New Eclipse Clip on The Insider

The Insider has a new clip form Eclipse with an intro from Rob Pattinson. ย The clip gives us an inside look at the Cullens and the tensions that arises over Bella’s friendship with Jacob.


  1. I’m not going to that site! My friend got a horrible computer virus and he PC was trashed!

  2. TwiMom38 says

    I need to stop watching all these clips before I end up seeing the entire movie in bits and pieces before its even released. LOL

  3. Joan Bryant says

    Awesome. I’m so glad all of the Cullens get to do more this time around

  4. I went directly to insider’s website, and it’s fine. On that note: OMG!! The clip was great. It made me feel a little better from the disappointment of the “she has a right to know” clip. The countdown for the 29th is too slow.

  5. I’m sure the clip was great but I won’t watch any more videos and yes I’m dying cause I want to see it but I’m glad you guys liked it.

  6. Michelle says

    That was a good portrayal of the love triangle and how it affects Edward. I’m uber excited, granted this is not my favorite book but I guess I’m just gonna have to wait and see how this one is adapted.

  7. Really nice clip. Glad to see the Cullens interacting with each other for a change. I’m getting very excited!! Thanks, guys!!

  8. This was one of the better clips I’ve seen I am SO excited to see this it is my 2nd favorite book!

  9. Jazz Girl says

    I have two HUGE issues with this clip. First, it seems that MR can’t even give us the little moments of comfort, the small things that show us that, despite everythign else going on, Edward & Bella love each other and are a solid unit. In the book, this conversation happens while Bella is in Edward’s arms. They are TOGETHER and facing this as a couple. Not standing on separate ends of a room with 5 people and a million miles between them while they both look scared and terrified and one of them downright in pain (wanna guess which one?).

    Second, contrary to what MR would like us to apparently believe, it is Jacob who suggests Bella go to LaPush and Bella resists the idea, knowing it would upset Edward. You see, in the book, she actually LOVES him and cares about his feelings.

    This just keeps getting worse and worse. How is it possible that we don’t see those key moments that make them what they are??? I mean, is it too much to ask that the beautiful love story told in the novels actually, at some point, makes an appearance. I would really like to see Edward & Bella in love. I mean, that is what The Saga is about, right? Maybe Rob was right. This is becoming a horror film.

    • My thoughts exactly. MR is making her own story, and it’s almost as if SM has NO say in these movies.

      • You have said exactly what I’m thinking, so thank you. It really kills me to feel that way, too, because I am so excited about the movie. ๐Ÿ™ I have been looking forward to it because I love this book so much. But where do we get to see them in love with each other? If I were someone who had never opened a single novel, then I’d wonder why Bella was with Edward at all. The only clip that I’ve seen with any tenderness at all is the one I got on my Walmart NM DVD. That was great, and got me so excited.
        They seem to be so busy building up to the confrontation and anger burning between Jacob and Edward, that we lose how much E&B love each other. I need to see that!!

        • OMG!!! My thoughts and concerns exactly!!!! After all these clips I get the feeling (the fear and panic) that the movie is gonna feel like totally team jacob. Edward just doesn’t get a brake… All of this is soooo not in character!!! At all!!!
          I just really hope it’s only the clips that give that impression and the movie is gonna be different cuz i loved the eclipse book sooo much!!! Please please please don’t spoil it……

          • Hey, Izzy. I had my heart wrapped around JB and his dad right from the get go. What a great kid! Also, he’s warm, caring, and out to protect Bells from throwing away real life experiences. The same reason Edward gives for not wanting to change her. So, why can’t she live out her life w/JB, and then, if she is still crazy enough to want to at the end of life, be changed by Edward and spend eternity w/Cold Ones?

