Kristen Stewart Vists With Letterman for Eclipse

So what did you think of Dave’s approach?


  1. I think Dave is at his best when he’s having FUN with his guests…Kristen was clearly uncomfortable and not having fun. Dave…you’re not Charlie Rose…keep it light…and this is coming from one of your biggest fans.

    I think Kristen did a great job…I love how she called him out on how he was pronouncing wolves!! Way to hold your own, Kristen!

  2. as usual an actor has no real idea of the situation for the people that live around Yellowstone that have to deal with the wolves on a daily basis. I think she should talk to the parents of the toddler who was dragged out of the house by one of those wolves.

    other than that, she did great

    • Those people should not be living close to where the wolves are or if you’re going to go and disrupt the animal,s territory than they should kill all the animals just like humans tend to do anyway. As always we humans who are suppose to the have the brains to think in the animal kindom think we have a right to go anywhere and live and who cares about the animals that live there anyway.

      • RIGHT ON. I AM SICK OF PEOPLE BEING CRITICAL OF ANIMALS FOR BEHAVING LIKE ANIMALS ARE SUPPOSED TO BEHAVE. If we were not infringing on their teritories, then things like this would not happen–where are the animals supposed to go? It is a tragedy, but if we did not build on every single parcel of land and destroy the envioronment for the animals, things like this would be more unlikely to ooccur.

        • Excuse me, but where are humans supposed to live? All in cities like LA and places like that? Do you realize the good that humans do in those areas too? I get so tired of the whole “living in the territory of animals, argument.” First of all, we are all animals. Second of all, like I alluded to, where should humans live if you use this argument? I hate the city. Sorry, but I feel for this family who lost their child. It blows me away when people are so insensitive about families losing their children/or others in situations like this. It is an ANIMAL! Yes, we need to be aware of their behaviors, but I can guarantee you that family would have moved out of that are if they knew this was going to happen to their child. HAVE SOME COMPASSION!

  3. I hate when she goes on Letterman. IMO,he goes out of his way to make her uncomfortable. But she looked great and she did so well.But she was clearly pissed.
    As for the wolf thing,the same could be said for owners or pitbulls and rotwielers.

    • I agree – out of all the late night talk show hosts he is always the one who tries to make her feel uncomfortable. I get uneasy just watching him. From making fun of her to twisting her words around to make her seem uneducated, as he did the first time she was on. He will make fun of certain guests in an attempt to get a laugh. He is the worst kind of host.

  4. I think Letterman is a jerk (JMO) He was being rude to her about her family pets. Way to go Kristen for standing up for yourself and your beliefs. As far as the hunting thing hot topic so I will not even comment my opinions here don’t want to get into a big old debate on the lexicon ; ).

  5. It wasn’t like she went on the show to fight for the life of the wild wolf; He is the one that brought out the pictures of her pets and semi-criticized her for having them as pets. She was not using Letterman to get on her soap box, she was merely defending her right to her pets and defending their temperament. It is her opinion, she is not running for political office. Letterman was pretty much a jerk. He did not even have a clue about Eclipse, aren’t “journalists” supposed to have some knowledge of the back story before they question their guests? Maybe he came in late yesterday and all he had were the pictures of her pets, no time to study up on the interview, so he blasted her for caring for her pets and having an opinion.

  6. I think he knew she was uncomfortable and didn’t seem to care. Almost like he didn’t care to have a good interview. Felt bad for her, she held her own but shouldn’t have to you know.

  7. WastedGirl says:

    Letterman and Leno both suck. They are too old. All Letterman does is make fun of his guests, he clearly doesn’t care. Leno just hits on every female that goes on his show. Creepy old guys! Yuck!

    Loved the Jimmey Kimmel special. At least the cast was having fun on that show.

    Love Kristen, and the whole cast really!

  8. Conservatives KNOW how Letterman despises Sarah Palin, and her approach back then as a Governor to wolf control in Alaska, to continue a healthy balance of Mother Nature.

    Kristen, you just got the NRA against you. Sorry to break it to you. Watch this interview portrayed the wrong way, and add to that political views that she may or may not have nor care.

    Wolf hybrids hold a delicate balance, and if trained properly (like any other dog) they can be wonderful pets. BUT the wolf part must be nurtured, IMHO. Raw bones are better for dogs than cooked bones; those ARE dangerous to their digestive system.

    I have a giant breed dog, and she has brought a couple of times a leg of a dead deer out of God knows where. I know she can kill a coyote or take on a buck, if needed-even if she has the lower hand. Other than that, Kristen’s mom’s hybrid is a beautiful animal.

    Of course I am curious if hybrid wolves have a protective instinct towards their owners or not. Mine does, and that’s why I have her. Check every breed’s background to find the dog that suits your needs, and that way the dog will perform the job that is ingrained in them.

    • I don’t really think Kristen cares if the NRA is against her.

      Kristen rocked this interview and I loved how she threw it right back to Letterman. He’s such a jerk!!

      Team Kristen!!!!!

  9. I think Dave probably did not want to do this interview. Most of these folks don’t even want to be bothered with Twilight. Thus, his focus on a dumb conversation about her hybrid dog. She got him good though. I remember when Rob Pattinson was on Dave’s show. Dave didn’t really have much to say to him either. I love Dave, but sometimes he can be rather mean-spirited. Kristen held her own though.

  10. I think it was very rude and unprofessional of him to make one of his guest’s so uncomfortable. People have different opinions on things like this and I don’t think she was brought on the show to discuss her pet’s but to promote Eclipse. So what the hell was his problem?? I think she did great defending herself.

  11. mek mek says:

    it wasnt that bad and she held her own really well i think she did a great job standing up to him go KSTEW!

  12. It seems to me that D. Letterman did his best to make feel her uncomfortable. He made fun of her and pretend to know nothing about the story. Very unprofessional. Usually I watch his show and I like his jokes, but he wasn’t kind with her and amazingly she reacts well…He irritated me I wonder how she could stand it…however she did a great job…

    Maybe, being a foreigner I don’t understand completely Letterman’s sense of humour, but I noticed that sometimes he acts this way with actresses..I would like to see him doing such a kind of interview with someone like R. Crowe…it would be interesting

  13. Letterman needs to get over himself. She doesn’t fawn or try to be fake. She checked him. I personally loved it.
    The whole wolf thing was stupid and misled. Shame on Letterman for making her so uncomfortable about it.

  14. What a JERK. So glad she held her own. She is there to promote her movie, and he’s going to slam her on her family pet? What is that? But I am very impressed with the way she handled herself 🙂

  15. Oh David, who cares what you think…. Kristen, I appreciate your passion for your animals.

  16. I felt bad for her, he was a total jackass.

    PS did anybody see the CRAZY interview after her? LOL, so bazarre.

  17. Chernaudi says:

    Letterman is kinda a jerk. Cher called him…well, I’ll let you guess on his show in 1986, and the following week, Shirley McLain(spelling) stated that Cher was right.

    Thankfully, I didn’t see this interview, but from what I hear, Kristen did great and defended herself pretty well and completely turned the tables.

    Kristen came prepared this time, and she may’ve even though that this is payback time.

  18. I thought he made to much of a big deal about the wolf thing too, i mean he should have talkedx to her about Eclipse or the runaways even he made to big a deal. Big deal so she has a whole bunch of dog/wolf hybrids, obviously she knows how to handle them she has had them for years. Plus he lives in the city, what does he care about wildlife?

  19. switzy4ever14 says:

    I watch late night TV every night, and let me tell you, I never watch Letterman. Something always bugged me about him. Now I’ve realized it’s because he’s a jerk. Love you, Kristen. Rock on.

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