Bryce Dallas Howard Talks to the SOP

The Student Operated Press has an interview with Bryce Dallas Howard where she talks about her Eclipse co-stars, the stunt work for the film, as well as talking to Stephenie Meyer.

“Yeah, it is intimidating to talk to Stephenie, although she is not an intimidating person. She`s a really, really lovely woman, and a very warm person. It wasn`t that I wanted to do anything different at all. It`s just that Stephenie wrote in the book, very clearly, that when Victoria spoke, she had a surprisingly high voice, almost like a little girl. So, I wanted to know more of what she envisioned, in terms of that, so it didn`t seem silly and I wasn`t doing a caricature of what she had written, but rather an honest depiction of what she had written. That was just something we had a brief conversation about.”

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