Robert Pattinson: From Valium to Butt Cheek Massage

Yes, you did read that title right. No, we never really thought we’d be writing a title like that, but that’s where the material went. Pg-13 but a frank discussion.

Via RPatz News


  1. Oh Robert, honey…I will MASSAGE YOUR BUTTOCKS ANY TIME! LOL

    No, but for real, I probably would :X


  2. ga girl says:

    He is the most adorable man EVER.

  3. Claudia Martinez says:

    i thought i heard it wrong,haha.
    idk y,but i find that really funny,but then again i had never heard of that(:

    but,i would of given him the massage(:
    hahaha,i cant help it,hes sooo gorgeous(:

  4. Arkansas says:

    Can’t you just imagine him getting a massage? He stays in the room with the female massusue for several houurs. Dean starts knocking lightly on the door at first then is more frantic when he realizes the massusue is keeping him in there more than a normal client! She even got to touch his bum!

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