Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Surprise fans at Early Screening in NYC

Taylor and Kristen really made the rounds yesterday from Today, to Regis and Kelly, to Letterman!


  1. notice @ 1:50 how she says “now real-life couple”

    • that’s excactly what caught my attention! i think there would be more news about k-rob if it was real?

  2. Twilight dreamer says:

    1st of all yay! we made it to number one on fandango pre-ordered ticket sales! 2nd Im very annoyed everyone in my family sees me on the lexicon and groan claiming ‘really? we go to see it at midnight tonight but your still on this site?” Heck yeah! 3rd the ‘real life couple’ hmm are they really together? because many many sourced claim they are but it could all just be gossip! anyway HURRY UP MIDNIGHT!

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