Kristen Stewart in The Plaza With The Today Show

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So the Today Show vs. Letterman…what do you think? And what do you think of Kristen’s new hair color which is probably for her upcoming role in On The Road?

EDITED: Kristen also appeared on Regis and Kelly. See the video below.


  1. Of course the Today shows interview is going to be classier than Letterman.

  2. I seriously pity Letterman because he feels the need to try to make other people look stupid so he alone would look cool. One of the saddest traits a person can have, really.

  3. I felt so sorry for Kristen who is extremely intelligent altho she is extremely self-conscious as she had to try to participate in one the stupidest most inane interviews yet.

  4. I’m referring to Letterman.

  5. I can’t handle Regis constantly referring to Taylor as the “other guy”. Come on Reg!

  6. Oh no…does this mean another horrible wig for Breaking Dawn?

    • not neessarily its possible to dye your hair again – +they wont start filming for another 5 months or so thats plenty of time to grow your hair out and colour it – dont worry everything will be fine

  7. This interview was better that the one at Letterman. I like her new hair cut and colour, she looks younger and very pretty.

  8. aww Kstew looks beauutiful. I love that hair color. anyway great interview! much better than the one with letterman. He was a pain!

  9. Regis “so this is like the end of a trillogy?”
    Kristen “yeah”

    poor girl – can’t someone do a better job of filling him in?

  10. LOVE Kristen’s new do and color. Every time you think she can’t get any more gorgeous, she does.

    I hate both of these TV shows and I feel bad for her having to do the lame interviews. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a deep, meaningful interview with anyone on Letterman or Regis. I mean seriously.

    But she get it now–just do it and get it done with! She did a great job as always.

  11. you could tell she was so uncomfortable in that regis and kelly interview…regis sounded like he had no idea what he was talking about.

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