Win Bella’s Bedding as Seen in Twilight and New Moon

Remember the famous purple comforter that appeared in Bella’s bedroom that everyone went crazy looking for after Twilight came out?Β  Well now Target has restocked the comforter. Target/ is giving away one of the purple flocked comforter sets (size full) as seen here to a lucky Lexicon reader (limited to shipping to addresses in the USA).

If you would like a chance at the comforter just tell us in the comments below why you like the comforter and we’ll pick a random winner tomorrow night, July 2, at 11:59pm est.


  1. The bedding looks very pretty, love the colours and the pattern on it. So I wouldn’t mind sleeping on it LOL

    • Judy Merritt says

      I can’t tell you how excited I would be to own this set. Purple is my color. Tried to find this set when Twilight came out,but could never find it. The idea of feeling like Bella and owning a small piece of Twilight would be thrilling. thanks so much. Love your sight.

  2. I have wanted a comforter like this for a while but i can never find one!!!


    • im with you girl team Edward 4everrrrrrr

    • I love Twilight, the story is great.. And its a beautiful bedding.. From Puerto Rico, Im truly a Twilight Saga fan… I have books, soundtracks, movies, dolls. everything… Plus I made a webpage for Twilight … search for it in facebook and twitter… thanks Go team Edward………….

  4. purple’s cool……….

  5. Vickie Lince says

    I like the design…

  6. Briana George says

    I love this bedding because it is feminie elegant but sitll fun. It dresses up a plain room really well I think.

  7. My favorite color is purple!! πŸ˜€

  8. Well, it’s a beautiful color and i just new a brand new one. I mean, I’m sure I will sleep like a little baby it! Hahahaha Me?!

  9. i love this comforter because its twilight and i love the color purple. it goes with my room and i need a new one.

  10. Jenna Clark says

    I would like the comforter set because the Twilight books and movies have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, the death of my mother and my sister, and being on my own limits what I can and can’t buy that is twilight related. It would mean the world to me to have a piece of the magic that is my escape from everything I’ve gone through the past two years.

  11. Andrea D says

    The color is beautiful…I would love this comforter even if it weren’t in Twilight. (That’s just a major plus!)

  12. I want to win Bella’s comforter because I am not only a huge fan of the books and movies, but I am in love with the color purple. It’s been my favorite color forever! Thanks for the contest!!

  13. Danielle says

    because my 11 year old daughter would love it!!!

  14. 1) I love Edward N Bella n I am a twi-hard.
    2) Purple is my favorite color
    3) The bed set is pretty !!!!
    So, Can I please win ?

  15. I want to get it for my daughter. I will look gorgeous in her bedroom.

  16. Niki Lynn says

    Love the comforter set because because it’s simple, but gorgeous and every time anyone comes over, I’ll secretly know it’s connection to Twilight.

  17. I love purple and so do my daughters who are big Twilight fans too, it would match their room. It’s not for me it’s all about my girls!

  18. i like the comforter because its has a unique style and not that girly like me lol

  19. I have a twin bed and would love to spruce up my room. Right now my sheets are black and white and I think a little purple would be lovely. The fact the it was featured in the movies, it was awesome. I would love to be considered.

  20. It’s gorgeous! It will go perfectly in my bedroom. I love the shams and how they continue the pattern very ethereal. A beautiful addition to any bedroom.

  21. The design and color are different and beautiful. Who doesn’t want a piece of Twilight in their room? Does it come with Edward too? πŸ™‚

  22. I would love to win it because i am a complete TWI-HARD!and i also think that it would look awsome in my twilight collection so please pick me to win!

  23. I would like the Bella comforter because I love purple, I love twilight(I’ve see all the movies, own all the books), and I just moved to a totally different state then what im used to and had to leave all my special blankets behind. So I need a new blanket and I’ve just always loved how Bella’s room looked that I would be over joyed and overlly greatful.
    Signed, Team Bella

  24. I really love this set. Purple is my signature color!

  25. I just moved to a new house, and my walls just happen to match the colors. It’s a really cook design.

  26. Jennifer says

    Besides the fact it’s contributing to my Twilight obsession, I LOVE the color. I love the leave silhouettes. And I think these Moroccan-like lamps I own will look awesome with this comforter! Got my fingers crossed. Thanks Target πŸ™‚

  27. It is just as I pictured for her room. When Charlie points at it and asks her if she likes purple, I just want to shout, “Of course she does! That’s an awesome comforter!”

