The Stephenie Meyer Eclipse Interview Round Up

Because there have been so many interviews that happened around the Eclipse premiere, and it sure was easy to miss things, we decided to do a Stephenie Meyer interview recap featuring all the fansite questions because the mainstream media questions were pretty much the same.

Twilight Lexicon, Twilight Series Theories, Twilight Examiner, Twilight Facebook
(Wyck Godfrey Talking about Stephenie, What Scenes would You Like to Have Written, Making a Bree movie, Future as a Screen Writer, Other POV on Film, Sympathy for Riley,Casting of Diego)

Team Twilight, Twilightish, Twilighters and MSN Superfan (side stories, sequels, writing to find yourself)

Twilight Guy and His Golden Eyes (Mermaids, Aliens, Time Travel and book recommendations)

Twilight Moms and Twilighters Anonymous (The Host movie status, The Host sequel, being a producer, a Bree movie)

Bella and Edward and Twilight Source/Imprint (starting at the 7:00 minute mark, producing, casting, the Breaking Dawn split, The Bree Tanner History, Twilight Official Guide)

TwiFans also updated their site today with Stephenie’s thoughts on fanfiction and her parody of Breaking Dawn called Breaking Down.


  1. when are we going to get all the information from the fansites that got to have lunch with stephenie? i know they were waiting until after eclipse came out to release everything because of spoilers. did i miss it?

  2. Excellent! We have re-posted (and linked) the Host-centric interview from this post on The Host Codex newsblog:


  3. Emmma Jason says:

    that woman is god. seriously i’ve created a religion called Stephenism. any followers? i’ll give the details to any responders. i saw eclipse and loved it. i just don’t get why they hold back the lunch. people who know about that kind of stuff have read the books and idolize Stephenie. so it would’t spoil anything. gtg, bye.

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