Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Victoria on The Tonight Show



  1. Didn’t Catherine Hardwicke say that she wanted to cast Bryce originally but she didn’t think the movie/role was big enough? I can’t remember very clearly though, so maybe I’m wrong. But if she was so obsessed with the books why wouldn’t she take the part… I hope I’m wrong and just making this up…

    • It was probably just gossip. 🙂

      • PamelaC says:

        No, it wasn’t just gossip. When Catherine was interviewed at one of the award shows she said, on camera, that Bryce was the first choice to play Victoria but “she felt the part was too small” and passed on it. So when Bryce turned out to be the go-to-girl when Summit fired Rachelle, she wasn’t surprised at all. That video of Catherine was posted here on Lexicon.

  2. Claudia says:

    that was a good interview.
    that was funny about her Rob obssession(:
    im sooooo excited to see the movie,its going to be awesomeee!


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