FearNet: Exclusive: Melissa Rosenberg on ‘Eclipse,’ ‘Breaking Dawn,’ and Feathers

melissa-rosenbergheadshotFearNet and Jen Yamato are back with another great Q & A, this time with Melissa Rosenberg.

You’ve now written three full films in the franchise; how much has each script responded to critiques, from fans and/or critics, of the previous films?

I’m not sure; everybody who’s involved in them, we really try to do our best to stay true to the book. There are going to be some people who don’t like that and some people who do, and if you start responding to the people who don’t like it you start pissing off the people who did. So you have to be true to your own creative instincts for what works and what doesn’t. If people ignored the movie and boycotted it coming in and it didn’t do well, then I think we would be listening. But the movies have done tremendously, so obviously somebody likes them! So we keep going with our gut.

How early on did Stephenie share with you the events and character details that made it into her new Twilight novella, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner?

It would have been in the outline stage. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to introduce Riley; that was one of my first ideas: let’s open on Riley and how he was created. Coming up with a back story for him and all of that. I think I had probably finished a draft of the outline, it was somewhere around then, and I was asking [Stephenie] about what the newborns were up to — what was going on for them while Bella’s living her life, because they’re living it simultaneously? And that’s when she shared it with me and I was really able to fill out some of their activities and how Riley was directing them. So it was right there in the beginning.”

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  1. mschicklet says:

    Nope. Not a fan of hers.

  2. Joan Bryant says:

    I think she’s done a very decent job on writing the screenplays. More so on New Moon than Twilight.

  3. Terry G says:

    I think a lot of people blame Melissa Rosenberg for the lack of romance in Twilight and it’s not a script problem as much as it’s a director problem. A writer writes “Edward and Bella share a romantic moment in the meadow” it’s up to the director to actually realized that maybe having Edward drag Bella up a mountainside yelling at her and then explaining things in a rainstorm is stupid.

    New Moon was a much better film as directed by Chris Weitz. The limited Edward and Bella romance was there. Only writing flaw was there should have been a better reunion, but the rest was good, and Chris actually was a better director with a better budget than Catherine.

    If the E&B stuff is as good in Eclipse as everyone is saying, the one thing that’s clear is that Melissa Rosenberg has stayed the same. The directors have changed. Maybe, it’s the previous director’s faults.

    • From what I’ve seen from those who have seen the film at the Sydney and S. Korea events,all of the E/B scenes are present and one person went as far to say that Bella acts indifferent to Jacob. Melissa Rosenberg mentioned recently that the prosal scene is as romantic in the movie as it was in the novel. So I don’t think I’ll be disappointed when I see the entire film.

    • New moon was awful. Weitz made it like soap opera. CH at least managed to keep romance while CW destroued it.

  4. “Oh you’re the first to notice that….. well it’s about the character on screen…” Yeah, the character that you’ve changed to be what you want. So basically her great I’m confident” speech the pinnacle “lets go see Charlie” Isn’t included. Have to weat till June 30th to see how upset I am about that.

  5. I hate what she did to Edward in Eclipse. It is like she took Jacobs and Edwards characters and switch them. I don’t mind her changing some things in Breaking Dawn and since Ms. Meyer is involved maybe it will be changes for the better like not having Jacob imprint on Bella daughter and showing Edward being a real father to his daughter for once.

    • Jean brown…I agree with everything you say, and I am also hoping that there will be NO IMPRINTING on Bella and Edward’s baby not right and we can do without all that.. and Bella and Edward can take on there parental role, Renesme don’t need Jacob to protect she has 8 vampires and two of then are her parent….Melissa R I dont think gets what the books are about the escence of it, the love between Edward and Bella,and everything Edward does to protect her and be with her, she is his life,and to have Bella get on Jacobs bike and just leave Edward there, out of character, and now to hear that we have to see Rily’s story and what the new born is doing, she continues to add her spin on the story,it will take away from the main story line,I just hope it won’t be choppy, and only focus on the newborns, not right , the movies do well not because of her writing but because of the Twilight fan.

    • See thats what I was thinkin too. Like she turned Edward into a hot head with no control….hate it, she must be team Jacob lol

  6. JennTrip says:

    I have read all three scripts and I gotta say, Melissa has stayed VERY true to Stephenie’s source material. If they shoot and keep what’s in the script, Eclipse will be the best movie of the series so far! I can’t wait to see what made it into the final cut and what didn’t. I think Melissa has gotten a lot of flack because Twilight strayed so far. It truly wasn’t her, but Catherine Harwicke, the director. She tried to make an “artsy” movie and really turned what could have been an excellent film into something painful to watch. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Twilight, but, honestly, it makes Edward come off as a creepy stalker and Bella is mentally and emotionally unbalanced. And everyone is as blue as a smurf. It’s ridiculous!) I am hopeful Eclipse parallels the book as much as possible and from the script I have read, Melissa was spot on. Come on, June 30Th!!!!

  7. PamelaC says:

    Speaking of scripts, does anyone know if that chick who found the original New Moon script in the garbage can sold it for the $10K she was asking for it on eBay?

  8. scuba doo says:

    I’m excited for Breaking Dawn(s) now!

  9. Umpteenth Twifan says:

    Not a fan of MR. At.All.
    If MR thinks she’s “trying really hard” to stay true to the script, she needs TRY.HARDER. Have Edward actually come off as that “so-hot-he’s-unattainable-but-wow-he-wants-me” guy that he was in the books…not the emo wuss he seemed to be in NM. Don’t worry I’m still Team Edward (OK Jasper, LOL), I just think Edward’s character could have been written better.

  10. claudia martinez says:

    im soooo excited for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn(:
    im glad shes including the feathers in BD,haaaa.

  11. I truly hope that she shoes some feathers and pillow-biting in Breaking Dawn. That would make my day!

  12. I just say stay true to the books as the books are magical and lets not forget the fact that they are why we love Twilight Saga in the first place! People know what Breaking dawn is about and If they arent happy with the content dont go and see it (but I bet they just wouldnt be able to keep themselves away from the cinema to see it out of curiosity)

  13. i did not know that they had let people in Sydney and S Korea see it too. I thought it was only in the US. Anyway get ready for more disappointment cause MR said in a recent interview that there will be NO GRAPHIC BIRTH SCENE. It will be water down. Probably will just see Bellas face. NO VAMPIRE C-SECTION and it sounded like Edward will be push into the background just like he was in Book 3 in BD.


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