Pel’s Spoilerific Eclipse Review

Ok, let me start by saying that Eclipse is my favorite book in the series. So if anything, I think I was more inclined to be picky about this one. I’ve now seen the movie twice: once in IMAX about three weeks ago in LA with a bunch of movie critics and last night in NYC at midnight with fans. Stop reading here if you don’t want spoilers

Overall I think the movie had a nice balance of action and romance. It did a particularly good job of bring a book that is loaded with Bella internal monologue the screen. I also really like the expanded universe point of view segments such as the transformation of Riley, the Volturi watching, and especially the Cullens in fighting mode.

I’ve had various people ask, “Should I see it in IMAX?” Let me start by saying, I’m not really an IMAX person. It makes me dizzy. This was the first movie I saw at an IMAX in almost a decade. The first 5 minutes was just really hard to watch in IMAX, so fast too intense, but keep in mind I don’t do well in IMAX and maybe that’s exactly what another person would like. I also feel some of the intimacy is lost in IMAX.

So let’s break this down into the pro’s & the cons:


  • Acting was on a much better level than the previous movies. Overall much stronger performances enhanced by direction and expanded dialogue.
  • Stand out performances by minor actors who in the book are for me neither here nor there. Kudos to Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham who I feel transcend in performance what is on the page. Dying is easy; comedy is hard and Billy Burke nails it without forcing it. A lesser actor could look ridiculous telling the legends tale, Gil didn’t. Also the scene where he is hearing Jacob’s anguished cries…wow…just, wow.
  • Newbies Xavier Samuel perfectly menacing, Julia Jones just the right amount of chip on her shoulder with everything to prove, Booboo Stewart has corned the market on adorable.
  • Stronger performances overall by the wolfpack, notably Alex Meraz is a standout and Kiowa Gordon and Tyson Houseman are great as Jacob’s wingmen in scenes when they don’t speak. They are anchored and engaged in the scene and I didn’t always feel that way in New Moon.
  • Action sequences are fabulous from Riley’s transformation, teh gorge chase, and especially the newborn battle.
  • I particularly liked the Esme/Carlilse tag team approach and the almost Legolas/Gimli vibe of the Paul/Emmet sequences.
  • The tension in the tent was right on.
  • The proposal was fantastic with Bella commenting to defray the cheesy moments.
  • Rosalie and Jasper’s backstories really came alive. Jackson Rathbone in particular was a standout for me. Loved Jasper the military leader doing the training and the dry humor “Don’t turn your back on your enemy.”
  • Howard Shore’s scoring was superb
  • Kristen Stewart’s final monologue on she did what she did for her was excellent.
  • Cons
    None of these are of they “it ruined the movie for me” quality. It was more like “damn, 5 more seconds, a hat, or a car would have solved that.”

    • The pace was just a little too fast for me. I get the action is needed but it was too quick at times.
    • The one part of the book I missed was Bella seeing the possibilities of life with Jacob flash before her mind. We don’t get that she really considered the alternative so much as feel like it’s one impulsive kiss to save a friend from death. You don’t get the full weighing of choice.
    • The wolf telepathy isn’t adequately explained. You understand that they communicate telepathically, but not that there are no secrets. The non-book person isn’t going to grasp that they cannot hold back a single thought.
    • Our mod Shelley (Something Blue) said it best. “Bryce isn’t feral enough” She doesn’t look like a nomad, you don’t get that sense of wildness. Victoria was dressing in cast offs with leaves in her somewhat bushy hair now looks like she’s now shopping in Armani exchange and coiffing with high end hair product. Even in the battle with Edward there is barely a hair out of place.  It doesn’t visually work which impeded the acting. Bryce does a good job manipulating Xavier’s character, but when the embrace leads to that over the shoulder shot you needed much more of that “I’m only putting up with this cretin till I have my revenge.” look. The scream is good in the battle with Edward but you don’t get the consistent crazed murderess who will stop at nothing(we get that from Xavier, but not from Bryce). I wanted to really see her lose it. Not sure if that was a directorial, actress or both choice, but for me it fell short. Didn’t ruin in, but it didn’t live to potential.
    • The Volvo continues for me to be utterly laughable. They blew the chance at doing the iconic car. At the very least, since the exact model Stephenie cites is no longer in production, a bright silver sedan should have been used. To repeat myself from New Moon. “The car is forgettable. It blends into the background, and that’s exactly what you DON’T WANT when you are talking iconic car.” It’s like hooking James Bond up with a Caddy instead of an Astin Martin, or giving KnightRider an Impala. It doesn’t take me out of the story, but it doesn’t enhance it. I don’t notice it and I doubt that’s what Volvo was gunning for. Granted Bella’s truck is slightly off, but it has the flavor of what was intended, there is NONE of that flavor when you swap from a sports car to a SUV.
    • Kristen’s wig in the battle training scene is horrible. The pinned back look screams flattened wig. She would have been better in a hat or hood.
    • You miss the wounded feeling that you have at the end of Eclipse, that each party a la Wuthering Heights has been rotten to each other on more once and that their actions have come at a cost.
    • I couldn’t put my finger on it until I saw today’s MTV discussion with Phil Tippett, but I really liked the looked of the New Moon wolves better. They were richer, deeper coats and colors. I also really liked the human eye aspect. These wolves looked like they went on a diet. they didn’t look like they were going to pound the earth. If the human forms are built, shouldn’t the wolf forms be built too?


