Kristen Stewart Red Carpet Style Pressure

What do you think does Kristen have more hits or misses as far as red carpet fashion goes.


  1. Michelle R says the way she said that..”Bi**H”

  2. Kristen has great style (her own) what she wears looks great on her – she can pretty much wear anything and look good

  3. I personally think she’s had more hits…in fact I don’t remember ever seeing her in anything that didn’t look good on her…

    As Kristy said above, she has her own style and I love that about her. She doesn’t care what people think and just wears what she likes <3

  4. oh i love her shes so awesome lol

  5. Twilibrarian says

    Although I love Kristen, I think she’s had more misses. Her stylist finally got her out of the boy’s sneakers with the short skirts. She’s got a funky, avant garde sense of fashion. She’s more comfy in jeans and tees. However, her star is rising and she is learning, very well I might add, to dress for the venue. Red carpet designer glamour (Oscars) or cool/comfy/casual for MTVs or other younger venues.

  6. I love her… she’s just so genuine and doesn’t preted to be something she’s not. Plus an amazingly talented actress. GO KRISTEN!

  7. I am so envious of this 20 year old!
    She makes a mistake, she owns it!
    She is down to earth and just a cool chic! Hollywood could use a lot more like her!
    She is absolutely stunningly beautiful!
    I just saw some pics from Rome and WOW!
    Hit or miss? Whatever she wears…she is beautiful because of who she is – not what she wears!

  8. Heather C says


  9. Team Kristen!!!

  10. I love Kristen’s style. She always chooses the best dresses for the red carpet. And I love her casual style also. And I agree with Cathryn, TEAM KRISTEN!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kristen rocks everything. Don’t think ive seen her in anything I don’t like.
    Shes so gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssssss

  12. GORGEOUS!!!

  13. I really like the dresses she’s chosen. They don’t really look like what everyone else is wearing and they’re usually very flattering on her. I think she makes interesting, almost quirky choices.

  14. I have never seen anything that I dont immediately love on her. And the best part is that she is constantly switching it up, wearing really funky dress, then skirts, then pants, then florals, then leather. All new, all the time. Love it!

  15. Love Kristen! (And the way she said bitch, lol.) Hits!

  16. superduper says

    Way more hits!! Love her style so much!

  17. I absolutely adore Kristen. She is goreous no matter what hair color she has and is genuine, completely her own person.Her acting could use A LOT of improvement but as for her style, i love it. Like she said in the video she’s more of a casual person, but when she dresses fancy for an award show or some other event she looks just as beautiful. Hit or miss? I think she looks great at all times 😀


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