Today Show: Bryce Dallas Howard on Eclipse

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Bryce was also on Regis and Kelly


  1. samantha says:

    i love rob !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. I love Bryce, she’s so humble and modest and seems like a genuinely sweet person

  3. Short interview. She looks great, though. Love the dress. I guess I’m totally in the minority because NM was my favorite book in the series.

  4. On a couple of other sites I go to, Bryce is being totally and viciously trashed. I actually liked her portrayal of Victoria very much. She stepped into a role which created a very daunting task for her and I think she did an excellent job. I wish that she had had a better wig though and she should have had a bigger part in the changing of Riley. I hated the opening sequence where she supposedly takes a blindingly fast flying leap at Riley and scratches (it didn’t even look like a bite) is PALM! WTH? I think if they were going to include Victoria changing him, she would have met him, got to know him a little bit, he would have been completely seduced by her unearthly beauty and then…she would have bit him in the neck – duh!!!

  5. vampbball says:

    Oh Regis. Can’t believe he so clumsily stumbled into the Rachelle vs. Bryce controversy. But Bryce handled it beautifully. Doesn’t it seem ironic that our two Victorias seem like the absolute nicest members of the cast? (after Peter)

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