    1. TeamEdwardAlways says:

      Some of the cons I agree with, but nothing bugged me more than this one thing:Bella’s new “coldness” toward Edward and what seemed to be the emasculation of Edward through most of Eclipse. I cannot remember a single scene where Edward, Bella, and Jacob are together and Bella is not defending Jacob. She’s always either rude, cold, or just not caring about Edward’s feeling in these scenes, and to me it’s kind of like, wow, do you even love your boyfriend? What bothers me about it is that it’s NOT the Bella from the books and it’s NOT the same Bella as the previous two movies. And Edward is almost ALWAYS shown as either overprotective, controlling, or some other negative attribute. Basically, it just seemed to me that they almost always (except when Jacob was not in the scene) made Edward out to be the bad guy, and Jacob the good guy…they NEVER showed the tender or funny moments of Edward with Jacob present, and I just really don’t think it was fair to Edward. Sorry for the rant, but yeah, this mistake by far made me forget all the others that are little in comparison, to me that is.

      • EverythingRemindsMeofTwilight says:

        Spot on! Couldn’t have said it better myself. They made Bella out to be so incredibly bossy–they made almost every idea hers (hiding her scent was totally not her idea).

        I think they’ve missed the point that BOTH Bella and Edward do whatever it takes to try to make the other happy and do what’s best for the other. Obviously, they make mistakes along the way, which brings out their human-ness. Bella doesn’t run off into the sunset with Jacob, but realizes exactly what she’s giving up to STAY committed to Edward.

        In spite of plenty of little things that I could list forever (favorite lines, more Rosalie back story, more Seth, Quil imprinting, and why did she cut herself cause that never happened), I did love the movie. For the first time, I didn’t look at my watch wondering what time it was– I felt really, really, really engrossed the whole time, which is totally the point–to lose myself in that world all over again. There will always be things we’d want more of or done slightly different, but no book will ever be copied to screen perfectly–it just doesn’t happen that way. As a fellow Twi-hard said when I told her the movie was only 2hours and I was worried it was too short, “4 hours just isn’t enough.” 🙂 There’s never enough Twilight. 😀

        I’m REALLY looking to seeing it again Friday night!!!!

        • Totally agree with you and I think if you read one of MR’s recent interviews you would understand why Bella is so different from the books. MR doesn’t by into that kind of love story and she is a huge woman power person so she said she couldn’t write anything that contradicts her beliefs. I don’t see the Bella in the books as anything in love with her boyfriend so I don’t understand why she takes such issue with that. If she didn’t believe in the characteristics of SM charachters then she shouldn’t have taken on these movies.

    2. Jean Brown says:

      You are so right. I think that is the problem with this screenwriter. She keeps trying to make Bella into this 21st century woman which is find if that is what Bella was really like. But that is not Bellas character at all. She had no problem taking his name remember in BD when she went to see J Jenks and she told his bodyguard that her name was Bella Cullen. I see BD going to a very bad place. They need to part ways with Ms. Rosenberg.

    3. I definitely agree with your Pros/Cons list.

      For me, the movie was pretty fast paced. I wouldn’t mind if the movie had to be 20 or 30 minutes longer. They know the fans will watch it, whether it’s 2 hours or longer, if necessary.

      I wish there would have been more of the Bella/Alice moments. They were really great in the book and too many of them were left out. I liked the two garage scenes – 1. When Bella comes back from seeing Jacob on her bike and Alice is sitting on her Porche “petting” it, saying Edward was going to take it back. 2. When Alice is pouting about Bella wanting to go off to Vegas to get married and Alice convinces her to let her plan the wedding.

      I wasn’t expecting to see the wedding dress only because if it didn’t match from one film to the next, people would really freak out. But it would’ve been cute if Alice would’ve said that she’d already gotten it.

      Although I’m not a Jacob fan, I did feel that the “triangle” between him, Bella, and Edward was not as strong as the book. It didn’t feel as back and forth, emotionally, as it did in the book. I could tell in the book that there were questionable moments in Bella because of things that happened with Jacob. It didn’t seem as emotional in the movie. In the book, she questions herself with him more. They hyped the love triangle a lot more than I feel it got represented. Sorry Jacob fans, I’m happy that the triangle wasn’t so dominant – I just love Edward too much 🙂

      I think they should have left in the argument with Bella and Charlie about the plane tickets. In the books, Charlie is mad about the idea of Bella flying across the country with Edward. In the movie, he just seemed like “whatever” and the scene doesn’t have the shock/surprise it did in the book. I love how she drops the plates in the book – it just adds to the moment so much.

      I’d definitely have to say my favorite scene was the bedroom scene. Not just for the sensuality of it (although that did make my heart race), but I liked some of the added content from Edward that wasn’t in the book. I liked how they went more into how he would have courted Bella. I also like how she wasn’t weird about getting her ring. In the book, she freaks out when he says he has it – I didn’t like that.

      Overall, I loved the movie. It is my favorite of the 3 that have been made. I will definitely be seeing it many times before it leaves the theater and will be waiting patiently (maybe) for the DVD release.

      But I am most excited for Breaking Dawn. I know a lot of people say that Eclipse is their favorite book, but Breaking Dawn is mine. I know I’ll be waiting for quite a while for that one, but at least I’ll have Harry Potter 7 parts 1 & 2 in between and the Eclipse DVD when it is finally released.

    4. My biggest complaint – Alice has been robbed of so many great comedic moments! Most notably and mentioned here was the lack of “kidnapping”. [Of course, there was little of Bella’s rebellion against “no werewolf friends” – another missed opportunity – to warrant a kidnapping scene.] And, Bella has already accepted Alice as wedding planner! No “How much do you love me, Bella?” manipulation! Pure Alice comedy LOST!

      Don’t get me wrong. Loved the movie. What was there was good – great at times. The leg hitch/proposal scene was truly satisfying, and Alice and Jasper’s fight scene was even more adorable than in the book. I just know this book by heart – it’s my fav by far – and will probably have to see it once more to get out of “book mode”.

    5. I haven’t read all of the comments, so I may be repeating what others have said. TOTALLY agree about the Jacob/Bella kiss. I would’ve liked to have seen a dramatic, 360 degree shot, with a flashback style scene showing Bella and Jacob and the kids described in the book. Would have added so much more to the scene, and viewers not as familiar with the books would have gotten more perspective on Bella understanding just what she’s giving up. As another reader said, New Moon was really where Bella chooses Edward. Eclipse is all about her understanding what she’s giving up to join his world.

