InStyle Plans Bella’s Wedding

Instyle had a bunch of designers plan Bella and Edwards wedding.

“While Bella’s dream day won’t be re-created on the silver screen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, one thing is for certain—an engagement! We asked the industry’s top experts—from famed event planner Preston Bailey, who recently designed Ivanka Trump’s wedding, to Reem Acra, who has created glamorous wedding gowns for far too many celebs to list—to give us their ideas for Bella and Edward’s pending nuptials. Take a look at the dramatic invitations, gorgeous flowers, stunning gowns and more stylish details they envisioned for the fairytale wedding.”

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  1. Wow, just wow! The dresses, the ring, the flowers, the hair. It’s all exactly how I envisioned! I hope Summitt uses this as a starting point for BD. It’s just beautiful! It all matches exactly what I pictured!

  2. Did anyone else notice how the drawings of Alice & Rosalie show them with red eyes?

  3. I REALLY enjoyed seeing InStyle’s verison of Bella and Edwards wedding. Although I do think the venue is a little to GRAND or OVER-THE-TOP for what Bella would have allowed.

    The Wedding Hair is wonderful and was my favoriate part! I could see Bella with that hairstyle. She would look classic.

    I also really enjoyed seeing Alice and Rosealie’s brides maid gowns. Very beautiful!

    • ITA about the venue. The decorations were pretty close to what I pictured but the venue was over the top.

  4. Adrielle says:

    Very beautifully designed gowns! They are my favourites among that list. I love the flowers, the cake, the hair pattern and the gift box as well!

  5. RedPrincess says:

    WOW – so neat to see interpretation from other people…especially in the industry. Everytime I read Breaking Dawn – I have vivid visions of their wedding…

    I can’t wait to actually see the final interpretation on the screen:) November, 2011 can’t come soon enough!!

  6. That ring is so gorgeous! I wished they had used it in Eclipse instead of the large oval one. I love this feature, and the photos are beautiful. I hope Summit is inspired by some of these ideas. I especially love the house on the island–it’s perfect!

    • W-o-w. Three syllables. I agree!

      The ring, in particular, is absolutely stunning.

    • I agree with you too! I LOVEEE the ring pictured here but I don’t like the one they actually used in Eclipse. It is not what I had in mind, at all, when I read the book. This one is MUCH better, in my humble opinion =)

  7. wow..good ideas.and i really like Bill Condon,he won`t disapoint us

  8. Elizabella says:

    That dress by Reem Acra is just about the first one I’ve looked at and said, yup I can totally see Kristen Stewart wearing that while keeping it fairly in touch with the text in Breaking Dawn. Some of the designs the last time they did a feature were just hysterical by how modern and totally wrong they were. I loved the decor with the chandeliers but I thought the outside shot was kind of creepy and over the top. I think the invitations would have been prettier and since it is a traditional wedding, wouldn’t it mention Charlie and Renee, and why would Edward go by the name Masen? Ok I’m nitpicking here 🙂

  9. I really like it all.
    Like the bridesmaid dresses, the cake (Love that) the giftbox from the Volturi is perfect..just not sure about the back of Bellas gown.
    The bottom is perfect though.
    Also, Im not sure the reception as pictured could be done AT the Cullens residence….so Im curious to see what they do on screen!
    I also like this ring better than the one used in Eclipse..wouldnt it be funny if they changed it? lol

  10. Daisy15 says:

    Bella’s scar from James looks kind of gross, but everything else is beautiful 😀

  11. Mella Cullen says:

    That is the first time I have really noticed her scar in that still picture. It is quite pronounced!

  12. danielle says:


    Does the invitations in BD say Edward Masen??? Because last I checked he has always used and is very proud of the name Cullen.

    Bella’s dress: WOW. Gorgeous… really gorgeous… not sure if its really bella-ish??? But it’s still beautiful.

    Loved the hair. And the accessories… the cake.

    Not sure if the necklace was what i imagined, but whatever.

    Isle Esme – Wow. I pictured it to be more flat and with less trees. But still, its stunning! loved it.

    • I just went back and looked… Yes, they have it as “Masen” not Cullen. Odd. I’d love to hear what SM’s thoughts on this, because I’m with you, I always thought that Edward would use Cullen and not Masen.

      I agree, too, about the island. In my mind, it as always flat.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Aww everything looked beautiful. I love their ring. And Bella’s scar looks like its festering…lol

  14. No Wedding!!!!

    • Oh, but I loved what In Style did with it all, Alice would be proud. Especially loved the ring and Alice, Rosalie, and Bella’s gowns…breath taking. What a wonderful job they did.

  15. My first thought: is that gray lumpy crescent supposed to be her scar? I’m hoping not. It doesn’t come close to how it’s described in the book(s). It looks atrocious. Terrible. Why are they having such a hard time translating even small things to the screen?

    Other thoughts:
    Why is the engagement ring so huge? The “official” rings that are being sold aren’t nearly so large, they’re more in proportion to what’s been described. That ring looks as though it’s going to take up a half her finger. (I agree with others here, I like the ring in the In Style pics better than the movie one.)
    As much as I love Preston’s designs, the wedding’s in a house, not a hall. The over-the-top flowers though are great.
    I love the hair ideas they came up with for Bella, especially the top pic. Lovely.
    The cake, spot-on.
    Nice wedding rings, I could see them working.

  16. Kathryn says:

    I really liked some of the pictures. Absolutely LOVED the wedding hair and Rosalie’s dress. I wonder does anyone else have a problem with all of the red? Why did so many of the designers think that there had to be red just because they’re vampires. That’s SO not the Cullen’s style.

