Eclipse Soundtrack Debuts as Billboard’s Number 2

soundrtrackcovereAmanda Bell of the Twilight Examiner has the full story:

“Despite predictions that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse‘s official motion picture soundtrack would debut at number one on the Billboard Top 200 chart, it has finally hit the charts . . . at the number two spot.

Reports Billboard, “Well, Gleeks rejoice! The ‘Journey to Regionals’ EP debuts at No. 1 with 152,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan, besting the ‘Eclipse’ album at No. 2 with 144,000.”

Predictions which vetted Eclipse for number one estimated that it would earn “possibly as much as 140,000 to 160,000 copies sold,” so these numbers fall right in line with expectations.”

Check out Amanda’s full coverage on Twilight Examiner.


  1. This soundtrack just didn’t do it for me, I love the Muse song and a few other were good too, but over all, to me it had an 80’s feel to it. I don’t know, maybe that’s not the right comparrison, but just not my style of music. But having said that maybe it works in the movie… and that is what matters! As far as me listening to it at home, not gonna happen like it did with the first soundtrack and about half of the second’s songs.

  2. i luv every song on this soundtrack. I cant stop listening to it.

  3. I thought it was a very good soundtrack !! I can see why Glee is huge but I don’t like that show. But good for them. I can understand why their number one it is a singing show right ? But what I don’t get is why they have a soundtrack out every month ?

  4. The soundtrack is amazing!!
    I am quite surprised that it was bested by Glee, though I understand that Glee has a big fan base. However, I think that once the film in released in theaters and viewers have a reference or moment to place with the songs the album will do exceptionally well. I can just picture edward and bella in the meadow to Sia’s “our love”, edward giving bella the engagement ring then “what part of forever (don’t you understand)” playing. Jacob getting his heart broken, running off, then “Jacob’s theme” playing. The possibilities are endless.

    • ^^^
      apologies, i meant sia’s “my love” above.
      love that song, it could go for meadow scenes, or golden bed/ leg hitch *swoon*.
      I can imagine “All Yours” for an Eddie/Bells school parking lot scene, “Heavy in Your Arms” playing during Victoria charming Riley, “Atlas” playing during LaPush/ Wolfpack scenes, “Chop and Change” while Jacob and Bella are on his motorcyle, in his garage, “The Line” playing during the Cullens (especially Jasper) chasing Victoria and the newborns, “Jonathan Low” playing during the cullens strategizing and training for the battle.
      Oh I could go on and on. This is my favorite book and soundtrack so far, I’m excited to see how many of my guesses for songs with scene placements are correct!

  5. I haven’t gotten my soundtrack yet. Though I am curious. I read the playlist and I didn’t see any piano music. Am I missing it?

    • Jacob’s theme is an instrumental piece. (It might be an all piano piece but I’m not sure. It kind of sounds like it.) It’s actually pretty good. I enjoy it. (Which I hate admiting since I am totally a Team Edward girl.)

  6. Elizabella says

    I really love this soundtrack but I wonder, do downloads count the same as physical purchases? I have heard Glee’s Don’t stop believing and while the guy sounds ok, the woman on it sounds like a shrieking cat. Conspiracy I say! 😉

    Anyway, love Eclipse by Metric, Ours by Bravery ( I can just see that as a post graduation song) obviously Neutron Star by Muse, Jonathon Low by Vampire Weekend and Atlas, My Love, and Let’s get lost are probably my favorites. I’m not loving Jacob’s theme which is so disappointing since I set the Meadow to be my ring tone!

  7. I like the soundtrack from what I can hear of it on itunes…but I haven’t bought it for economic reasons….I will however probably see the movie a couple of times.

  8. That’s actually a very narrow margin of victory, no?

    I absolutely love the Eclipse soundtrack (CD playing in my car repeatedly) but agree with Talya above that sales will do MUCH better after people have watched the movie and got the whole ‘feel’ with the songs in context, so to speak.

    I can’t name favourites ‘cos the more I listen, the more I ‘get’ every song and can’t wait to see where they all fit in during the movie. 🙂

    Glee, by the very fact that it’s a TV show, is literally everywhere with its music and there’s no denying the fanbase…altho’ I must say that I’m NOT one of the Gleeks and don’t intend to be. Twi and Rob is quite enough obsession already…lol!

