USA Today Gives a Thumbs Up to the Eclipse Soundtrack

soundrtrackcovereUSA Today talks about the broad appeal of the Eclipse Soundtrack which is out today!

“The indie pop collected for the soundtrack to ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ should appeal to a broad range of music fans.

With sales of the first two Twilight soundtracks at 3.6 million copies, it’s no surprise some 400 songs were submitted for the third set by artists eager to hop on a hot franchise.

Producer Alexandra Patsavas pruned the heap to 15 congruous originals that admirably maintain a dignified creative independence while conveying the gray, swoony tones of Stephenie Meyer‘s teen vampire romance. In other words, indie-rock snobs can buy the CD without fear of social stigma.”

See the full review here.


  1. I am having a problem with one of the tracks, called “Ours” which iTunes says it’s corrupted. Tried to download a bunch of times, so far no luck.

    The rest of them are here and I am listening to them right now. Sweet.

  2. I love the new soundtrack, I think it is going to be my favorite of the three so far!!


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