Volvo Contest and Forks Filming

Volvo just started their contest to send fans to the Eclipse premiere. You can sign up here for a chance to see Eclipse at the LA Premiere.

Now clearly Volvo has something else up their sleeve, because according to the Dazzled by Twilight store/tour company located in Forks, Volvo was filming in Forks just before Memorial Day Weekend. According to the Dazzled by Twilight Facebook page:

“Remember last year’s Volvo: What Drives Edward contest? Well this year’s sounds like it’s going to be even better: It’s set in Forks! I managed to grab a few words with the director and he told me they were planning something really special for the fans.“Eclipse is all about choice. We wanted to give fans a chance to st…ep inside the world of Twilight and decide their destiny for themselves.”I’ve learned it starts June 22nd.Sounds really exciting!”

So stand by because something is coming.


  1. if they wont to do something special for their fans make edwards volvo silver again

  2. Charity says:

    It looks like they have a “Lost in Forks” online game that debuts online on the 22nd. It told me so when I entered the contest.

  3. After entering this contest, this message appeared and I think this is the contest you guys mentioned above:

    Thank you for entering the Sweepstakes. Please come back on June 22, 2010, to play the Volvo “Lost in Forks” online game for the chance to win your very own shiny new Volvo XC60.

  4. I entered the contest. Why in the world did they change the darn car color? That was dumb! For those that don’t know, silver is chosen by drivers that are the safest on the road. wink wink!

    • Chris Weitz said in an interview it was because the car that was used in TW was discontinued and so they had to pick a new car & he chose this one because the color is a silver color (I don’t remember what it was called.) He knew us fans are picky & he couldn’t pick another car & try to pass it off as the same car because we would notice the difference. (I can’t remember exactly how he worded it it was a long time ago. So I hope that makes sense. If not sorry.)

  5. Vampire-girl says:

    I really liked volvo’s advert last year as it fitted in well with the film not like some of the other uselss adverts

  6. From what I read before NM came out, they discontinued the silver. They used someone’s silver Volvo for Twilight.

    • My husband and I agree with ONE thing-paint the darn car silver! I mean bodywork/paintjob is chump change for a budget like that.

      • Twilight Nymph says:

        I don’t think they could have painted it silver because, I suppose it is only loaned to them not actually their property. Yet, I remember Chris Weitz saying that he also chose that color because of the mood of the movie, yet then it wouldn’t make sense to change it back to silver for eclipse.

        • love2dream says:

          I don’t fans would be terribly upset at the lack of consistency–at least they would have gotten it right…third time the charm, right? 😉

  7. love2dream says:

    I stayed at that motel when I went to Forks two years ago. It was run by the nicest couple and was very clean! Three cheers to Olympic Inn and Suites!! The balconies look right out over the forest…beautiful, and our room had a little kitchenette which saved $$ on eating out!


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