  9. How many Glee cds need to come out? Oh well. I’ve been listening to EC for about a week now & for the most part I really like it. I’m anxious to see when some songs are played in the movie. (I have a few ideas.) The Muse song is my favorite, just like on the NM soundtrack. They are awesome!!

    • I forgot to say. I like it better than the NM soundtrack. But I think TW is still my favorite.

  10. bella1976 says

    I actually love it. i’ve been listening to this every day since it came out. I love the muse song and what part of forever by cee lo, with you in my head by Unkle. I really like all the songs. I still love the New Moon soundtrack but this one is just great 🙂 also looooooooooooove the Line by Battles.

  11. I bought a copy of the Eclipse soundtrack yesterday and it was the last one they had. I have been listening to it nonstop just like the New Moon one. I also love Glee but have only downloaded individual songs that I really like not the whole album. They had many copies of the Glee Journey to Regionals so in my town I guess there are more Twifans. lol! I do like the songs on that Glee album and I won a copy on twitter so even better for me. =]

  12. Christine H. says

    I’m curious as to how a fan’s age age relates to whether they like the soundtrack or not. I didn’t love Twilight’s soundtrack but LOVED New Moon’s. I LOVE Eclipse even more. I am in my 30’s. I felt like Twilight’s soundrack may have been geared to a younger crowd with songs from Paramore, Linkin Park, etc. What do you guys think?

    • I agree with you there, there may be a correlation to age and music taste.
      I am about to turn 30 and although I really like the Twilight Soundtrack and the contemporary indie feel of it, I enjoyed the more classic rock sounds of New Moon and Eclipse even more. To me, those have more of a classic, timeless essense, not just a fad.

    • Speaking for meself, a 45-year-young with three teen sons:

      Twilight: Only bought the OST after the movie BLEW me away! On frequent repeat was Iron and Wine’s Flightless Bird, Rob’s Never Sign, Muse’s Supermassive Blackhole and Paramore’s Decode & I Caught Myself. But since I also absolutely loved the scene where Edward/Bella arrive at school together, Mute Math’s song always made me smile…esp the intro!

      New Moon: Bought the cd before watching the movie and liked most of the songs there; however, I did enjoy it alot more AFTER watching the film. Still like it very much.

      Eclipse: Was drawn in by Metric’s beautiful lead-in track and after the 24-hour-online-free-listening session, was hooked! Very eclectic mix…love UNKLE, Beck/Bat for Lashes, Vampire Weekend…actually love them all!

      To be honest, I’m totally not familiar with about 80% of the bands on the OSTs and am thus VERY glad to have been introduced to them in this way to widen my scope of music appreciation. 😀

  13. Eric English says

    I give this soundtrack 2.5/5 Stars
    -Review by 26 yr old male, USA Read all 4 twilight books & bree & Graphic Novel & loved them all, + first 2 soundtracks.

    I listened to the First & Second over and over and over and over so much that by the time i stoped listening to it i noticed it was too late to stop from mouthing every song everywhere I went.

    This soundtrack didnt do it for me at all. Some songs are decent, and some are great, and others are just blah 😛

    I would say out of the 15 tracks 2-4 I will add to my favorate playlist of twilight songs on my itunes/ipod. 8 or so will never be played again, and 2-3 will be kept to possibly listen to when im bored..?.. But anyways. 8-10 of the songs dont even sound like they belong in a twilight soundtrack, the muse song didnt do it for me, there are MUCH better muse songs that are on other muse cd’s already. No paramore, meh muse, 8-10 crap songs. The #15 Jacobs theme didnt even touch bella’s theme off the first album. It didnt come close.

    So I say, spend the 3-4$ on itunes downloading singles if you can, save that 13.99$ i spent at target.

  14. I am in my 40’s and though I have enjoyed all 3 soundtracks New Moon was far and away my favorite. I still listen to it constantly. I like the Eclipse soundtrack but agree with whoever said it had an 80s feel to it. I like the second half of the album much better than the first half.


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