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Kristen Stewart Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE Part 1 from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

Kristen Stewart Video Interview TWILIGHT ECLIPSE Part 2 from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.


  1. Would be better if you could hear (or read) the questions. 🙁 Always interesting though.


    don’t read further if you don’t want spoilers..

    now breathe..

    I just read this article on E! News, KStew said Jacob and Bella kissed in front of Edward..really?is that true?

    Ef off MR if that was true!grrrrrr..

    • I’m not sure about that, but K Stew was saying in these vids that Bella has to tell Edward about it. That says to me that its not in front of Edward. Maybe, he’s like a ninja in the woods or something, but lets all breathe until we see the movie in its entirety. This is the type of thing Summit should try to avoid. It seems we all get so worked up over screw ups because they release sooooo much footage and info before the movie. I mean I have never been into a series before that is this crazy with giving out so much before release.

    • I saw that too, and I would take that with a grain of salt. E! news and the AT board is not the most reliable source of info. Besides I heard that one of the people in oprah’s screening said that Bella tells Edward afterwards….and then it’s never mentioned again. Like Edward doesn’t do anything, just like the book. As we all know, Edward knows what Jacob is thinking and he knows that Jacob pretty much manipulates Bella into the kiss. So don’t worry.

    • I was over on to this morning and i read the same thing. I wrote a very hotly worded comment about it but it is still moderation. I just about pass out when i read that. Oh the bright side though listening to KStew i was so happy to hear her say the “love triangle” ends and that it is over with. We all knew that anyway. We all know how it ends. KStew seems to have put a lot of thought into playing Bella. I feel she really likes this character. She said she did not feel right kissing Jacob. She said it was just weird. I think she is really into it. Rob not so much.

  3. Thanks, Kristen! Great interview.

  4. excellent interview. i love when we get to hear kristen really talk about her character because you can tell how much she cares and she just gets it.

  5. Yes, Kristen has a lot of INTEGRITY, and does a wonderful job of defending the characters she plays. Bella is no exception. Yeah, Kristen.

  6. Love Love Love Miss Stewart…Thanks for all the insight… She seems a little more at ease just a little. Cant wait to see you in the wedding dress… GO KRISTEN!!!

  7. With all the interviews she has done, this one was the best. Kristen has matured from a child to a young, talanted woman in front of all of our eyes. Just watching her interviews you can see that she is getting better experience in handling tough questions, especially about her and Rob.
    Great job Kristen.

  8. mek mek says:

    OMG OMG i have been really following Kristen in the last week i really wasnt a fan of her but of bellas but since watching this video and another one on twilight lexicon im really starting to like her and i mean a lot. She really really get bella and I love that. As far as her interviewing skills i love that she get bored and uncomfortable its real and natural much like bella or i would be. Go KStew keep up the great work.

  9. I really like Kristen but I do not agree with her that all the characters are screwed up. I think they are all just being normal humans w/ normal problems and personalities. That is what makes Stephenie’s stories so great. She does a phenomenal job of communicating the “human” element in her stories. Anyone who doesn’t understand this should read the books again. And again if you still don’t get it. It will also be nice if Stephenie ever gets a chance to finish Midnight Sun because then everyone will be able to understand Edward.

  10. Great interview! Really couldn’t hear the questions but from her answers it sounded like they were asking intelligent questions – something she could really answer. Hopefully the days are gone when the ask her how it is to kiss a vampire. If you ask an intelligent question, you get an intelligent answer. I like the way she handled the Rob question also…but these interviews should be about the movie, not personal lives. Way to go Kristen, you handled that beautifully! Looks like she’s wearing the same necklace she had on for the MTV awards.

  11. Kristen…=) ur awesome

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