Kellan Lutz: Men’s Health July/August Cover Story

Kellan Lutz has landed on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine for July/August:

“Kellan Lutz’s abs epiphany came during an eighth-grade graduation party at a water park. “Before then, I never knew abs were attractive,” he says. “Where I grew up in Arizona, you would never see anyone without a shirt on at school. But when I took off my shirt, all the girls were, like, ‘Oh, look at your abs!’ And I was, like, ‘Yeah!’ ”

Psychologists call this “positive reinforcement.” And Lutz instinctively knew what to do: Stay active.

It’s understandable to be ticked off by Lutz’s looks, which are great despite the deathly pallor of his vampire character in the Twilight flicks. Men resent other men who are that good-looking and that fit. It seems too easy.

But it wasn’t. The 25-year-old’s advantage was an early love of athletics, but he’s had to put in constant effort to maintain his physique. He played football in high school (plus trombone in the marching band–a hell of a timemanagement trick), hit the gym regularly for years, and considered becoming a Navy SEAL. One of the reasons he attended Chapman University was its location–near the beach.”

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  1. holy crap…u could grate cheese on that stomache!

  2. omg and i thought taylor had gr8 abs umm im stil team jacob

  3. WIN!!!!!!

  4. This is why i don’t go crazy over Taylors abs. That is the only reason people like him. There are a lot of guys in hollywood who have abs just as great if not better than Taylor’s. Have you ever seen LL Cool J abs. My god. They are out of this world and he has been been like that for over 10 years now. These people have money, personal chefs and personal trainers. If i had all of that i would have a six pack too.

  5. Best twilight six-pack – definately! Why do they keep it hidden in the films…?

  6. Jennifer says

    And Ashley Greene is on the cover of Women’s Health – per her interview on Jay Leno.