Eclipse By The Numbers: Noon Totals and Where It’s All Headed

Our good friend Larry411 has a great article on the Eclipse box office numbers going in to the midnight opening. In about an hour (noon eastern) we’ll have some solid numbers on what Eclipse did at the midnight and early morning showings today(and we will edit this article to reflect the change). The theater in NYC where Pel was had 12:15, 12:30, and 1:00am showings…nine…count em…nine screens and they were all filled. The other thing happening here is that we will have solid numbers not just estimates on the first three days because the movie opened well in advance of the weekend when estimates only are traditionally given.

Now on to Larry’s analysis:

The Twilight Saga was the biggest opening of all time at 4416 venues. So it’s no surprise that early reports say theaters were mobbed not just in America but overseas as well.

There are a few things to watch for (click the links for daily numbers and extensive analysis). The Twilight Saga: New Moon opened on November 20, 2009 with $26.27 million from 3514 midnight screenings at 4024 locations.

The film took in $72.7M its first day, on its way to a $142.8M weekend, making it the #3 all-time and #1 non-summer opening weekend of all time. After the second weekend, its domestic total was $230.95M and worldwide was $473.95M. The film passed the $1/2 billion mark worldwide in its third weekend. After four weekends, New Moon sat at $267.32M domestic. And the film ended its fifth weekend with a total $274.6M domestic and $634.7M worldwide on its way to a current theatrical total of $296.6M domestic and $709.7M worldwide.”

See more on Larry’s site

Amanda Bell, the Twilight Examiner, also has a great article that concurs with Larry’s findings and expands more.

“All along – during the downtime between The Twilight Saga: New Moon‘s release and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s – fans have been asking this question: will The Twilight Saga: Eclipse surpass the incredible numbers set forth by The Twilight Saga: New Moon?

No doubt, the biggest achievement of New Moon in the box office was to set the record for biggest opening day ever. So, the topic has definitely lingered as to whether the summer Eclipse showing will top that record.

Also, the staggering opening weekend numbers (3rd highest ever) for New Moon reached $140.7 million in the first three days. So, whether Eclipse will eclipse New Moon‘s opening weekend figures is prominent as well.

According to, industry predictions give the nod to Eclipse in at least the second portion of the inquiry.”

Read more on Twilight Examiner


  1. Brittany says:

    The theater I went to had all 22 theaters showing the movie at midnight. About half started at 12:01 and then some showed at 12:30. The imax one (the one i went to!) started at 12:15. They even had another imax showing at 3am this morning! I have a feeling this is gonna be the biggest opening yet. The movie was phenomenal! It stayed true to the book, keeping in several amazing lines from the book. I have faith in Melissa Rosenberg. She really did a great job this time around!

    • Couldn’t agree more. LOVED the movie. It ran at a fast pace and all the most important scenes were in there. My top 3 made it (tent, broken hand, & bullet proof).

    • Our theater has 20 screens and when I asked how many were showing Eclipse I was told that they had over sold the movie and it was looking like it would show on all 20, however I think it ended up on 19.

  2. my theatre sold out 15 of their 16 screens reserving the last for employees only. I heard on the radio here this morning that over 2000 fans went to the midnight show at that one theatre last night.

  3. There were over 3500 people at the theater I was at, 14 showings of Eclipse at midnight, 2 showing it at 1 am, another 3 or 4 theaters showing at 2:45 am and then the manager said they were going to open up a 3 am if necessary. The amount of people was staggering!

  4. Our theater had 18 sold out screens showing Eclipse at 12:01. And when we walked out at 2 in the morning, there were people lined up outside of our screen to watch the 2:45 screening. It was crazy. In comparison, I saw New Moon at the same theater at 12:01 & they were only showing it in 10 screens. Eclipse was MUCH bigger & more chaotic!

    Loved it, can’t wait to see it again this weekend!!!!

  5. Amanda S. says:

    Our 14 screen sold out ALL screens so with about 300 seats each there were around 4,200 people! It was unreal. The staff said this is the biggest midnight showing they have ever done.

    I cannot wait to see the numbers roll in because I am fairly certain we twi-hards have cause some major box office mayhem!

  6. Mella Cullen says:

    My theatre was packed as well…it was awesome! Is anyone else experiencing post-Eclipse blues this morning?? The anticipation and waiting was awesome…I’m a little sad that it is over.

  7. Teethbaby says:

    when I ran out of my theater at 1145 for a final pit stop the hallway looked like a campground. You had to step over bodies to move- they were laying around waiting for the 230 and 3am screenings. Unbelievable.

  8. Kristin M. says:

    You guys are the biggest idiots that I’ve ever met. Twilight doesn’t have the widest opening in the world, Harry Potter does by over 100 theaters.

    You guys aren’t making a great case for yourselves. Everyone knows you guys are idiots and you just keep failing yourselves.

    • Twilight_News says:

      You might want to consult Variety, Box Office Mojo, ProOne, Box Office Numbers before making a statement like that because they back the story, or actually just reading the details of how those numbers break down in the specific claim would be good too.

  9. angelica says:

    I feel like theaters did so much better preparing and embracing the enormity of this event. My theater was all sold out and showing on almost all screens. Same for me, when i took a bathroom break THE ENTIRE theater was filled. There was a tiny lane to get to the bathroom but all standing/sitting space was filled. I was so proud of all the fans for coming out to show their support! And the movie was AMAZING! Totally worth all the hype! Im going to see it again today!

  10. jocelyn says:

    who goes on a twilight fansite and comments about how ‘idiotic’ the fans are for saying eclipse has the widest opening release even when the most legitimate sources have reported the fact? losers, that’s who.

    have a great day everyone and go support the movie with the WIDEST OPENING. 🙂

  11. My theater too, said Eclipse was the largest midnight launch they had done since opening 10 years ago! It sold out 12 of the 16 theaters. Although I thought they handled New Moons launch a little better, I have to give them credit because Eclipse was so much bigger. Can’t wait to see it again!!!!

  12. had a good laugh at the one who posted “idiots”..face the mirror girl,and better google your claim for the widest screening 🙂

  13. or opening..yah whatever you want to call

  14. Kelsey Purcell says:

    My theater had 12 screens total, and their last showing was at three thirty, and they were all sold out. We had just shy of five thousand people, and that was just for the midnight showings, not to mention the six screens still open for the three o’clock showing.

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