Comparing the Twilight Saga Movies: 13 Days of Domestic Numbers

Everyone out there is spinning the numbers of the Eclipse. In general, it doesn’t often happen that franchise movies each become more successful. Frequently there’s an initial buzz and then some do better than others. Now regardless of whether or not Eclipse out sells New Moon, it’s difficult to think of a movie produced by an indie studio on a 50 day shooting schedule that has so far domestically grossed almost $240,000,000 as an economic failure. By the time the year closes, Eclipse will easily keep its place in the top ten movies of the year and have a decent shot of landing in the top five.

Below are charts via Box Office Mojo showing how each Twilight movie did in its first 13 days of release. Keep in mind that the first two were Friday releases so that accounts for number spike in different weekend locations.


New Moon


To break the New Moon box office, Eclipse has to beat $296,623,634.  Given what it has earned so far, that leaves   $56,924,605 to go domestically.


  1. Twilight has to be the most *profitable* franchise in film history. The cost to earnings ratio is insane. Globally, it’s already past a half billion-with-a-B dollars.

    Now, if they added a video game, we’d be talking real money…

    • Dunno… about most profitable in history, as the Star Wars films were budgeted relatively low, and are still making a killing even today.

      Twilight Saga is making money though, and lots of it.

      As for money distribution… Part of it goes back to the investors who pitched in to produce the movie + whatever percentage they get above that. Much of the funds go back to the studio though to help produce future projects. IF Summit is smart, they are going to use the funds to create a nest egg to help keep them filming long after the Twilight Saga franchise has ended. The reality is, they only have two more years of Twilight, and by that time they need to start generating other films that will produce a sizable return. Right now, the Twilight Saga is the only real money maker Summit has. They’ve produced some really good movies, but they haven’t had the draw that Twilight Saga has, so it is in their best interest to make hay… while the sun shines.

      • Good points, Joshua. I meant percentage-wise, but far be it from me to say anything negative about Star Wars. 🙂 Summit may well have some pipeline issues (especially since they just lost the Jodie Foster/Mel Gibson film)(more or less).

        Of course that could all change if they can get “The Host.” All those planets… it could be like Avatar times (how many planets did Wanderer go to?)!

        Unfortunately, looks like it may be on the back burner, as far as the director is concerned (from

        “Collider: Writer/director Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) has a few projects in development, and it looks like the sci-fi thriller I’m.mortal just made it’s first major step from the page to the screen. It-girl Amanda Seyfried has signed on to star as a member of a society where no one ages beyond 25… Prior to I’m.mortal, Seyfried will star in Catherine Hardwicke’s Gothic fairy tale reimagining Red Riding Hood (set for March 11, 2011)… On Niccol’s slate, the likewise future-set The Cross appears to be the furthest along in production, with Orlando Bloom, Vincent Cassel, and Olga Kurylenko set to star. Niccol has also signed on to adapt The Host, an tale of “well-meaning alien parasites” from Twilight author Stephanie Meyer. Meanwhile, his fantasy script The City That Sailed may be the vehicle that reunites I Am Legend collaborators Will Smith and Francis Lawrence.”

    • OMG!! A twilight video game!!! i would so buy that!! I’d play Bella or Edward 🙂

  2. so how does all this money get distributed. In all who comes out to the big money makers Summit or the actors? Just wondering?

  3. We’re going back Saturday for the third time. It willhold its own…I’m as excited as I was the first time. I only saw New Moon once in theater.

  4. Great records are being set I believe. I am going back for the fourth time

  5. kathy feroz says:

    Hah, I’ve been four times so far:) More to come, feel like going again tonight! Pretty well done, lots of important issues covered from the book. I would have made a few changes for those of us who don’t miss a freakin thing from the book!

  6. Have already seen it 3 times the first weekend and plan to see it many more. Saw New Moon 13 times in the theater!

  7. Eclispes is not doing as well as anticipated because a lot and that is a LOT of people are on the fence about the changes that were made. Making Bella say she wanted to be a vampire because ‘she fit more in that world’ and not because like the books, she wanted to be with EDWARD. The screenwriter in changing Bella trying to make her be ‘stronger’ hurt this movie. Bella was always a strong person. She knew she loved Edward from the first book. MR made Edward appear weaker and did not show it was his love for Bella that made he hang back. People seeing the movie and not having read the books don’t understand their connection. I think she was trying to please the Team Jacob fans too much and the Team Edward fans are not seeing the movie over and over like they did NM.

    • I agree with you 100%. I think MR has done incredible damage to this franchise. She seems hellbent to emasculate Edward and if that’s the kind of film she wants to see, she should write her own. I have seen Eclipse 4 times (once in Imax) and I’m going to see it one more time because I love the cast, especially Rob and I will be eternally (no pun intended) grateful to Rob for bringing Edward to life for me in spite of MR’s efforts to make him appear to be a wimp. I think Rob and Kristen are doing an excellent job with the dialogue they’ve been given by MR.

      • I agree with you guys… the most heart breaking thing 4 me is tht how all the non readers don’t get to see the both sides of Edward and Jacob. All they got from the movie were the presistant side of Jacob, and the clam and understanding side of Edward (which made him look weak) They never showed the weak side of Jacob nor the dark side and the determintaion in Edward… even in the fight scene MR almost got Edward killed! grr.. ( he’s a mind reader for god sake!!!)

      • I agree with you both, that really freaked me out to hear that too. Somewhere along the way MR decided she would change all the characters to her liking. I hated that statement of Bella’s the most tho’. My son didn’t read the book but watches the movies, he even mentioned it seems Bella is using Edward after hearing that comment. Of course I told him the truth after it was over. ugh. I hate her adaptation, but I love my books so I will keep coming back. We can only hope someone with some sense adapts them next time exact.

