Eclipse Press Conference:David Slade, Wyck Godfrey, Melissa Rosenberg


Transcribed by Shock Til You Drop. Here are the thoughts of director, David Slade, producer, Wyck Godfrey, and writer, Melissa Rosenberg at the Eclipse Press Conference roundtable.

Q: What did you do to prepare for Eclipse and how did you bring your own style to the film?

There’s a vocabulary, a cinematic vocabulary to each of the films they’ve done. And it doesn’t come from that much premeditation. It comes from two things. One, seeing the film in my head before we go out and make it, and being very clear about that and planning it. Two, [doing] what’s right for the scene and the character. I believe the most interesting thing to look at in the world is the human face, so that is why I tend to be a little closer to human faces than maybe other directors will be.

Wyck Godfrey:
When you were first talking to us about the movie, you had said that by letting the background fall out of focus and really focus on the characters in the dangerous scenes it creates a heightened sense of anxiety. You feel like you don’t really know what’s back there, and in the romantic scenes it creates an incredible sense of intimacy. You really feel like you sense these two people in that world and I really think that was effective.

Read more on Shock Till You Drop, and before anyone has a total fit he’s kidding about the nude scene. It’s that dry British humor just like with Jamie Campbell Bowers’ nude scene joke from last year!

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