Jackson Rathbone Answers Questions from MTV Twitter Followers

Lauren Davis from MTV asked Jackson Rathbone some questions submitted from her Twitter followers.


  1. SavyTwilighter says:

    i think the character of Jasper wuld look so much sexier if they’d let Jackson keep that yummy goatee^-^

  2. That video pic makes them look like a really cute prom couple!

  3. Jackson is so YUMMY in this! lol I love his voice, he has that southern accent that is sexy!

  4. scuba doo says:

    Mmm….Jackson is so cute!!!

  5. Ummmm, wow. I’ve never thought Jackson was very cute until this moment. He is delicious in this video.

  6. How cute…can’t wait to se the family training 😉

  7. wow.he`s sooo..different from jasper..obviously xD

  8. I always loved Jasper… besides Edward and Alice he’s one of my favorits in the books and movies, butttt he looks great here!!

  9. I’m sorry, but Robert has nothing on Jackson other than that he plays Edward.

  10. Yum, I am REALLY beginning to like him. Hot, Hot, Hot!

  11. catherine says:

    Jasper has always been my fav and jackson does amazing playing him and he’s just hot both as jasper and himself!

  12. Jackson….WOW! He looks so good!

  13. I mean seriously what were they thinking when they gave him that hair for Eclipse… it wasn’t all that great in the first two either but in this one it is down right BAD!!!

  14. Sillygirl says:

    Ahhh that’s it? I could have listened to him talk a lot longer!!!

  15. Charlene says:

    Jackson has been a pleasure to watch; he is evolving in his Jasper character but his new hairdoo in Eclipse is leaving me shuddering…what the heck?

  16. i completely agree i never really found him that attractive but in this video he is sooo handsome!!!

  17. he is adorable.gotta love the little southern in his voice*SWOON* yea i swooned sue me ..lol i am looking fwd to seeing the last airbender also. I wish there was more to this interview.

  18. Jazz Girl says:

    Someone tell Bill Condon to let Jaxper keep his own bloody hair. Cause, DAMN that boy looks AMAZING!!! Dye it blonde, obviously. But, HOT DAMN!!!

  19. “At my wife, Alice.” Thought that was the cutest answer.

  20. Jackson is adorable.

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