        • I hated, hated, hated that last scene so much. Not only was it a major change to the story (and everytime I hear MR talk about how that’s the “most important thing to be true to the basic story I want to puke) it was clumsy. When Bella starts her little speech, she rises to her feet and backs away from Edward (rises above and away from him!!!!) and then humiliates him by telling him “No, sorry it’s not all about you”. Bullsh_t!!!! ITS ALWAYS BEEN ALL ABOUT EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!! Not only did MR ruin Eclipse for me in so many ways, I am not really looking forward to Breaking Dawn cuz I heard her say that since it is going to be 2 movies, that gives her more opportunity to include more of her own interpretation! I’m actually more excited about Bel Ami and Water For Elephants coming out next year – both of those scripts don’t emasculate the leading man’s character.

          • i can’t believe i forgot tht last scene! Yeah when bella was like “No it’s not about you!” i was like wht the heck too because that part seemed so wrong! why is it too much for MR to stay true to the book??? especailly when it comes to Edward and Bellas relationship!

  8. I won’t be surprised if i find myself going to see it again. It’s worth the $20 to see Victoria’s ripped off her body.

  9. Gina L. says:

    Ecilpse SUCKED! David Slade ruined it for me. Sorry! Bellas a tart, Edward is a crazed obsessed boyfriend & Jacob is the hero. That is not what I read in the book. And most importantly, where was the imprinting of Quil & Clare? Its gonna look pretty creaky in the next movie & what about Edward & Seths friendship? Very big key point for the next 2, yes 2 movies. Good job Slade, you got your action movie.

    • Even i was looking forward to Edward and Seths friendship!… i don’t think Eclipse sucked though. It was soooo much better than New Moon!!

  10. Notice opening day was lower for eclipse? i blame the screaming tweens. i refused to go to eclipse opening day because it was so annoying at new moon. ruins the movie.

    • So true. I wanted til Friday morning, a 9:45 AM show to see Eclipse. It was almost full, but most of the theater were the Twi-moms (I couldn’t believe the grannies & gramps there too!!) And closet Twi-fans (ya know the ones that tell their friends they don’t like anything Twi-related, but have a pic of Rob or Taylor hidden in their closet – I heard that while in line waiting for the bathroom and again by another set of girls getting popcorn. I was LMAO)

      Anyway, it was a much better viewing than New Moon when I went to an 8PM show with tweenies hootin and hollerin every time Jake was shirtless!

  11. Twilight dreamers says:

    Yay, Im going to see it for the third time in a few days. I saw it at the midnight showing on the 29th or 30th actually. It was fun with my cousins and friends but horrible with everyone woo-ing over shirtless Taylor or calling Rob “Yummy”. But i have to see it more, I saw NM 7times in theatres.

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  13. Actually there is a twilight video game for the wii and ds .
    Lol !
    though I have to agree Edwards potryal is horrible T_T

  14. Ok, my arm is twisted. I guess I’ll take one for the team (Switzerland that is) and go see Eclipse for the 3rd time. I guess I’ll just FORCE myself…. I may even go crazy and see it a 4th time.

  15. I know Eclipse is seen as a failure in terms of the dip in box office recipts,but keep in mind movies that come out in the summer,are like on an assembly line. One comes out after the other and it’s difficult for one film to dominate the entire season. New Moon came out just before Thanksgiving and it didn’t have any solid competition until the Christmas movies started coming out-Avatar,Sherlock Holmes and Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Let’s not forget the bigger picture here,the movie is on it’s way to reach half a billion and it hasn’t come out in the other countries yet. So it will probably be in the top five for the end of the year.

  16. alwaysedward says:

    I agree with the above comments – MR really did change the story – Bella even told Edward in the bedroom/proposal scene in the book, when Edward wondered if it was more about being an immortal than being with him and Bella laughed, saying she thought he was the smart one, and she only wanted to be immortal to be with him forever. For some reason, Bella is seen as weak because she “needs” Edward so much. Yet, she still reads her books, still studies, still worries about what other people think (about marrying young), still cooks for her dad, still desires to keep her friendship with Jake (it’s Jake that blurs the lines constantly). She maintains her. She just happens to love Edward so much that she’s willing to do what it takes to be with him forever. Aren’t most of us like that? I would go anywhere for my husband, do anything for him (except go against God’s principles-but he wouldn’t ask me to), but I’m still me. I haven’t lost me. Bella doesn’t lose herself. She’s not weak – why can’t MR get that thru her head?

    • I have been thinking for the past week that I would go to see Eclipse 1 more time (I’ve seen it 4 times cuz I love this cast, mostly RPattz, but Kristen and Taylor and all of them) and I keep procrastinating. I realized this morning that I just do not want to sit through the scene where Kristen jumps on the back of Jake’s bike and rides off leaving Edward looking like a fool, and the botched up proposal scene and, of course, I realized I just cannot watch that last scene again. Thanks a lot MR.

  17. alwaysedward says:

    BTW – Eclipse has now passed the New Moon mark in comparison on day 14.

    I also still enjoyed Eclipse very much despite MR-but New Moon I think is my favorite – it captured Bella’s feelings for Edward the most I think of the three movies.

    • I agree. I love Twilight because it introduces us to the characters and there are some scenes in there that I watch again and again and again (I rewind and watch the last scene where they’re dancing in the gazebo cuz RPattz in that scene is just exactly the way I think Edward would look, when he bends her backward and moves toward her neck, that is just a perfect sequence for me!!!) But New Moon brings out emotions in me that none of the others have. So many, many scenes are just perfect. In fact, now that we’re talking about it, I’m going to put in my New Moon DVD and watch IT again!!!


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