      With that said, one little nit-picky thing for me was in the first meadow scene, I didn’t like how they have Edward repeatedly saying, “marry me.” I thought it took away from the actual proposal scene. The proposal scene itself was awesome and I was happy with how it turned out, but I felt like with him saying that in the beginning, the actual proposal wasn’t that “awww” I wanted to feel.

      One more thing. I think more could have been done with the last Jacob/Bella scene. It’s a huge pivotal moment for Bella, when she has this clear hindsight about everything she’s done to hurt Jacob and Bella, and she fully understands the weight of her decisions. She finally understands she needs to let go of Jacob in a profound way, and it’s a huge conversation to have. More weight/time/emotion/something could have been placed on that scene, for me.

    6. shannon says:

      While I would agree this is, by far, the best movie adaptation of the three, I felt it missed something the book conveyed so beautifully. Stephanie loved Bella enough to give her condensed human life the experiences she felt everyone should have in order to have truly lived. Bella and Jacob have such a heart-wrenching goodbye in the novel that the movie’s version fell flat, rendering Bella and Jacob’s love somewhat inconsequential. She is heart-broken, as is Jacob, when she realizes how much she loves him and how happy their life could be, but how meaningless it is in the end when compared to a life with Edward. She must realize all she is giving up, suffer through the heart break, and move forward. Stephanie did not spare Bella any of the good or any of the pain that comes from living. Bella also failed to realize how deeply she hurt Edward, and whether that was editing or the script, she neeeded to acknowlege that she hurt these two men deeply with her actions. Contrition humanizes Bella in the book, and it could have in the movie as well. It would have been nice to see if Ms. Stewart could have pulled off tears to convey emotions that would break our hearts as the last part of the novel did, so that we could venture forward with Bella on the last part of her journey into forever.

    7. **Oops I meant in that last paragraph, she has clear hindsight about everything she’s done to hurt Jacob and Edward**

    8. I think they did a much better job using music to enhance the mood of the movie in New Moon. The soundtrack for Eclipse didn’t do much for the movie. While there were definitely good bits, I was bored through most of the movie.

    9. Jennifer L. says:

      TOTALLY AGREE. the Volvo really was forgettable, Bryce didn’t bring the wild seductress feel Rachelle did, the wolves were better in New Moon, and the pace was too fast.
      BUT, i totally loved the movie. When the previously minor characters, to the point where they seemed nonexistent, stepped forward with their personalities. i personally loved Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone act, the Alice/Jasper chemistry – on the spot. the battle scenes where quite short lived, but it gave you that on the edge battle feel.
      Kristen and Taylor did stellar performances, but RPattz totally blew me away. not only did he look fabulously delish, he nailed the hurt looks, sometimes jealous scenes. i TOTALLY LOVE HIS GRIN.

    10. Lesleigh H. says:

      OK..My take on “Eclipse” (versus the book & the other 2 films) was = “Adequate”.
      And, this is coming from someone who was so totally looking forward to David Slade’s comandeering the director helm..and bringing his horror/suspense directorial background to do my favorite Twilight book!
      Besides the lack of few of the more excellent, small Steph Meyers’lines which could have been EASILY added in, as post-production voice-overs (“Little Monster”, “Don’t Watch”, etc)…my main beef was WHERE WAS THE REALLY DARK TERROR everyone talked up (that David Slade was supposed to truly bring to the table)?
      The book (as well as the Bree novella) had some excellent, fearful scenes…which gave unending opportunity of visually painting this film edition of our fav. book series.
      I know that they don’t want to risk the PG-13 rating…nor freak out the Twi-Tweeners…but, for gosh sake – if Harry Potter’s villains can grow up and scare the BE-JEEZUZ out of us (who grew older WITH him/them) – then what about the latter books of Twilight?!!!
      What about the dis-aassembled stone pieces of the torn-up vampires trying to re-assemble themselves?! Or, the blood-thirsty rampages in Seattle?! And, so many small opportunity of sneaking in some true vampire horror (which were represented in the books???)
      Was VERY disappointed in how lame the fight was with Victoria & Riley…and, the missed opportunity of the Quileute’s run-in with the gloriously beautiful & vicious Cold Woman. The one they had was not one who I could see the members of the tribe falling down on their knees to immediately worship – due to her beauty & knee-length long blonde hair – and being anihilated upon doing so!
      Though the romance was well-represented…I thought it so SANTITIZED when it came to the aspect of its originally-written “horror” – it stole the best part of what I think makes Eclipse & Breaking Dawn so exciting!
      Despite this, I remain a true & dedicated fan of both the book series and the movie franchise. I will go out of my way to support it, in every way I can…but I will mourn the fact that they didn’t follow the truly dark & original path that the Potter series has been able to (successfully) navigate.

    11. Good Movie…but I’m an easy pleaser. People are going to be really mad at me, but Taylor Laughtner needs some more experience when it comes to acting. He channels a death scene from a Clint EastWood movie for me….like, “tell Jonhie I love him” in the slow agonized voice. Robert Pattinson…eeennnngghhh…I don’t know. He’s fine I guess. Kristen Stewart, great as usual. Billy Burke, amazing, and did anyone notice how quite the theater got when Jodelle (Can’t remember her last name(Bree)) was screaming when the Voluturi grabbed her. For a minor character she delivered!!! My mom came with me to the screening and she was like,” why did they have to kill that little girl”. My mom is the silent passive type, so for her that was, “OMG, that scene was heart wrenching”. I thought she did amazing for such a small part! I really liked the movie good job!!!