          • dear Katherine,
            i have absolutely nothing against jacob himself or team jacob for that matter. And i think that in the books, movies and real life everyone’s free to chose as they like and what works better for them. I’m just hugely upset that they veer off the book soooo much…. and it’s all just so not in the character…
            I mean you can’t change the essence of what bella is and still call the character bella… it’s supposed to be the addaptation of the book not the recreation ๐Ÿ˜‰ i guess i just loved bella, edward and jacob and the realationships between them the way the were originally created ๐Ÿ™‚
            P.S. sorry for my english… (blush)

        • My husband has never read the books and he can’t understand why Jacob and Edward even like Bella. He thinks the movies portray her as a selfish, whiney, brat.

          • OMG! I thought I was alone in thinking that Bella is a whiney spoiled brat, but, as an OWG I can say that and get away with it. I have 2 adult sons, one married and one div. and I can honestly say, if either of them married such a character, it would not/did not last long. The sacrificial lamb in this saga is not Edward, but, Jacob. Think, girls, think! JB is doing everything he can in this scenerio to keep Bella from throwing away her own life. Eternity would be very boring without real life experiences. I felt so strongly about the life exps Bella could have had w/JB that I wrote a book about the Jacob/Bella scenerio. Problem is, now what?

    • The same thing crossed my mind. I have to hope that this is just all part of the hype and we’re seeing a lot out of context and left out. With what’s been shown so far it makes it look like Bella is all about Jacob and nothing but irritated with Edward. I have my fingers crossed that we’ll still get to see the great love and chemistry with B&E.

      • Katherine says

        Remember, different directors for each movie. I liked Chris Wei’s treatment of the romance in NM, and Katherine’s treatment of it in Twi, which is why they are so popular. My opinion.

    • Thanks you I agree with everything you say, that is how I feel too.

    • LoloFizzle says

      i completely agree. even in the “she deserves to know” clip edward and bella are supposed to be holding hands while they walk to jacob. and if im not mistaken at the part in the book where this scene is happening bella is supposed to be mad at jacob! this is my favorite book and i really hope that the movie portrays it well, but from what ive seen it doesnt look like it will… i just hope that the love story comes out more!

    • YES. This is because they want they whole movie to be about the Edward/Jacob stress so much that Edward looks angry and controlling. E & B’s relationship is almost inconsistent. Like one clip it looks like they are fighting, then they are never together. Just like the extended clip they ride up in the car and she not holding his hand or anything, she already looks mad. Then all the sudden they are alone and theres a kiss or something which makes then seem so attached — NOT! They should always be holding hands or SOMETHING that indicates she loves does love Edward as her lover! Geez it has made me mad since the first movie they don’t put ANYTHING like that in there at all. Those things mean more than to 2 kisses in the movies that some how solidify their relationship.

      • Katherine says

        Bella is cold natured. Edward is ice cold. If I were cold, I would not want to hold his hand all of the time.

    • Caroline says

      There is hope: in an interview MR said that one of her favorite scenes in the movie is the scene where edward properly proposes and she says yes. Even I find it painful to watch the clips that they keep releasing because you can see on RPatz’s face just how much pain he’s in. In the books you can’t see it because he hides how jealous he actually is from her. But in the clips you can see the pain written all over his face.

      • I agree… I actually think that its good to see his facial expressions and then it seems that he actually tries to control them at times… that is actually how Edward did… just Bella never really saw for sure… think about the book… many times she would say that she saw something on his face and she would try to guess it but it was gone before she could grasp exactly what it was… (yeah, im too into this stuff… oh well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I couldn’t agree more.

      I understand that in the process of adapting a book to a script, things will get changed. But as we’ve seen since Twilight, there are great liberties taken with the adaptations, and I think that with almost every change, it hasn’t been for the better.

      It’s too bad, because you know this is just going to happen again with Breaking Dawn.

      I’ll continue to love the books, but for me, the movies will likely continue to disappoint.

    • switzy4ever14 says

      wow. you’re right. you’re spot-on.

