Stephenie Meyer: What She Would Like to Write

Kaleb asks what you’re dying to know.


  1. Stephanie needs to stop kidding herself… her fans don’t want mermaids or aliens… they want VAMPIRES… more Edward….more Bella… more Alice…

  2. Twilight9009 says:

    Stephenie does not only need to write vampires! Have you not read “The Host”? I would love a sequel to that. I would really like to read anything from her.

    • Steph has said The Host is going to be a trilogy. And I personally would love to read a crazy mermaid story of hers.

  3. Oh dear, I really hope she sits down and properly plans any new material she works on so characters don’t get personality changes by the end of the series, like the Cullen’s did when they went from conservative and trying to blend in to only wearing an outfit once while the Pack and their families had trouble with clothing.

    • I don’t think she changed the Cullens. What do you mean about the wolf pack and their families having trouble with clothes?

  4. i new about the mermaid story months ago , i wrote a report on stephenie and now i know everything about her.I spelled my friend stephanie’s name wrong. her’s is with an e not a.

  5. Twilight dreamer says:

    I want Stephenie to write more vampire stories. But all in all the mermaid thing sounds cool. So many diffrent angles that could come from…Whatever it is we’ll love if its from Stephenie!

  6. In the end, it’s her choice what she writes about, she has got her own free will.
    Anything would be amazing, everything she touches turns to gold. All the books and short stories she’s written are just fantastic 🙂

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