess. It is so nice to know that Stephenie had some problems with the way the movie was done that I admire even more and to have to courage to do these interviews and honestly tell us her feelings is just extraordianry. Your fans are with you 100% Stephenie.

  10. I wish Stephenie was asked about Victoria and Riley getting Edward in a head lock during their fight on the mountain. Would either Victoria or Riley ever
    be able to get close to Edward let alone touch him without him reacting to their thoughts first.
    Seeing Edward like that made him look vulnerable and that could never be.
    Please if you ever get a chance to ask her anymore questions could you ask her about that paer of the movie.