  17. I loved the invitations and the venue, it is so Alice. Even Jacob commented that the invitations were something Bella would not pick out. I love the bride’s braided hair and especially the wedding dress. I like the ring better than Bella’s ring. I wonder what Edward’s ring will look like.
    The only thing I didn’t like was Alice’s dress.

    I loved how they included the Volturi’s gift and the necklace in the slide show.

  18. Meyer Vampire says:

    Every single detail was absolutely breathtaking! Far beyond my wildest imaginations. SUPERB!!

  19. emerson says:

    They got it all wrong…..In the book, it was a fancy, ornately decorated ceremony, but it was in their house with FEW guests and the bottom of the stair case. It was fairly small, not this huge grand venue with thousands of people. It was a gorgeous wedding but intimate and special. I did like her dress, but I think the ring that is actually used in Eclipse is exactly like in the book, it’s more vintage than their ring. I imagined everything to be off-white based, the invites et cetera.

    • radiowidow says:

      emerson, I’m with you that they got a lot of it wrong. And I’m still rolling my eyes at MJ’s Thriller being on the music list.

    • mek mek says:

      I agree they got it wrong at least for the most part. Yes their ideas are pretty and some, what I imagined but as a whole not at all Bella and Edward. I expect more of a vintage feel and the ideas I saw were all modern. I think Bella’s hair and the floweres is all I think they got right. VINTAGE PEOPLE VINTAGE thats their (edward/bella) style!

  20. David Tutera should be consulted! It would be great to see his ideas in the movie… But thats just an idea.

  21. Annette says:

    Best thing about the InStyle take on it? The ring. Most definitely. The one in the photo of the movie is UGLY with a capital UG. The antique one they chose is very beautiful and much more appropriate. Love the back of Bella’s dress and the bottom of the front, but not the top of the front so much. I thought the hair was ugly. Needs to look more elegant, less like Jr. High girls doing each other’s hair. The wedding bands are perfect…but I think Edward’s rubies should show. Alice and Rosalie’s dresses are beautiful. Can’t wait!

    • Jennifer says:

      Re: the ring, I agree. I thought the same thing when I saw it the first time…it’s HUGE! Nothing like what a “comfortable middle class family woman” in the early 20th century would have. It’s outrageous.

  22. Twilibrarian says:

    It was nice to see the professional interpretation of the Wedding of the Centuries! (Yes, I deliberately pluralized century!) I agree with the comments that some of it was a bit over the top for Bella.

    The whole wedding needs to have a more ethereal fairy-tale look to it. Not that I disliked what InStyle shows, but it’s a bit much. The wedding takes place at the Cullen’s home. I even vision a camera shot of Bella and Charlie at the top of a regal Victorian staircase, framed in gossamer flowers and silk ribbon bunting.

    I love the ring much better than the one from the movie, but that’s an easy fix. Edit it and/or CG it; or just use the new ring in BD. I do like both wedding bands, and agree the rubies should show, and be included in Bella’s setting. I absolutely loved the gaudiness of Aro’s gift. He is so out of touch.

    I liked the designs for all the dresses, and it’s a bit hard to completely envision them from sketches, but I did like the direction in which they were headed.

    While I liked the braided hair design, as well as the sapphire combs, Bella’s hair could be a bit looser. Bella/Kristen needs softness around her face. These braids looked too tight, too severe, and not simple enough to be “Bella.”

    I would have liked to have seen what they did with the men, especially Edward. When Bella finally gets to the altar,and takes Edward’s hand, Meyer describes it as “home.” That needs to show in every aspect of the wedding.

  23. Twilight dreamer says:

    Loved! The venue was a bit over the top but tone it down a bit and it could be perfect. Isle esme seemed flatter in my mind like right on the beach, bu very stunning! Everything the cake the dresses the invitations Everything! the PERFECT wedding!

  24. Wow, I loved all of this! Love to see these professional takes on elements of the story.
    Except… that playlist. Don’t get me wrong, I love the songs mentioned. In fact I think I’ve put Thriller on a good 90% of every playlist I’ve ever made, but at Bella & Edward’s wedding? Not really the first song that comes to mind. (Oh, at my wedding FOR SHUUURE. But not theirs.)

    • I agree. When I read Thriller I was like what?! I don’t think so. Kind of a weird choice.

    • Kay this is just funny to me & awesome at the same time. I like almost every idea here. Excpt the venue. It’s at the Cullen house not some fancy place! And the reception is outside. This is getting me excited to see the wedding on the big screen!!

  25. Bella’s scar looks like a string of warts, ew. As for the Eclipse wedding ring – it’s pretty much how I pictured in the book but it’s so huge! How will her wedding band sit on her finger with it??

  26. Bella`s scar looked better in twilight..

  27. What is up with that scar. It looks nasty. Looks like some kind of gray goo. YUK. Summit is so pitiful and cheap.

  28. I think everything but the wedding and party are perfect!!!! I think they really nailed it with everything. The island isn’t completely flat because Bella talks of hiking around.

  29. Jennifer says:

    Sorry…I don’t like this interpretation-by-others thing, just like I don’t like “fan fiction.” Stephenie did it first and did it best. Don’t go changing it.

    The ring they show if beautiful but other than being longer than it is wide, it doesn’t fit the description by SM. And the invitation is TERRIBLE!!! The Cullens didn’t revel in their vampirism; Alice never would have had a black & red invite – too obvious. And besides, once again, it doesn’t match what SM describes in the book. Ugh…hate it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s other people riding the coattails of SM’s success for their own gain.

  30. i love wedding rings that are studded with diamonds and emerald, they are expensive and priceless too “”


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