Robert Pattinson: Heartthrob Vampire and Price of Fame

The Chronicle Herald of California seems to have gotten a lunch interview with arguabley the most sought after actor in the world right now. Go figure. But kudos to a smaller publication for getting the story.

He arrived for coffee wearing both a baseball cap and sunglasses to cover his floppy locks and haunting good looks, and he immediately vetoed a booth hand-picked by a publicist for its privacy as too public. “Kris is better about dealing with photographers than I am,” he said, referring to his equally sought after co-star, Kristen Stewart, after finally settling on an outdoor nook surrounded by tall hedges.

“I’ve learned to let it go a bit, but I’m still really bothered by it,” he said. “The more you are exposed, the more people irrationally hate you. I think we reached a point, a peak, with New Moon where the stories became so saturated into the culture that it started to feel normal. It’s like the tabloids don’t know what to write anymore because they’ve used up all their scandals.”

See more on the Chronicle Herald of California.

TY to James of the Twilight News Site for the heads up.


  1. Isn’t this the same exact interview that was supposedly done by some guy for the New York Times? I think it is cuz he got he facts wrong, Cedric was not Hermionie’s love interest and he got other things wrong as well. WTH

  2. normally once u see an interview you the same words repeated in loads of other mags, they could at least google and get the facts right first like u said kittyC..x

  3. The NYT interview was at and there are so many inaccuracies and odd comments supposedly made by Rob that I really don’t think this interview ever took place at all. It says that he’s been in LA a month and half filming Water For Elephants when filming didn’t start until 5/20 so tomorrow would be 1 month and he’s taken time off to promote Eclipse (I believe he’s still filming in between appearances in LA). Also he is supposed to have said that “Kris is better at dealing with photographers”. What???? I have never ever heard him call Kristen “Kris” and I don’t think he would do it now and that is just so not true, she’s much better now but in the past that was just so not true. So I’m very, very suspicious about this particular “interview”.

  4. I agree. It was Cho that had a love interest for Cederic. This interview I’d a little suspicious.

  5. claudia martinez says

    okayy i really dont think that “interview” took place at all…idk,and some of it just doesnt seem like stuff Rob would say and yeaa they definitely got a lot wrong..hmmmm

  6. I’m glad I came and read the comments because I couldn’t put my finger on it, but that article was strange. Alot of it didn’t sound like Rob at all. And I can’t imagine he would call Kristen “Kris”…even if he did call her that he wouldn’t do it in an interview. It’s funny because I just read something in one of those grocery store mags that said Rob loved the cameras and Kristen didn’t…just goes to show you they make up whatever they feel like.

    • edward.Cullen.x says

      Same here itz like tevery week there is a diffrent story and you never know weather it is true or not….just dont trust what you read.x


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