  28. Because my step-daughter is a HUGE twilight fan (I am as well) and I would love to be able to get it for her!

  29. I would love to win this because I’m a huge Twilight Saga fan. Ever since I saw that comforter I wanted one but wasn’t able to find one. Plus I love the colors it has and the plants on it too.

  30. i could uses a new one and i like it

  31. Love the design, color and everything Twilight! Also, my bed is a full so it’s perfect!

  32. I love this. I was trying to find it everywhere when I re-decorated my room after twilight came out but I couldn’t! I actually ended up buying the grey one that’s similar to this, but I like the purple so much better.

  33. kayleen Wills says

    would love to have the set. beautiful.

  34. I like the comforter because I’m a huge Twilight fan, I love the color purple, & it would be a great gift for my daughter!

  35. I just finished painting my bedroom Purple, This would go perfect in my room! My husband bought me a queen size bed for Mothers day, I sure could use a new comforter! I would love love love to have this! Love the books, Love the movies…My cat Bella would get some good use out of this too πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  36. One; purple is my favorite color!
    two; the design on it is pretty and relaxing
    three; i need a new bed set because my mom and i just moved so i need to redesign my room!
    <3 Twilight
    <twilight lexicon!

  37. Well my room is purple and pink so purples cool ( bella in twilight), and the purple comforter would match with the deco in my room such an edward thing to do match…. everything together

  38. Because I love it!!! πŸ™‚
    I love Edward and Bella too!!!! πŸ™‚

  39. Because it’s Bella’s! And i could really use a new comforter. πŸ™‚

  40. The colors match my phone! And I would love to add another item to my Twilight Saga collection πŸ™‚

  41. Stefanie says

    Ok here is why… I’ve been leaving in my house for like the past 20 years and finally like a couple of months ago my mom had the money to paint my room and fix the celling and buy me a bed and so on so the only thing I’m missing is the bedding right now I have this plain white Comforter not kidding my room looks awesome I have Edward Cullen tower bookcase as seen on the movies I have lost of books recommended by rob and Kristen I have an awesome Edward Cullen poster but my bed looks plain lol I can show u pictures… This bedding is freaking cool not just because I’m a fan of Bella/Kristen the twilight series and movies but also is just so pretty and modern and at the same time classic… I love the color and the patterns love that the dewing is kind of like leaves and not flowers cause I don’t like flower’s patterns…lol I just love it and I think it would look awesome in my new bedroom… That’s why I like it sooo much… Hope I’m lucky to get it beside it fits my bed =)

  42. I love the comforter because the color is really pretty and the design is elegant. I also love the comforter because I love everything to do with Twlight :). I’m going to be a freshman in college next year and this bedding would be absolutely perfect for my dorm room!

  43. I love the color, design, and the Twilight series. It would be cool to take that bedding with me to college.

  44. I want it because I never win anything online!!! Every contest is for US residents, but my aunt lives in the US and she’ll be happy to recieve the conforter on behalf of me and give it to me. I recently painted my room purple, so this will be perfect!!! My twilight shelf and board will be perfect with it!!! Great Design!!!

  45. My daughter would be so excited to get the comforter like Bella!!

  46. I love this comforter. It’s a warm color but not too girly. I’ve been a fan of the Twilight Saga since practically the beginning; I read the first book only 5 months after its release!

  47. Like everyone here, I am a huge fan of both the books and movies and have a growing collection of Twilight memorabilia. Of course, this would be a unique addition to my collection. Mostly, though, my real interest in the set is that I just ended my relationship of over 8 years, moved out of my house, and have to replace everything (Well, not my Edward and Jacob standees! I got to keep them!). I really need some bedding! Please!

  48. Christine R says

    My comforter on our bed is falling apart and I would not be able to afford my choice of comforter (This one) until my husband graduates college next year. Also, our four kids love the color….”burple!”

  49. I have wanted this comforter from day one! I am not a huge fan of purple normally, but I loved the green on her walls at first glance and thought it was brilliant color corrdination!

    It is nearly impossiable to find this comforter online and the store variations are terriable, so I bought the movie companion, flagged all the pages with a picture of the comforter and tried to make it myself.

    I found a plain purple comforter then tried to hand sew on a pattern I made from black felt. Let’s just say I am not the best seamstress in the world…

    I want the comfeter because it would be great to stop waking up with pieces of black felt in my hair!

    I am a passionate twilight fan, and have always connected with bella’s room. It was her place of tranquil, the place where edward was hers every night to noone elses knowledge. It’s just romantic!

  50. My 13 yr old daughter has loved this set since Twilight came out. It would match her purple room perfectly! I would really enjoy surprising her with it.

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