  10. MeyaRose says

    It is kind of upsetting how distant they are from each other in the clips we’ve seen. They make it look like Edward is literally losing Bella, but in the book, we knew the whole time that they were solid, and nothing, not even her strong feelings for Jacob would change that. Maybe we don’t see it in this clip and the “She has a right to know” clip, but we do have that scene that they released with the New Moon DVD, where Bella is asking why he doesn’t want her to be a vampire, that scene is a little bit more indicative of her feelings…

    Ugh, I get so sick of promotional stuff, you really can’t tell what the movie is going to be like from just a few 2 minute (at the most) clips. I’m ready for the movie to come out already so we can see for ourselves if its true to the book.

  11. I refuse to watch this clip. There have been so many clips from the movie, by the time June 30th comes I will have already seen the WHOLE movie- this happened last time with New Moon…. I advise all Twilight Fanatics to stop watching these clips! You’ll ruin the movie for yourself!

  12. Loves_Undying_Promise says

    Jazz Girl…you took the words right out of my mouth! That’s exactly what i’ve been thinking too. I was trying to explain this to a friend of mine but she just didn’t get it. Sometimes, you just can’t feel the love between Edward and Bella. :/

  13. It seems this film might put a little more emphasis on the rivalry, but I am gonna stay open about it until I see the movie in its entirety. I know. I KNOW. Bella and Edward have a very deep and abiding love, they are soulmates, and they spend quite a bit of time in each other’s arms talking, but I don’t think that would make for a very visually exciting movie…at least in my opinion. Sweet, yes. Exciting, well, for the first 30 minutes or so…. For me, it works very well in the books (Eclipse is my favorite); not so much onscreen. I think they’re going for a little more tension between the three leads,and that’s okay with me, as long as the basic foundation that is Edward and Bella’s relationship is there. We’ll see how it all shakes out June 30th!!

    • Totally agree with you about the visual dynamics of the book to movie adaptation. I enjoy their intimate conversations just as much as the next person, but when every exchange they have is done in this way it gets kind of repetitive. Please wait till you see the movie in its’ entirety before you judge it.

    • Katherine says

      Here is my thought on ‘soul mates’. First, how can you be soul mates with someone who professes to have no soul at all? He (Edward) is ademate about that and says he does not want to take Bella’s soul from her. Soul mate is a human term most often attached to two persons who are very compatible and balance out one another. What are their commonalities? Are there any other than infatuation?

  14. Christina says

    JazzGirl that is exactly what I’ve been thinking. The Saga is about their love story and all I’ve been seeing lately is clips in where you don’t see any of those key moments i loved about the book. Eclipse is my favorite book because of the times Bella and Edward were together but i don’t think the movie will portray that.

  15. umpfft…. I hate waiting for the movie to be released.. I wanna see Victoria’s head rolling around the ground already…

  16. Twhitaker says

    I can’t believe how MR is making it seem like Edward is crazy jealous of Jacob, that is not how it is. He is the calm collected one who only lets his jelousy show through once in a while. In every scene i have seen so far bella is acting like a snob and edward is like a psycho. All i have to say is read the book, this putting their own spin on the adaptation needs to stop. Fans like these books for a reason, so they should stop changing the story line. We all love edward in the book, so MR should not be trying to change him in the movie.

  17. Yikes – great clip! Why did Jasper & Emmett walk into the house so slowly, is my only question.

    I love seeing the Cullens get some screen time. I look forward to a lot more Cullen action and dialogue in BD.

  18. For all of you guys that don’t want to watch the clip – did you also avoid New Moon clips? Because I don’t think there is any more Eclipse stuff out than there was for New Moon.

    For all of you mad about MR ruining the movies because she doesn’t get Stephenie’s stories. I’m not a huge MR fan, and I think Summit should have jumped ships after Twilight and gone with another screenwriter… keep this in mind.
    STEPHENIE is VERY involved in the creative process for the scripts. She wouldn’t let something that was very upsetting to her come to fruition.