    12. Twhitaker says:

      i agree with what everyone is saying. although i am a die hard edward fan, they should have shown the complexity in bella’s choice. If anything the pain she shows over jacob proves her feelings for edward in the books. I REALLY missed the wuthering heights scene, it truly showed edward and bella’s emotions. I also hate the fast pace of the movie. The tent scene was the scene i was looking forward to the most, and i was actually surprised that they did it well. Did anyone else notice, Bella actualy cut herself, in the victoria battle in the end? where the hell did that come from. she held the rock in the book while rebreaking her knuckles. When edward said ‘your stunt with the rock, you almost gave me a heart attack.” I know this might seem weird but i really wanted after bella kissed jacob to hear the full conversation between edward and bella. I wanted her to say call me all the bad names, make me forget what a bad person i am. The movie’s nonchalant “i love you more…. i know’ didn’t do it for me. I also wanted more of the edward protectiveness toward bella, especailly in the victoria fight scene. When he killed her in the book, he thought bella was afraid of him. He was so thoughtful and he said i never wanted you to see me like that. I understand that Eclipse is an extremely long book, but they missed some key details that fans would have appreciated. I think everyone will join me in saying we would have sat there for as long as it took to see the story we all know and love.

    13. I saw the film yesterday, I went straight to the cinema after work. I love the book so much and I was expecting the film. (Pel, we talked about it when we met in Roma at the ita Twicon, I don’t know if you remember). Well, I liked this film, it’s my favourite so far, I think that director David Slade did an excellent job in shooting the battles scenes (I liked a lot the when Cullen run after Victoria and the recruitment of the newborn) and in balancing them with the romantic ones. The photography is very good, su much better that NM. The music is excellent and the performances so good. I liked J. Rathbone and B. Burke in particular.
      Ok now let’s what I didn’t like: the screenplay. With all my respect for Melissa Rosenberg but she doesn’t understand Bella and the story. She didn’t get in Twilight, in NM and now. Bella in the film is so different from Bella in the book,she’s a kind of agressive and also Edward who seems weak and obsessive. In the end it’s hard to understand (unless someone read the book) the choice of Bella. I know the book is long and must be summarized, but not cutting the important parts. Chap 27 “needs” is cut and many other parts (Rosalie’s longing for a baby for example). Everything happen too fast, as many of you already wrote. However I liked the film and I’m going to see it again. Director and actors did a very good job.

    14. I agree with everything that you’ve mentioned, but would add the following cons:
      1. The make-up: UGH! It keeps getting worse in every film! In the first, the Cullens looked extremely pale but not too abnormal. Now, they appear so chalky that it’s hard to believe the people in Forks aren’t noticing.
      2. The wigs: DOUBLE UGH!!
      3. I wish that they had spent an extra minute on Jasper’s and Rosalie’s back stories and stuck closer to the book.

      • I also want to add that I wished that they had used the Wuthering Heights line instead of or in addition to Bella’s final monologue. Also, the vision of what Bella’s life would’ve been with Jacob. Let’s face it: the movie should’ve been at least 20 min. longer. Many of us sat three hrs for The Lord of The Rings movies; we would’ve done the same for Eclipse! Here’s hoping the DVD is better!

    15. Great review!

      In the tent scene, it would have been great if they let Bella speak in her sleep just like in the book..when Bella speaks both names of Jacob and Edward.
      They should have also introduced the Denalis. In the book, Carlisle called Tanya and asked for their help. This should have been a great introduction for them before Breaking Dawn. This would also explain Irina’s anger towards the wolf pack. Plus Bella got jealous when she heard from Rosalie about Tanya right?
      Also, it would have been nice if they included Emmett’s backstory in Rosalie’s backstory. When Rosalie found him almost dead in the mountain.
      Although many have appreciated the fast pace of the movie, but really, it was just too fast.

    16. Jean Brown says:

      Hey i wanted to ask you guys something. It has nothing to do with the plot or characters in the movies but the actor themselfs. I go to diffrent fansites all the time and the majority of them seem to be Team Edward but the theater i was in would go crazy and i mean totally crazy every time TL/JB came on screen. When they showed RPatz/Edward….nothing. I also heard from other people and even the critics that it was like this in their theater also. So the question is if Edward and RPatz are loved so much by the fandom why did it seem like everyone in the theater were Team Jacob. I don’t get it. Where were the Team Edward people at because they sure wasn’t in my group. It does not matter i just thought it was kind of funny. I still love RPatz/Edward the most. Abs only get you so far in Hollywood and Teenyboopers only go with what is “hot” for the moment and move on too the next”hot” guy very quickly.

      • Maelina says:

        My theatre was totally Team Edward, everybody was disgusted by the J/B kiss. From my experience fans who prefer Jacob are younger and therefore more noisy, so it may look like there are more of them. Team Edward is a much bigger portion of the fandom though, you can see it in every poll on the internet. Edward always gets like 80% of the votes.

    17. Great eye on your review! I was so upset we didn’t get to really see the choice she had in Jake…I’m still longing to see her flash into the futer of what her life could be with him, along with at the end I didn’t feel her pain. It was like “Hey Jake, I’m sorry…should I come back because I’m leaving now to see Edward.” It left me wanting more. Still my favorite movie of the three, but I think it will ALWAYS leave me wishing for something more everytime I watch it. At least with New Moon and Twilight at the end of the movie I felt like I was ready to move on to the next. I don’t quite feel that with this one. I feel like I need to watch it again in hopes maybe the scenes I was drawn to will suddenly appear.

    18. I saw Eclipse at midnight and thought it was the best one yet! Robert and Kristen really stepped up their game and the acting was so so so much better. I think that the book was best represented in this movie, it had the most things from the book, even if it did go a little fast.

      I did miss some of the scenes from the book, like Angela and Bella doing graduation announcements, but David Slade said in an interview that that scene will be on the DVD. 🙂 So, maybe the others will too.

      overall, I Loveddd it!! Cannot wait for Breaking Dawn!1

    19. lirael cullen says:

      I thought the movie was well put together. At the beginning of the movie I felt it was rushed but, it didn’t really bother me. I just raised an eyebrow or two and all was okay afterwards. I didn’t nid-pick at insignificant details such as hair or a car. All in all i thought it was better than New Moon and Twilight.

