Imprint Podcast Live! The Stephenie Meyer Lunch, TONIGHT!

imprintlogoYou do not want to miss this episode of the Imprint podcast. This is the podcast run by the Twilight Source website! They just had a 4-hour lunch with Stephenie Meyer yesterday and they are talking about their experience tonight LIVE. See the details below.

“We apologize for the last-minute announcement, but we will host a live episode of Imprint on Ustream tomorrow, June 19th starting at 8 PM ET!

We’ll be talking about the 4 and 1/2 hours Matt and Elysa spent with Stephenie Meyer. She revealed LOTS of information that we’ll be sharing on the show!

This episode will also be all in-studio, meaning Matt, Elysa and I will all be on camera. It’ll be a really fun show!

So again, join us at this link on Saturday, June 19th starting at 8 PM ET!”

The episode will be on their UStream channel

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  1. does anyone know if I miss it will lexicon be recapping the info on this site?

    • Twilight_News says:

      Pel is watching and is on an at best wonky Internet signal, but we believe the episode will be recorded for replay

  2. New to this technology. Is this tape delayed to West Coast? It is after 5pm here, so after 8pm ET. I’m not seeing anything available.

  3. They say it is March 11, 2010 on the video. Did I miss something?

  4. Christine says:

    All I’m seeing is a podcast about the trailer, nothing about meeting with Stephenie. I’m probably looking at the wrong thing…any advice?

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