  19. People,
    Please don’t forget that Alphie (I think that is right) submitted her take on the Eclipse movie. She assured to us that along with the drams and action, there was plenty of romance. Remember there was over 100 comments, many from regular visiters of this fan site. Everyone was very thankful, myself included. So, everyone, put your fears to rest. It will meet and achieve all of our expectations.

    • Great point. I’ve been getting a little sick to my stomach watching the clips, worried that we just won’t get what we are dying to see…the love between Edward and Bella captured on screen. But Alphie would not have assured us that there is plenty of romance between them, as well as all of our favorite scenes. Trying not to get too nervous about it! Maybe I just need to read the book for the umpteenth time and calm down about the whole thing! Ugh.

    • VolturiGirl, thank you for your comment. You kind of made me slow down, breathe a bit and remember that Alphie did say she loved the movie. I am trying hard to be positive and I hope the other poster was right about Stephanie making sure it’s portrayed correctly. May be that I’m a little TOO passionate about this particular movie. :/

    • Thanks from me also, VolturiGirl. You took the words out of my mouth. These clips are very upsetting out of context (and I know the bike scene was one of Alphie’s “nitpicks”) so I’m trying to keep an open mind for the movie since Alphie gave it such an overall glowing review. And at least Bella is mentioning in this clip how thirsty Edward is, so she is trying to take care of him like she does in the books. But it astounds me how Summit always manages to throw clips out there that really show how badly MR misunderstands the Bella/Edward dynamic. It is uncanny…you’d think they could find one clip to thrill the book fans!

    • Thank you for that reminder….That helps so much!

  20. Okay, part of me wants to watch these clips and the other part says NO!!! Wait!!! But, after what I’ve seen so far… maybe it will better prepare me for the differences between the book and the movie. I’m sure the movie will be great, but I might be thankful that I saw some of the contradictory things before I get into the theater… that way I’m not gasping in shock when things aren’t exactly right… or maybe that is just my rationalization so I don’t feel bad about sneaking a peek ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to assume that the love between Bella and Edward will, in fact, show up in the movie… but so far with the clips… I just keep saying…poor Edward… he just seems soooo miserable… maybe they were trying to focus on his internal misery in those scenes… that would make sense maybe… poor Edward ๐Ÿ™

  21. I just got done watching the clip and I do have to say that it is the best clip so far. I love the part that Edward’s eyes are black with thirst and that he gets all p’d off that Bella is suggesting Jacob. Dijah, you would enjoy the clip.

  22. Ooh la la!

  23. Claudia Martinez says

    OMG! its gonna be amazing!
    i cannot wait…TEAM EDWARD!

  24. I was going to watch the clip, but now after reading the comments I’m kind of nervous to! Plus I don’t want to see too many clips before seeing the movie (like with NM. It seemed like there were a lot & kind of spoiled some scenes.)

    • Harshi Abeysuriya says

      I’m with u Jenb! even i’m nevrous to watch this clip and get dissapointed again! I think i’m gonna wait till the movie comes out! Team Edward!!

      P.S. i got the bree tanner book and it’s just so good!!

  25. Twi-Girl102 says

    Ok listen up people, sure these clips are making us feel as if Eclipse wont be following the books, and that all the romance will be left out. But maybe thats the way Summit wants it, so on June 30th we can really take in Eclipse for what it is, instead of small 2 minuet clips that only give us glimpses. Maybe Summit wants us to walk into the movie, sit down, and be completely blown away. Either way, I personaly like how Edward is being played, it really shows how much he loves and cares for Bella. He express it a little different in these clips then he does in the books, but that just goes with the mood of Eclipse. I mean New Moon was light and happy with Jacob in the beginning, but then he transforms, Victoria comes back, the Volturi discover Bella and Edward, so I mean what do you expect! Of course the mood of this movie will change, because so much will be going on and Edward will be doing everyting in his power to keep Bella safe. And when Breaking Dawn rolls around, the mood will lighten to an extent. Either way, I love Eclipse, and cant wait till June 30th! ๐Ÿ™‚ Twilight Forever!!!!!