    20. I could go on and on about how much I hated the movie, for many of the same reasons that have been mentioned, and more. But the absolute worst, for me, was the lack of what I see as the most pivotal scene in the entire series: Edward’s realization and admission in the meadow that his choices for their relationship are always wrong, and Bella’s are always right. To me, the entire series is about the evolution of Edward’s character and his redemption, and that scene absolutely necessary. At this point, I can only hope that Bill Condon gets it, because it’s very clear to me that MR and David Slade DO NOT.

    21. Great review, Pel!

      Eclipse was also my favorite book of the 4, so I had very high expectations of the movie – and I loved it! There were a few things I missed tho:

      • I wanted to walk out of the movie feeling heartbroken over Jacob, but didn’t. Reading Eclipse, you realize how completely perfect Jacob really is for Bella. How great their relationship is. And – most importantly – you realize that there are no “cons” to choosing him. It’s crushing to hear them both say aloud ‘I’m in love with you. Our life would be perfect. You are perfect. But it’s not going to happen.” In the movie, however, I didn’t really feel any of this. It seemed less soulful and more perfunctory. She didn’t even touch him! In the book they’re all cuddled up and crying. At least sit next to him and hold his hand! In the movie she walks out of the room dry eyed. I think it just made the whole breakup with Jacob seem easy. Readers know – there was nothing easy about it. She does know that she loves Edward more and doesn’t regret her decision. But the effect of her decision on Jacob is filled with a whole bucket of regret and hurt – and that just didn’t come across on the screen.

      Speaking of hand holding; that’s something I’ve missed this whole movie series. Jake and Bella hold hands all the time. They walk on the beach to their driftwood and hold hands. In Eclipse (I believe), Bella even says that they always held hands before, so now it would be weird not to. Not including this in the movie takes a little away from their relationship. Viewers don’t see how close they really are. You are told that they are close, but you don’t really see it as much. I think it’s a missed opportunity that’s just too easy to not include.

      • I wish there had been at least one more “custody exchange” between Edward and Jacob. Seeing Jacob and Bella hang out together and really “be together” goes a long way in showing the audience what they’re relationship has become. Even just a quick one – Jake passing out with his head in Bella’s lap while she watches Food Network – shows how much of a couple they already are (whether she realizes it then or not). It shows how easy her life with him is. Omitting this AND omitting the flash forward of what their life would be took a lot of the sting out of the love triangle. That she’s caught between two perfect options is what makes Eclipse so great. That tension. The weight of that decision. Especially seeing how much it hurts Bella to hurt Jacob. Without the background … without seeing their relationship as it really is, the audience just has to take Jake’s word for it that they’re both in love. As it is, I’m afraid that non-readers will just see it as her friend that’s in love with her. As something that she has to set straight before she can move on with Edward instead of something that’s she’s as deeply involved in as Jacob is.

      • I really missed the relationship between Seth and Edward. Why cut that? It illustrates that vampires and werewolves can get along if they want to. And it’s just so much fun to “watch” in the book during the end fight scene. Instead they barely spoke. No high five at the end. Nothing. Plus poor Boo Boo barely said a thing in this movie. I hope they include this in the BD script … it’s really just one of those things that you see and think “come on – how much screen time does it take to add in a high-five?!” J

      Like Pel – these are just things I missed. I loved the movie overall and can’t wait for my 2nd viewing this weekend.

    22. Twilight dreamer says:

      Very nice review! I for one hate to be nit picky but some things need to be picked at! First, I very much missed the Alice kidnaps Bella and Edward saying he doesnt want this (jacob) to drive a wedge between them. As well as the voice message on his phone. Bella seeing the possible future she could have had with Jacob and his line ‘I cant fight with an Eclipse’ The vampires being destroyed was a bit cheesy but done good all things considered. I felt the movie was rushed just to get to the action! A seen or two before graduation with Alice and Bellas conversation and Alice “Hiding” her thoughts from Edward. The movie was Amazing but sorry not as great as it could have been!!! On a positive note I loved Edward telling Bella how he would have ‘courted’ her back in his day that was romantic. Alice and Jasper kiss that was sweet. The flashbacks were wonderful. Charlie and Bellas “Talk” that was funny! and as well as Alice explaining to Bella Edward and her will be alone at the house while the rest of them hunt (that earned a whistle of two at the theatre) as well as Jacobs pain and Bellas monolouge at the end, I cried to that! Im sorry MR is good but not good enough! Lets hope Bd is’nt to rushed just to get to the action!!

    23. This movie just had too many problems and too much missing. I agree with most of the comments above but here were my main general problems: 1) Jacob looked too good and Edward didn’t look good at all. Most of the best Edward quotes were missing and I was so disappointed. They almost made him seem like the enemy! And when Jacob was supposed to “trick” Bella into kissing him they made it sincere!!! I couldn’t even believe that. 2) it was all rushed so much. I felt like I couldn’t even fully appreciate a single scene. 3) with the exception of the bed scene, all the swoony romAntic stuff was missing :(:( 4) In the battle, Bella stabbing herself saves Edwards life. What was that?!?!? In the book Edward and Seth had it totally under control the whole time. A key reason of Bella becoming a vampire is because she’s not supposed to be able to do anything to help in scenerios like these. 5) I had a big problem with Bellas final monologue. She said that Edward isn’t the only reason she wants immortality. In the book, she says that immortality would be completely pointless without him :(. 6) finally, I really wish that they would have done the whole Alice-wedding thing. Second, I agree with above comments that this Victoria wasn’t even remotely frightening.

