Jackson Rathbone on the Bob Rivers Radio Show

Jackson Rathbone appeared on the Bob Rivers radio show in Seattle to promote the Last Airbender along with co-star Niccola Peltz.

Jackson sings the blues and he and Niccola talk about their movie and tour:


  1. oh my he is so sweet gotta love a country boy…his slight accent makes him adorable and that smile *swoon* he is totally my fave.. rob is cute but jackson is very *swoon* worthy. I like his music too. I’m way to old for him but he has the classic boyish looks and I think his acting is very good.

  2. katesinlove says:

    Yeah with his facial scrub and shorter hair he is pretty darn attractive. Gotta love that accent!

  3. KB90210 says:

    ahhh, cute and sings good.

  4. Suzanne says:

    The man is talented, smart and sexy. And yes, too damn young.

  5. SimplyJennifer says:

    He is so…. yummy.
    Jackson is definitely my favorite of all the twilight actors. I love my coffee black too, only with a little sugar. I live near Minneapolis. Hmmm…
    He is for sure a cutie. =] =]

  6. Why doesn’t he let the girl speak. He is really controlling.

  7. Belldonna says:

    he sure is but i would like to know the real him and not the put on a fake mask and act all happy stars have all kinds of problem and they don’t let it show because we and other people might thing poorly of them… LOVE JASPER though the way he acts in the movies and the books makes me love him even more 🙂

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