Kristen Stewart: What Bella’s Wedding Dress Should Be

What do you think, does Kristen have the right idea?


  1. Yes she does Kristen understands the character very well so she should have some input as to the wedding dress.

  2. I think it is great for her to respect the fact that Stephanie may have had her.own plans. But I also think that its great that she has her own opinion and looks on things. I think she is a fantastic person and shame in those people that talk *** about her. Keep up the great inspirational work Kristen

  3. Um………………what about our poor little Alice? She would be crushed to not get the dress without any input from the bride 😉

  4. Twilibrarian says:

    Edward and Bella have a deal~~”marry me and I’ll turn you.” Just because Bella is anti-marriage, doesn’t mean she doesn’t want everything to be perfect. Kristen is dead on with her analysis of what the gown should look like. IMO, whoever gets the gig to design this costume should be researching the fashion from 1918 because THAT is how the wedding gown should look. It’s a period costumeas described in the book. There is no wiggle room here.

  5. In Eclipse, Alice already had the dress made by the time Bella saw it. The dress was described as “Anne of Green Gables” so it should look something in that era.

    • veronica says:

      I picture the wedding dress…kind of like the one Sandra Bullock wore in “The Proposal”. It was beautiful. I think they should come up with something close to that!

  6. The dress should be somewhat modern and contemporary to keep up with the aestitics of the movies. Remember that the films are ADAPTATIONS of the books,taking the ideas and themes and making them fit to a movie format. The details shouldnt have to be nit picked to death to be great. Movie Bella’s wedding dress doesnt and shouldntbe so “grandma” looking,it can be a mix of the old with the new styles..its got to look right on kristen and for the look of the films.

  7. not everything has to be so litteral. Everyone has their own “vision” of how things look,and so do the actors portraying the characters,were never going to agree on what we all see differently. Why cant we just agree to disagree and let it go and enjoy whats left of the Twilight Saga? It is what it is we dont need to get so upset if what we see isnt “up to our vision” its open to interpretation anyway. Its the movie versions of the books,some stuff has to be taken out or added to make a dramatic impact. I mean i already know what happens in the books,i like to be excited and suprised with the movies. Its fun. just let the movies be and stand on their own.

  8. Olympic Coven says:

    I hope this is one area that SM can say I want it to be like this or like that. It will be customed made no doubt. Then a bunch of young women may want it for their own weddings.

  9. I think Kristen has it right this time. It would be something classic because Bella has no interest in fashion as long as she’s comfortable, and she’s doing this for Edward. So it would be closer to what he would want, not what Bella would want.

  10. I think Kristen really understands her part. She’s spot on with her thoughts.

  11. This (w/some minor adjustments) is closer 2 what I imagine Bella’s wedding dress 2 be: Wowwza Mrs. Cullen!

  12. Does this mean that at the end of Eclipse they don’t show Bella going to tell Alice that she can plan the wedding & Alice already has a dess for Bella? That is one of my fav Alice moments!! (Along w/the part of Alice trying to convince Bella to let her plan the wedding.) I’m going to not try to think about it too much before I see the movie. Those are two of my fav Alice moment & was really hoping they would be in the movie.

    I agree w/Kristen. Classic, comfortable & beautiful. We know she described it as Anne of Green Gables like in the book. And that’s definitely different than today’s fashion!!

  13. switzy4ever14 says:

    Kristen really understands her character. It’s one of the many things I adore about her.

  14. I think it will be really fun to see Kristen bring Bella to life as a wife and a mother. Something she’s never played before – I think it’s going to be great.

  15. crystyn myers says:


  16. Very interesting…i think she is pretty much right on with her thoughts.


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  20. Not sure if this link will go thru correctly but this is how I envision >> Bella’s wedding dress.

    Something slim and simple with long sleeves like Yevonde. Which I *think* is in line with what Stephanie had in mind. Or something with a 1920s detail like Eden.


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