    24. Kristine says:

      I don’t think I can add any new comments. I agree with many of the ones already posted. I too had someissue with the final meadow scene and wish it were more like it had been written. Bella’s speech seemed off. Overall the actors were SO MUCH more their characters. I do think we saw Bella flash afterthe Jacob kiss before the fight. It was in her eyes. I was watching for it. We read the books we know what she saw. A flash forward would have been better in her breakup scene with Jake as she describes it. That was too short. Of course I don’t miss the crying phase but I understand why some would. Though it was a fast pace this book was Packed with potential scenes. I missed the Alice kidnapping but I likethe more agressive Edward. Bellas action have followed the same since the first Twilight. She would have gone off Jake on the bike cause she would have been severly ticked at Edward for lying. yes he would have reacted but he just won her back. He was pretty made when he showed up at her house. I really liked how the eye color played in actually shifting in richness throughout the film. The scene I missed is Bella figuring it out with Alice that Victoria is the culprit. I think Jasper had the best hair in the this one, Emmet the worst and Also Rose had a great wig. I am looking forward to thenext installation where two movies withgive more time for the scenes we love. I certainy could have handled an extra 20 minutes with this one to flesh some stuff out a bit more. Oh and the proposal scene. melting…..

    25. Elizabella says:

      So I’ve only seen it once so far,that’s what happens when it’s a crazy last week of work before vacation. Anyway, I completely agree with Pel about the wolves, the Jacob flash, her hair,and Victoria2…but here are some of my comments

      I really liked the beginning with Riley, however I don’t like that he was from Forks because isn’t it likely that Edward would have run into his scent at some point?

      I loved how Bella recited the Frost poem in the meadow.

      Loved the scenes with Renee, I almost cried.

      I really missed a lot of the humor with Alice. I’m not sure the audience quite grasps how connected she is to Bella and that’s important in Breaking Dawn. One of my favorite scene in the book is when Alice asks Bella if she doesn’t love her because she sees her running off to Vegas. Sorry I’ll try not to complain.

      I agree it felt very rushed but maybe that’s what people like. I may be the only one but I adored New Moon and I really really liked Eclipse.

      My biggest shock in the film was Jasper/Jackson. He was downright hot in this film! Maybe it was his confidence or the fact that he was actually allowed to speak but whatever it was, it was great. I’m sure I could think of a million more things but I’ll wait until I see it again 🙂

      Oh one more thing, I was really irritated that Bella wore jeans to the graduation party(again lack of connection to Alice) and that Edward didn’t say anything about the diamond heart and Jacob didn’t say the Eclipse line, I mean HELLO, that’s the title of the movie!

    26. I liked how you see a glimpse of the yellow porche when Alice arranges the sleep over. Though, I wish it was shown how she received it 🙂

    27. MariposaAlice says:

      I agree with mostly everything that you said…except “You miss the wounded feeling that you have at the end of Eclipse, that each party a la Wuthering Heights has been rotten to each other on more once and that their actions have come at a cost.” I don’t feel that at all. Everyone in /my/ theory was going ‘poor Jacob!’ ‘stupid Bella!’ ‘Edward’s an ass!’ <—that was me. I'm Team Switzerland, have been since I first started the books (back when New Moon, the book, came out). And I felt that 'wounded feeling.' I don't know why you didn't, but I felt that. I also LOVED the wolves. When Jacob was next to Bella, it was like 'bam, gorgeous…big as a horse.' That's what I wanted to see. Tyson, Kiowa, and Bronson maybe shouldn't have speaking lines in the films, because although it was better..they're not good actors. Anyway, I loved the movie. Way better than New Moon and Twilight (loved both, too).

    28. Can I just say-I liked they show the yellow porche when Alice arranges the sleepover. I wish they would have gone over how she got it :). Also, someone mentioned the Quil-Claire imprinting thing-isn’t that in BD?

      • You’re correct-it is in BD. Good catch!

        Also, I just realized one huge thing with Eclipse that wasn’t there. The previous two movies (and all the books) have the intro start from the end (i.e. new moon starting with the fountain scene in Italy). Eclipse has the Robert Frost poem, but doesn’t really have the intro start from the fight scene that is mentioned in the first few pages of the book? Anyone else notice that???

    29. when bella said, “Jacob!Kiss Me!” people gasped and it was as clear as the nose on your face that nobody read the book. Could they at least put,that bella kissed him,sorry Jacob,because bella wanted him to stay from the fight.

    30. I have come from seeing Eclipse for the second time and I have to say that even though I loved seeing it during the midnight release I definitely enjoyed seeing it for the second time and being able to enjoy every little detail, dialogue, and scene.

      To begin with, I have to admit that this has been by far my favorite movie out of the three because it was also my favorite book. First, I absolutely loved the relationship between Edward and Bella because in each of the various scenes that they had together including the meadow, both at the begining and at the end, the “bedroom scene”, the tent scene and even the most minor dialogue and small glance seemed absolutely honest, beautiful and most importantly meaningful. One of my favorite scenes would definitely have to be the confrontation between Edward, Victoria and Riley towards the end because I absolutely fell in love with the way Edward kept holding Bella’s hand to protect her. Another one of my favorites was the proposal because you kinda felt Edward being a little vulnerable and nervous before asking Bella to marry him. At the same time during that same scene I loved the final part when she agrees to marry him.

      On the other hand, I have to say that even though seeing the movie for the second time made me feel a lot better about the pace, I still felt as if scenes could have been a little bit longer. Nevertheless, I have to give props for the humor and all of the little things that they added that weren’t in the book because it truly worked in the movie. Overall, Eclipse was amazing I cannot wait to see it again soon <3 Hopefully everyone in the cast knows how special they have made this movie (thank you guys!).

