Eclipse Premiere: Kristen Stewart Interview

Again thanks to Kaleb Nation for letting us dub in his audio track because our audio file was muffled. Also major recognition to Kallie of Twilight Series Theories who did the actual cutting and dubbing!


  1. la_petite_femme says

    YAY! Finally!

  2. Great question! You can see that Kristen appreciated something new.

  3. “It’s all in the books, that’s the reference.” That couldn’t make me any happier 🙂

  4. I was so disapointed with this film. I have always been a huge Twilight fan, more so than anything and have always defended it against haters. However, I don’t think I can anymore. It was soul toutringly awful to the point I could not even laugh. Twilight saga books are a happy memory for me and I will always loved having read them those 15 times. However, I think I;m over it now. This film killed it for me

    • Lunna-san says

      You know what? I kind of agree. I still love the books, but these movies…

      How come, in the end of Eclipse my friends were just telling me how great Jacob was and how Bella had had to choose him? I mean, hello? Twilight Saga is about Bella and Edward! Not Bella and Jacob. The script just showed Jake’s qualities and made Edward look bad.

      MR ruined the characters. I new she was going to do that.

  5. twilightbabe says

    Whateva! I loved this movie! Best in the saga

  6. It was the best movie by-far. I didn’t like the part where Edward was almost killed and Bella stabs herself with a rock, follow the books people!