Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart Red Carpet Italy Interviews

Taylor and Kristen talk about their lives, the final filming, and Breaking Dawn.


  1. ha i love kristens comment when the dude asks her why bella doesnt cry so much in the movie! lol

  2. I thought that was a weird thing for him to ask. I think she seemed stressed as it was and then for him to ask something like that. She kept her cool. What an awkward exchange.

    You could tell the crowd was getting to her. I know she’s talked about being uncomfortable when that much energy is pushed at her. Don’t blame her.

    Side note – I’m surprised she wore that dress. That is the only thing she’s ever worn that I really didn’t like. I just saw the interview where she said she can only wear things that she’s ok with otherwise you can see her stress.

    • You know, as awkward and poorly timed as it was, I’ve been wondering the same thing. In the books, Bella has a lot of gut-wrenching cries. In the movies, I don’t think that we’ve truly seen a one. I’ve been wondering the same exact thing as what the reporter asked. (I’m waiting to see what she does at the end of Eclipse there, after Bella’s talk with Jacob. That’s a crying scene if there ever was one.)

      I think that she handled the question well, as well as can be expected. You can see that she’s not at all comfortable with the general situation there.

  3. TwilightinBigD says:

    Poor Kristen. I feel so sorry for her. I would be a nervous wreck by now. Why does she keep saying “they” when she talks about the movie. She never say Bella and Edward. Just curious

  4. Why did that guy ask her why Bella does not cry that much in the movie. It makes me wonder if the scene is in there where she crys all night over Jacob. I wonder did they change that too. It was a strange question and her answer was kind of strange too


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