Eclipse Breaks IMAX Record

According to The Numbers:

“As expected, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse had a huge opening on IMAX; in fact, it set a record, pulling in $1 million during midnight screenings alone. This broke the previous record of $950,000 held by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Over the six days, the film made $9 million on 193 IMAX screens domestically, while it added $235,000 on just 11 IMAX screens internationally.

Also announced this week were the results of IMAX’s second quarter at the box office, and they were impressive. From April to June, IMAX pulled in $115.0 million, which is a 37% increase from the same time last year. It goes without saying that this is much stronger than the industry at large. Over the first six months, IMAX has generated $347.2 million in ticket sales, more than triple last year’s pace.”

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  1. yeh, good news as well, the people at E1 entertainment are negotiating a UK release of Eclipse in IMAX.

  2. I’m feeling really old. I have no idea what IMAX is. 😀

  3. I saw it in IMAX again tonight (for the 3rd time). I saw it once with my wife in a regular theatre and it is definitely way better in IMAX.

    That being said, Bella’s speech at the end bugs me more every time i watch it. How can she say that her decision to become a Vamp isnt completely about being with Edward? That’s just insane and flies in the face of her entire character (and the central plot of the books). Are they trying to say that Bella would still become a Vamp if Edward was killed in the fight with the newborns? Yea, right.

    It makes me really mad that the powers that be cowtowed to the “angry mothers” out there who were crying that Bella wasnt a good role model for their teen daughters and gutted the essence of her choice.

    What’s next? She’s going to choose Jacob in the next movie because that’s the sensible thing to do? STAY TRUE TO THE BOOKS – PLEASE!!

    • alwaysedward says:

      totally agree

      • I don’t know after a third viewing I have a diferent interpretation of the scene. I think it was to make a resume of the character for the audiences that don’t get her. We already knew that Bella started her journey thinking she was a coward and not expecting anything out of life, but once she meets Edward she becomes a diferent stronger person and confident on getting what she wants no matter the dangers or Edward’s objections to it. I think it was a way to spell it out for people to remember who she was and who she really is and how she found her inner strenght and the real Bella.

        I think the speech shows to Edward that she is indeed making the right choice and after it she reasures him that she marriage+vampirism are the same thing and tells him that belonging to his world meant to tie herself to him. So I think I liked it is just to make things clearer.

        • How does that explain the “it was never a choice between you and Jacob, it was between the life I had and the life I was supposed to have.”? or her reply to Edward that it wasnt just about him?

          The core of her speech is that she was meant to be a vampire and isnt making the choice just to be with him, which is a 180 from her character and the central plot in the books.

          If you remember, one of Edward’s concerns in the books is that she is more interested in immortality than with being with him, which she alleviates by assuring him she only wants to become a Vamp so she can be with him forever and so that she doesnt turn into a granny while he’s still young.

          This speech was added for one reason and one reason only, to appease the small but very vocal minority who have been making a stink about Bella being a bad role model for their kids.

          • I agree. I have now seen the movie 3 times and I like it a bit less each of the three times. This is one of the main reasons why – I agree, Bella makes very clear in the book that the ONLY reason she wants to be a vampire is because of Edward – there is no eternity without him. The other main reason being the difference between book Edward and movie Edward. Movie Edward is not nearly as strong. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is how they translated the passive emotions in the book into activity on the screen – but the reason we all love these books is because of the relationship between Edward and Bella. I don’t feel it the same on screen as I do in the books. It just seems like any other teenage romance – not the epic love story it is supposed to be. Just my two cents.

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