    31. I agree with your review. This was definitely the best made movie and the acting was much improved (especially Jacob…LOVED him in this one). However, this was my favorite book as well and there were many small “moments” that I missed. The movie did feel rushed like they were just trying to get certain scenes in…bedroom scene,check, face punch, check, tent scene, check, etc. It just didn’t evoke the same emotion that I felt when I read (and re-read) the book. There are so many times when I wish they would just leave Stephenie’s dialogue alone such as the proposal and the tent scene. Some things I would have liked to have scene (knowing they can’t put everything in the movie( 🙂 1. Made more of the “bauble” Edward adds to Bella’s bracelet and her realization that it is a diamond when Jacob comments about it. 2. The decision to get married in Vegas with Alice hearing that and getting upset and convincing Bella to do it her way. 3. Bella’s breakdown after she confronts Jacob at the end. 4. Bella “seeing” what her life with Jake could have been. 5. Bree wanting to kill Bella as she was waiting to be judged by the volturi.

    32. switzgal says:

      Saw it today on IMAX and overall, I liked it a lot. There were so many rushed scenes and not enough emotion. Like when Bella just kissed Jacob, she tortured herself in the book with guilt after that, in the movie, it was just a quick talk with Edward. blah. I also didn’t like the graduation party when Jacob gave her the bracelet. Again there was more to the scene, like when Jacob was looking up to the ceiling and avoiding her eyes when she was asking for the gift.
      The worst omission for me was the part in the book that always made me cry. The last scene between Jacob and Bella, NO King Solomon story, NO I’ll be good” speech by Jake, NO “The clouds I can handle but I can’t fight with an Eclipse.” Which happens to be my favorite line in the ENTIRE series!!!

      I will see it again and I hope I can get passed those missing scenes.
      I hate Melissa Rosenberg!

      • switzgal says:

        forgot to add, what happened to the part when Bella cries so hard in the truck after she told Jacob goodbye??? Then after that when she was grabbing her bracelet and was about to take it off and Edward asked her if she was sure she’s making the right choice?? No they just go straight to the meadow, talking about the wedding? WTF??

        I want to know from Summit, WHY must they limit the time to these films to ONLY 2 hours if they keep leaving out KEY scenes??? Why not make it 2 1/2 hours? They can show a lot in an extra half hour!

        • I said this exact same thing, Switzgal. Would it have killed them to make these movies a little longer so that folks could better understand what’s going on, tie up loose ends, and make things clearer. I have felt that’s where most of the problem has been all along. If Transformers 2 (that pitiful excuse for a movie), etc, can be 2 hours and 40 minutes, why can’t Twilight? I really feel this is the problem. They’re trying to cram all of this material to fit into a short span of time. Why not more time to get it right instead of trying to throw it out there, make all the money you can, then send it directly to DVD? Shameful. Clearly Summit cares more about their short-term bottomline than a good product that would potentially stand the test of time. Shame on you, Summit.

          • I have to second that! It seems like a lot of the reason people are so harsh on the movies is because (so these people say) there is lack of character development, complexity, and depth to the stories. All of that IS there-just not being shown!! Of course we still love the movies, but we want other people to love them, and know and understand why we love them so much too! If some of these mentioned “cons” would have made it to the movie, it would have been awesome for us die hard fans as well as new fans!

    33. Twilight Nymph says:

      I liked it,but I felt like something was missing other than scenes I wanted from the book. Maybe it was the pace, but I do think it’s better than the last two. Yet, I loved Bella’s monologue.I wish I could actually remember it, I thought it was really good.

    34. Oh! I saw it twice today. I dug it better the second time. I was pretty tense the first time cuz I love the books sooo much. I can be forgiving over these movies. Cuz it’s like a “shot’ of Twilight as apposed to complete emersion into the books. It’s my own personal brand…….. Anyway, the Jacob Hurt scene was a total bummer. I missed the great emotion and lines from the book too. But I get the movie people. They squeezed screaming from agony of re broke bones and he’s on morphine, to “Here’s Bella” in like two minutes. I get why he didn’t say much and wasn’t deep…I’m surprised he was coherent. but STILL! I thought it was bad blocking and editing in the “Naked Jacob Gets Hurt” scene. Sloppy. Let us believe he was naked please? I pretty much agree with all you guys..But, I liked the wigs better this time. The worst make up was on Rosalie in her scene. I thought the make up on the close ups of the trio was really good. Maybe Rob does had perfect ears?
      What bugged me was that after the tent in the snow, Bella didn’t wear a coat and we couldn’t see her breath. We should have seen hers, Seth wolf’s, and Jacob’s. Come on it was still snowing! To me, that made the setting very false. The full face close up of BDH with Riley in the, “I love you”scene, was off. But most of it was fine and continuous. I dug Jasper and missed Alice. Oh Ailce…But I was glad they kissed. Would have loved the “Little Monster line”…
      But let me be honest, The first time, I was peeved that they didn’t end it with Jacob wolf. But the second time… I was soooo feakin glad that Edward was smiling happy. Really! It was soooo nice to finally see him smile full face. and end with a happy Edward/Bella note…..I was so glad for Bella and Edward……
      When I buy this DVD and watch it, I will welcome the fix of the “Happy Ending.” If I need more emotion I’ll always go to the books.

    35. loved your review and i completely agree. the only disappointment for me was Bella’s wig. She is the PRINCIPAL character, how could the wardrobe, hair and make up, Director, editors turn a blind eye to this very important aesthetic feature???

    36. Well I agree with the fast pace of the movie, it was a bit like ‘slow down I’m trying to enjoy every second here!

      There wasn’t too much that I found bad in it, apart from maybe 3 things. Like the no in the kitchen scene with Jacob saying “Does my being half naked bother you?” line. I was waiting for that. The no ending with Jacob turning into a wolf and leaving, I thought it really missed out on that too.

      I thought the fight scenes were amazing! Loved every second of it! Jasper was BRLLIANT absolutally loved him in this movie, the Jasper scenes were my overall favorite.

      But yeah, better than New Moon by far, but I still think Twilight is my favorite movie out of them.

