MTV: Robert Pattinson, Jake and Bella Have It Easier

So what do you think is easier?


  1. Terrific insight into what Robert Pattinson had to understand in order to find his motivation for Edward this time around.

    • vampbball says

      Absolutely. And more than any photo shoot, this interview made my heart pound for Robert Pattinson. He knows Edward so well! Do we fans realize how lucky we are, how we could have easily had a brainless pretty boy play this character? (TY, KStew!)

  2. Good points! I get what he is saying totally and really look forward to seeing it on screen!

  3. Harshi Abeysuriya says

    wow! until he said it i didn’t give a much thought to it! so tht was why edward wanted to ride bikes bella!?!

  4. emilypruitt says

    Anyone else notice the last word Robert says here.. Bothered! Can’t wait for new Jimmy skits in light of the Eclipse premiere around the corner!

  5. As such as I thought I knew who Edward was as a charater. I have to say that Rob as shut my mouth. Beyond logical.

  6. Okay. I just thought he was trying to compete with Jacob, but it seems there’s more to it than that. Thanks for pointing this out, Rob! And by the way, interviews are much better this time out. Keep it up!!

  7. “She’s never Bothered”
    hehe.. nice ^^