    • Katherine says

      Think about WHY JACOB transforms, and not by choice. All the wolves are in the same boat by virtue of their blood line. To protect humans from vampires. That turns out to be a very big job for these guys. They would not transform at all if there was no threat. Think how mad you’d be if your normal life was interrupted in this way, and war against vamps the order of the day, not to mention patroling and enforcing an ancient treaty? I’m for the wolves. Jacob, Bella isn’t good enough for you, kid.

  26. looks amazing!

  27. ooohhh she was gonna say Jacob! lol this was a good clip they should have shown this at the mtv movie awards coz peole who havent read the book will be lik “whats going on?” and then theyd go and see the film to find out!! silly summit!

  28. Why are people going on about that theres not enough love between Edward and Bella, the movies arent going to be about that they want to catch the audience, they want them to think “holy shit who is bella going to choose” we have all read the books we know who she will choose, its to catch the audience, that is all, i think its better how they done it to be honest, make it way more intense, its a story between bella edward & jacob its not called “the bella and edward” story, so we just have to deal with the way Melissa wrote the script, we cant change it, so just dont worry about it, im sure the film will be great and im positive there will be plenty of love between edward and bella.

    • Veronica says

      I totally agree with you!^^ – I love the books, but when I went to see NM, I was a bit dissappointment. It felt like I was reading the book really quit, nothing new. I am really exited about Eclipse, it’s showing something else beyond what the book says. I really can’t wait for it!!

  29. What a HOT MESS! I hate MR sooooo much. I hope they fire her before she screws up Breaking Dawn.

    • Twi-Girl102 says

      You my friend^^ are stupid. You havent even seen whole movie yet, and you are already saying that this movie is gonna suck. These clips are designed to make us wonder and doupt so when the real deal comes out we will be blown away. So shut your mouth.

  30. I really like this actually give some relief because the one shown at the MTV movie awards let me down…but this time we get the Cullens…just PERFECT!!!!!

  31. Cullenfanforever says

    MR already did the script for BD so that means that she ruined it already. I hate that she wants to put her spin in something that its already succesfull and perfect!! If she wants to change every single scene she needs to write her own saga and SM need to do somenthing about all the changes!! I personally hate the hair and make up they stand out like sore thums and are suppost to blend in w humans!

  32. I donโ€™t like how theyโ€™re making it seem like Edward is such a jealous person when in the books he tries to remain calm. But hey these are just a few clips so maybe the overall movie will be better

  33. Look all of you are living in a fantasy world if you think there is something more that they are not showing us. What you see is what you will be getting. Remember Eclipse was done filming before NM even hit theatres. I think Melissa and especially Summit was looking at how much money they could make if they pander to their core audience who they think are all teenagers. Remember TL was all the rage and little girls was going crazy over how cute he was and over his buff body so somehow they thought that putting TL/JB front and center would make them even more money. Well TL not so the rage anymore, he won not one MTV award and that is suppose to be Twilight audience. We want what is in the book. We don’t want to see the TL/JB show. Edward Cullen made the top 100 characters of the last 20 years list. Think about that. Think about all the characters in movies and books that have been created in the last 20 years and he came in at #53. That is amazing.This for a character that we never got to know or whose thoughts we never got to see. He probably would have made the top 20 if Ms. Meyer had bother to right from his POV. Jacob had his POV and he did not stiff that list. We want to see Edward and Bella. We want to see their story. But MR have taken our beloved characters and totally ruin them. She is a COW. A very untalented COW.

  34. I LOVED this clip….and to the people who didn’t like it as much: its just one little clip! There could be so many other parts of the movie that they’re keeping from us. There are other clips, like the one of Edward and Bella on Bella’s bed.. that was so sweet. So, its just <2 minutes of a two hour movie. Chill out.

    Love and cant wait for Eclipse!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. switzy4ever14 says

    That clip was SO much better than the last one. I liked everything about it.

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