    37. Eclipse is my favorite book, and now my favorite movie (of the Saga of course), I actually don’t have anything bad to say about it, I didn’t miss anything (no wait, I did miss Edward talking about Tanya lol). Well I won’t lie, I did thought it was a bit rush, at least in the beggining. But I still think this movie is the only one of the saga that stayed true to the book…
      Oh I loved the whole Jasper/Alice scenes.
      And I have nothing left to say XD

    38. Janie S. says:

      Frankly, Xavier (Riley) made just about the entire movie for me. He was amazing, and hot =3, and totally brought so much to Riley’s character. I was actually upset when Seth dragged him away to kill him. He was just, the best.

    39. ok so i’ve seen the film twice in as many days, the first time i was too busy taking it all in to be picky, the 2nd time i noticed:

      bella’s wig – absolutely terrible

      the newborns coming out of the water – its place confused me. it gave the impression they were on their way but surely this should have come AFTER the tent scene??

      there was a huge lack of focus on the intensity of Bella’s relationships with both Edward and Jacob

      not enough was made of the Wolves imprinting / Seth & edward’s relationship / Rosalie’s self torture over Henry / Jasper’s self torture over all the killing / Alice’s pixieness(!)… all of which are essential to BD

      KS’s acting has definately improved and i don’t find myself hating her as much. Rob is AMAZING, much improved and plays the tortured soul perfectly.

      Overall i thought it was pretty good whilst considering the flaws and lack of intensity and pain. LOVED all the Cullens especially Emmett – glad Roslaie is finally stunningly beautiful

      hated the ‘Edward is almost killed’ aspect – bollocks bollocks bollocks.

      Missed the moving lines from Edward asking Bella to look after his heart and the kitchen / knife scene.

      however – will they ever be able to satisfy such intensely protective and adoring fans? i doubt it.

    40. also – whats with Riley coming from Forks?

      and whay was there a lack of wildness and desperate uncontrolable desire from Bree? Bella’s worries about being an newborn given the state of Bree also crucial to BD

      I could go on finding holes….

    41. sorry to keep adding but things just keep annoying me..

      whats with Bella practically begging edward to go to Florida? Edward would NEVER let Bella go on her own!!

      why did edward just barge in passed Bella when he got the stranger’s scent?

      Bella’s lack of a coat in the snow scene – big mistake.

      i was really looking forward to the Alice / hostage scenes – not enough is made of Bella & Alice’s relationship and the closeness they share (and Alice and Edward’s for that matter)

      Bella qualifying the conditions under whch she would marry Edward were bearly touched upon – there was no focus put on the fact that she promises to marry him if he promises they will try ‘to be together’

      little focus on Alice’s visions and how they work (that has been lacking in all 3 films however)

      why were the wolves so scrawney?

      LOVED Charlie!!!!!

      Jacob’s pain and him running off at the end were sadly missed

      Bella’s flash of her possible future with Jacob sadly missing

      regardless of the parts that lacked i think this is definately the best of the 3 so far and as this is my favourite book i think i’m prone to being more critical. overall i loved it but look forward to the (hopefully included) deleted ad extended scenes on the DVD

      BIG hopes for BD – lets hope SM keeps a tight grip on it!!

    42. Oh and to add to my earlier comment. Bryce was rubbish as victoria, nowhere near feral, and coniving and wild as she needed to be. Massive let down. Rachelle Lefevre was a million miles better, if she had still been Victoria the fight scene could have been epic.

    43. LOVED Charlie though, Billy Burke was literally the perfect casting choice, he just gets charlie so much.

    44. Have just seen Eclipse. It was good but not what I was expecting exactly. Overall good but I agree about the scenes with Jacob. After the big kiss, needed the flash forward scene of what Bella would be missing by not choosing Jacob. Needed tears and more sorrowful parting with Jacob at the end. We needed to see Bella really give up the Jacob path and her torn feelings about it. Loved the Jasper moments, and Rosalie backstory. Not crazy about Howard’s performance of Victoria. I miss Rachelle.

    45. They completely butchered Eclipse in my opinion. I’m going to get a lot of flack for this but despite a few redeeming scenes (the flashbacks, the sex talk, etc..), this was my least favourite of the movies so far.

      It felt very “cut and paste” in the flow – “Ooh, let’s put this line here and this scene here and see what happens.”

      They ruined the Switzerland line. The way she delivers it – “Enough, I am switzerland!” – Just didn’t work. Anyone who hasn’t read the books will think that was a very offhand comment without the additional “I don’t care who’s a werewolf and who’s a vampire! I am neutral!” to explain.

      Edward would not have been caught in a double-team headlock – he’s the fricken bad ass mind-reader!! There was none of the grace from the book in that scene as Edward and Victoria dance around each other.

      I have a lot of other grievances – too many to list so I’m sure you could take one point out of all the posts before and after mine. I hope the DVD is better.

      • I totally agree with you regarding the Victoria/Riley headlock for Edward. I was like “What?!?” That would never happen. Seemed like they downplayed Seth’s role in the fight as well. Overall, Eclipse was somewhat disappointing after all the hype. 🙁

    46. the movie is terrible, it’s just like most of sequences…
      first movie was a beautiful love story with memorable scenery, creative angles and great music
      if it’s a love story leave it to women to direct…
      action in eclipse is terrible, only opening scene in the rain is nice; some secondary characters can stay outside the movie didn’t make contribution only prolonged movie
      and actors getting older – at least say like “six months later”
      what about camera shake? is it a new style?

    47. Totally loved the film, but where was the Bella/Jacob ‘this is what my life could have been flashforward’? Agree with that, completely.

      Plus, why the hell was Jacob just left crying and in pain on his bed? Why didn’t his leave? And why did it cut straight from Jacob’s room to the meadow scene? Bella doesn’t seem very upset that she completely crushed her best friend!

      Other than that, it was real cool!


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