Twilight: The Multi-Media Marketing Machine

Maggie Parke, creator of the Still Wandering blog and PhD student of adaptation and remediation of event films (basically a Doctorate in Twilight and Harry Potter), has contributed a Twilight article to In Media Res. The project is a week long study of Twilight in the media.  Maggie’s post is up today and discusses the influence of the Bree Tanner Novella on the Eclipse movie.  The article definitely makes for interesting discussion.

Be sure to check it out and comment about what you think.


  1. Elizabeth_G says

    one thing that i noticed, was that it was speculated upon that Riley’s character was shown as the leader (of the newborn army) in some of the movie previews, and that that was maybe to draw in some more male audience with a male portraying the main villian. but, if you read the book (TSSLoBT) you know that Riley is looked at as the leader by the newborns and refer to Victoria as “her”. And in Eclipse, the Cullens don’t know who is behind the army either until Bella theorizes that it’s Victoria and not the Volturi (in Chapter 18). Even then it is looked at as a theory by the Cullens even though Bella is sure. We don’t find out for sure until Victoria and Riley show up at the tent with Edward, Bella, and Seth. So long story short, I don’t think that that is what is meant in the movie previews. It really is just following the story from both books combined.

  2. greteanemone says

    I’m not convinced by her argument. I think that they surely are playing up the action at the end in order to draw more guys into the theater. I agree with Elizabeth_G’s point that Riley is the only leader that the newborns know, so it makes sense to portray him as such. No one sees much of Victoria in Eclipse or the Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, so it would have been a stretch to see a lot of her in the previews, even if she is the one pulling the strings. Bella certainly doesn’t see her before the end, the wolves and Cullens see her what, once? And the newborns never ever see her.

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