Reelz Channel: Melissa Rosenberg’s Favorite Eclipse Scenes

You have to go through about half of the clip which is previously seen information on Bree Tanner before you get to Melissa’s commentary.


  1. Aleisha says:

    Why don’t they just announce that BD will be two movies? I am asking this seriously… why the wait?

  2. I hadn’t seen the stuff on Bree Tanner, I enjoyed that more than Melissa’s comments. Either way, thanks for posting. You guys always have the best news. 🙂

    P.S. I SO entered that contest for the soundtrack!

  3. alexandra says:

    hm..i wanna see the “virgin” scene xD

  4. anonimous2 says:

    I am so happy they did put the “dad Im… still virgin… Edward is very old fashioned. (Grrrr…!)” scene it just is so hilarious to see that! There are things that I like or dislike about Rosenberg’s writing but I’m so gratefull she gave us this one.

  5. The *virgin* scene will be highly anticipated like the
    *leg hitch* scene.

    • I think that those are the most highly anticipated scenes. I think that as soon as we read “the leg hitch” in the book,we couldn’t wait to see what it would be like onscreen. I’ve got a good feeling it’s going to deliver on so many levels!

  6. Shannon says:

    So happy the virgin scene is in there, that is just too funny!

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