Collider: Indepth With Melissa Rosenberg

Collider has a detailed interview with Melissa Rosenberg. Her are some of the topics covered in the 10+ minute discussion.

“Melissa Rosenberg

* How has it been for her going back and forth from Dexter to Twilight
* 1:00 – How was working for David Slade different compared to Catherine Hardwicke and Chris Weitz
* 2:45 – How much time did she spend writing each Twilight movie. She says she had the most time on Eclipse
* 3:50 – Did she notice anything missing out of Eclipse that she wrote
* 5:20 – Breaking Dawn talk – How long has she known that it was going to be 2 films.
* 6:40 – How happy is she that the press release finally got released that the movie will be two films and how long ago did she start writing the two scripts. She says the fall or winter of last year she was writing it. Says she was writing before her deal was made.
* 7:45 – Has she spoken to director Bill Condon and how did things change when she got involved
* 9:35 – When she first heard that Bill Condon was going to direct it, what was her reaction
* 10:25 – With the 4th book being the most controversial among the fans, how is it for her to tackle the writing? She talks about how some fans want an R rating and she explains why it doesn’t have to be so graphic”

Melissa Rosenberg Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE, BREAKING DAWNA funny movie is a click away


  1. Christine says:

    Wow- great interview!! I am always so impressed with how eloquently she comes across. I’m excited to see what she does with B.D.=)

  2. She is one clever lady!
    & also if you click that link which says ‘A funny movie is a click away’ it takes you to the trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and right at the end of it is Anna Kendrick!

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